I'm staring at stars,
Trying to be blinded with light
So I cannot see the endless dark
And chaos and corruption in the world
Trying to hide from the misery and
Insanity the world hides in its depths
Living with pseudo-ignorance in a
Dog eats dog world

You've been blinded long ago
Yet I can still see
No matter what I do
I cannot escape the evil
It burns my flesh and makes
Marks upon my bones, reminding me
That I'll never be free

Time does not heal all wounds
But it wouldn't matter, because time
Is what we do not have right now
We cannot live this problem out
We're living in it now
But I don't think I can handle
The pressure, so I'm
Staring at stars,
Trying to be blinded with light
But one cannot be blinded with light so dim
And while you weep for me, the Devil cries,

"It's a sin, it is, to try and escape your fate.
Have you not learned this by now?"