Good Luck, and Try to Survive!


This is a guide, for those who find themselves in some type of movie, and want to live until the end. We will talk about the basic movie plots, elements, characters, and villains, and how to avoid the dangers these bring.

Chapter 1: Nuclear Monster

Despite not being around very much currently, most being strictly of the fifties, but they may come back.

Most come from nuclear spills. The first and most obvious measure is to keep the nuclear waste in a controlled area in which no small animals can get in it and ironically become huge. Yet, because someone already warned them (Most likely a hippie who will die) they won`t.

Okay, so a small animal has been coated in nuclear waste and somehow transformed into a monster. This is where things can branch out. One of your options is finding a pilot. Convince him to attach a machine gun to his fifties style plane, then let m attack the monster. Rinse and repeat until you have a squad of pilots. Though, it`s extremely hard to find pilots willing to help you with their own fifties plane.

The other option is finding the animals natural weakness. Lets say the animal is a Giant Rat. Order a large suppply of rat poison, and dip it in the nuclear waste nobodies trying to clean up. By the rules of movies, it will become giant. Scatter the poison all over the city, and wait for the rat to eat the poison. It dies, and you sell the meat to public schools all over the world! Modify for your giant creature.