That's what you've given me.
The time I've spent admiring you has taught me Not only to love, but also to learn.
Through the years you've been what makes me smile In the midst of tears.
You were a shoulder to cry on When no one noticed.
You were the single person in my life Who had more of an influence on me than my very best friend. If you had told me to bring you the moon I'd have done it.
You were amazing, and beautiful;
You were everything I wanted, and for that I thank you, because if I'd never met you I would never know and experience all the joy that I have now.
Along with being everything to me,
You've taught me the little things as well.
You taught me to be myself, and be happy with who she is.
You've given me the strength to endure when all else fails.
The advice that you gave was perfect, and completely right.
You're sweet, and kind,
Responsible and mature,
You're everything I want in a guy...
And that's why I have to let you go I have to let you go before I become too attached.
I won't allow myself to be heartbroken again.
I won't allow our beautiful friendship to be ruined because of me. I love you too much for that.
So thank you for the ride.
For the laughter and for the dreams.
Thanks for all of the things that could have been And for the things that will still occur.
I hope to give to you what you have given to me;
Even if I can't perfect them as much as you have.
To love you as much as I possibly can without implying any more than friendship.
Please accept this as a part in the making of our lives.
A decision that must happen without intteruption. Perhaps one day, you'll tell me it was a mistake to give up on you.
But that's okay. I'll be waiting.
But until then stay beautiful.
Stay pure and stay smart. Stay just the way you are.
And you'll still be giving me that one thing I need: