A/N: So, my second story. Bailey just came to me out of the blue, and she can't stop telling her story. Do enjoy it as much as I did. Constructive criticism, flames, reviews are all welcome :D
To be consumed with a cup of hot cocoa. ENJOY !

Bailey looked out the window. In movies, when the actors looked out the window, it seemed meaningful. It seemed as if they were lost in deep contemplations of utter and grave importance. Bailey was trying her hardest not to stick her forehead to the glass, so that she wouldn't leave oily traces. She also tried to find a comfortable position without getting a kink in her neck, for the next four hours on the train, without shuffling too much or causing a commotion.

No matter what Bailey did, it always caused a commotion. She had hoped, always hoped, that she would outgrow her awkwardness, and that it would be just a phase, just a phase that she would reminisce about when she would be twenty five, glamorous and living the life she'd always wanted. Only when she didn't speak, did she pass unnoticed.

But she was already seventeen and was starting to believe that she would be gauche all her life. Bailey was that heroine in movies or books (anti-heroine?) that the audience would want to shake and yell at so she could do something. Anything. So there she was, on a train, which decided where she would be spending her next two months of summer. Well, technically, she did. And it just so happened to be a Health/Lifestyle Reform/Fitness Camp. In non politically correct terms, it meant Fat Camp.

Bailey had not been forced in any way to go to the camp. In fact, she had surprised her parents one morning with a brochure of Evergreen Camp somewhere in California (with its undeniably annoying slogan: 'Eat, Stay fit & Don't sit!' You almost expected a smiley face to come with it). Her father had been genuinely taken aback, while her dear mother had tried to hide her giddiness. She was finally about to get the daughter she really wanted.

Bailey sighed. She observed her surroundings covertly, something she had become somewhat of an expert at. Her parents had wanted to give her the best, so they had lavished her with a first-class trip. She shared her compartment with a middle-aged business man with a large, protruding belly. He was currently dozing off, but he kept on startling himself from time to time and glancing surreptitiously at Bailey. They were seated face to face and Bailey wondered why she never had the luck to sit with some cute college boy or charismatic older man. Even a criminal with a bit of personality would've been welcome at this point.

A young, quite handsome attendant passed by her compartment with a trolley full of goodies. He smiled kindly at her and gestured towards a multitude of eclairs of all flavors, white chocolate truffles and other things she could never have named. She hesitated. Really, would she succumb to such a temptation while she was on her way to a Fat Camp? What was the whole point of the trip if she didn't even have any motivation to begin with?

She shrugged, more to herself than anything, and grabbed a few coffee eclairs. The attendant moved on, and Bailey chastised herself for being so weak. Well, at least she didn't cause a commotion.