It's been a year since Fabian's proposal, along with the wedding planning and just being with him. My life, has been very difficult. I sit down on the couch of our new house and manage to close my eyes for a split second before my phone rings. I groan and answer it, "Hello?"

"Avalon? It's Edith. I need you to come get Hazel and bring her over there." She says urgently.

"Alright," I say as I get up and grab the keys to my new Mercedes. Yep, Fabian still spoils the crap out of me. I drive myself to the St. Claires' house and go inside. Edith hands me Hazel's things. "Go get in the car. I'll just be a minute." I smile at her.

"Hazel's going to spend a few nights. I've already told Fabian." She says.

"Wait, what's wrong though?"

"There's some kind of creature here. Edmund thinks it's only purpose is to kill."

"In the house?"

"No, in town. But Hazel refuses to sleep so we thought maybe you can get her to relax a bit." She smiles. I nod and blur out to the car. Oh yes! Demon powers! I put Hazel's suitcase in the back before climbing in.

"Hey Haze," I smile. "All strapped in?"

"Yep." She chirps as I pull out of their driveway and down to the street.

"Do me a favor? Call Fabian for me." I say handing her my phone. I drive to the store to pick up some groceries first. I park as Fabian answers.

"Hello Mrs. St. Claire." He purrs into the phone.

"Ew! Fabian!" Hazel gags.

"What? Hazel?" He says a slight hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Yeah, Avalon and I are at the store." She smiles as I open her door. I hold my hand out and she places the phone in my hand.

"Hey," I smile as we walk inside.

"Hello." He purrs and I laugh.

"So, what's up with this new creature?" I ask grabbing a shopping cart and putting my purse in the baby seat thing. First we head to the snack aisle were I let Hazel pick out her favorite snacks.

"So far I don't know. I'll tell you when I get home alright?"

"Alright, bye. Love you."

"Be safe okay? Love you too."

"I will." I say before he hangs up. I put the phone in my purse as I grab some York Peppermint Patty bags and a bag of gummy bears along with Lifesaver Mints. Hazel throws in Kit-Kats and Jolly Ranchers. I grab a bag of Chex Mix and Stacy's Multigrain Pita Chips for Fabian. "You want anything?" I ask Hazel and she shakes her head. I grab Oreo cookies, a few packs of Pepsi and beer for Fabian. I buy cereal and milk along with some eggs. Starbucks ground coffee, my Tzao tea, more BBQ sauce, trash bags, laundry detergent, frozen food, Hamburger Helper, meat, peaches, Ben & Jerry's Ice cream, frozen food and paper towels. I pay for all of it and Hazel helps me load the bags into the trunk. I open the door for her and grab my purse as I put the cart up. I climb in as the sky darkens.

"Is it raining?"

"Nope, but it's about to. What do you want for dinner tonight?"

"Mac and cheese!" She smiles as I drive back to the house. I pull up as Fabian gets out of his car. I turn off the engine and climb out. I open the door for Hazel as he dips his head to kiss me hello.

"Hi," I smile, one year with him and I still get butterflies.

"Hi yourself," He smiles as I open the trunk. He helps me and Hazel unload the trunk before we head inside. Hazel heads up the stairs to put her things in the guest bedroom, Fabian pulls me into his lap. "So, we can't do anything tonight?" He plays with my hair.

"Not with Hazel here." I say closing my eyes. "Can you make dinner? I'm tired."

"Sure. What are we eating?"

"Mac and cheese. I let Hazel pick." I yawn, "Theres a box of Bacon Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper in one of the bags though if you want that."

"Alright, go take a cat nap." He says letting me lay down on the couch. I close my eyes and drift off. I wake up an hour later and they're watching TV, eating.

"Hi Avalon." Hazel chirps and I wave.

"What are you guys watching?" I murmur still half asleep.

"The Blind Side." He says coming over to sit beside me. I lean into him and steal his food. He chuckles as I make a face. "I know, it's bad."

"It's not bad." I say as he chuckles.

"So, Stella and Ezra are coming to visit us again." He says as Hazel yawns.

"Off to bed little tyke." I smile and she shakes her head.

"The monster might come and get me." She whimpers.

"I promise you, it won't. I'll protect you." I smile patting the seat beside me. "You can sleep with me and Fabian tonight."

"But!" Fabian objects.

"Or Fabian can sleep alone." I smirk and he glares.

"Fine." He says and she smiles as I clean up.

"I'll be right up, gonna put the dishes in the dishwasher." I say taking the plates and rinsing them off. I put them in and close the door before turning it on. I turn of the bottom floor lights as I move upstairs. I reach our room and Fabians stretched out on the bed talking to his little sister. I grab a t-shirt and shorts and go change. I come back out and Hazels asleep. I lay down so she's between us. He wraps his arms around both of us and I drift off again. We wake up as Hazel screams.

"What's wrong?" He asks his little sister as she cries.

"I dreamed the monster got me." She whimpers and I wrap my arms around her.

Gently, I shush her. "It's alright sweetie." She climbs into my lap, I end up staying up all night with her. Allowing Fabian to get some sleep. He wakes up the next morning and offers to take her out as I get some rest. "Thank you." I yawn and he tucks me back in.

"Sweet dreams." He smiles kissing my forehead as I drift off. I get three more hours of rest before Gram, Amaya, Edith and Lauren wake me up.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty," Lauren smiles. I groan and roll over putting a pillow over my head.

"Did Hazel wake you up and make you stay awake all night too?"

"Yes." I say into the sheets.

"We should let the poor girl sleep."

"But we have that wedding dress picking today!" Gram frowns.

"Since I'm not getting any peace and quiet I guess I have no choice." I grumble getting out of bed. I prep for the day and come down the stairs. We take Edith's car to the Bridal salon. We sit and wait before a consultant comes out.

"Hi, I'm Sandra and I'll be your consultant today. Who's my bride?" She asks and I raise my hand.

"Excuse how I look, I barley got any sleep last night." I yawn. "I'm Avalon."

"It's fine. And who do we have with us?" She smiles sweetly.

"My mother-in-law, Edith. My soon to be grandmother, just call her Gram. And my maid of honor Amaya and my bridesmaid Lauren."

"Alright, what do we want to see today?"

"Vera Wang!" Edith smiles. "Ball gown, classic, traditional, but chic and modern as well."

"Oh, and very dramatic!" Lauren adds. Gram and Amaya just chuckle.

"Budget?" She asks.

"5000," Edith says and we get up and they wait as I get into a dress. It's a large, pink Vera Wang.

"Oh God no, please no." I say looking at myself. "I look like someone stuck me in cotton candy." I laugh.

"Do you want to show them?"

"Yes, so they know what not to put me in." I hike up the skirt and walk out for them to see me.

"Oh my goodness," Gram laughs.

"Exactly, no more of these guys!"

"Okay, let's go back." Sandra smiles. "So, what do you want in your dress?"

"Strapless, something that doesn't make me look even shorter, they want a little ball gown like. Definitely some wow factor in there too."

She nods and leaves the room, she comes back in with a hand full of dresses. I instantly turn down the three short length dresses. After a few more dresses I come out in a white corset style top with a somewhat pouffy ball gown like skirt. It's absolutely perfect. "I think this is it." I smile, "Let's go show them."

We walk out and everyone in the salon stops to stare. "Avalon, you look like heaven threw up on you." Lauren says. "That's a good thing," She quickly adds.

"I love it." Amaya smiles.

Gram has tears coming out of her eyes. "Aw Gram," I say hugging her.

"You look so beautiful." She cries and Sandra hands her some tissues.

"Avalon, you are gorgeous. Your family is smiling down on you right now." She says and tears come to my eyes.

"Thank you." I smile as Sandra leads me back. "This is so my dress." I smile as she helps me out of it. I place the order and they drop me off. I head inside and Fabian engulfs me in a hug.

"Where have you been?" He asks refusing to let me go.

"Your mom, grandma and cousins made me go dress shopping." I frown wrapping my arms around him.

He strokes my hair, "Did they wake you?"

"Yes," I whine and he chuckles. "Where's Hazel?"

"Taking her nap, she's in our room." He says picking me up. I giggle and nestle into his side. He stretches out on the couch, "Are you hungry?"

"Starving," I smile as my stomach growls.

"I'll go make you some food." He mumbles into my hair. I lay on his chest, "What do you want?"

"Scrambled eggs." I smile as he moves out from under me. He kisses me gently before going into the kitchen. I take a small cat nap before he wakes me up. I sit up and walk to the kitchen and sit down, "Smells good."

He smiles as he sets down one plate for me before grabbing the other and sitting down beside me. "What are we planning today?"

"After dress shopping? I just want to sleep forever." I state and he chuckles.

"Do you want me to make you an appointment at the spa for a massage?" He asks nuzzling my neck with his nose. Like I said, he spoiled me like crazy.

"I'm fine. Just need some well earned rest." I murmur as I finish my food.

"Go to bed, I'll be up when I'm done cleaning up." He leans down to kiss me. I lean into it and he pulls me into his lap. We only pull away when someone knocks on the door.

"Really? I'm never gonna get any rest." I whine and go to open it. I look up to see a tall man dressed in all black. "Um, hi?"

"Hello, are you Avalon?"

I nod, "Why?"

"I'm looking for Fabian." He smiles as Fabian comes out.

"Ashton!" He smiles and they do one of those man hugs. "Avalon, this is Ashton, one of my closest friends. Ashton, you already know who Avalon is."

"Oh hi." I smile. "I'm sorry I look bad. I haven't gotten enough sleep lately."

He chuckles, "You look fine." Fabian wraps an arm around my shoulders and we walk inside behind Ashton. He sits down on the couch and we follow.

"So why are you here? Any updates?"

"A few, but the creature killed someone last night." He says and I frown.

"What exactly is it anyway?" I ask and they both look at me, "What?"

"It's a lizard like thing." Fabian murmurs and I shudder.

I utter a small, "Ew!" as Hazel bounds down the stairs.

"Hi Ashton, hi Avalon, hi Fabian," She chirps as she sits next to me.

"Hey Haze," I smile wiping the disgusted look off my face.

"Avalon, why don't you go get some sleep lovely." Fabian says as I try to hide my yawn.

"Okay," I murmur and get up before drowsily making my way up to our room. I crawl into bed and fall asleep. I manage a small cat nap before the bed shifts, waking me up. I glance up and see Fabian.

"I'm sorry if I woke you up. You can go back to sleep." He murmurs and I shake my head. He chuckles and pulls me up into his arms. "You're going to work your body too hard." He kisses me nose and I sigh.

It's dead silent downstairs, "Where's Hazel?" I ask slightly worried.

"Ashton took her out for ice cream." He says as I lay my head against his chest.

"I want ice cream." I pout and he chuckles.

"Do you want me to call Ashton? I can tell him to get you some." He smiles down at me, already reaching for his phone.

"No, I'm fine." I say and shiver just a little. He pulls the blanket up farther and tucks it around us before encircling me in his warm muscular arms. I sigh contently and he smiles.

"Do you want to go on a small vacation? Get you away from all this hectic wedding planning." He says and I laugh.

"Try telling your mother that." I murmur and he frowns.

"She'll live. After all, she gets to do this for Hazel too." He shrugs and gets up to pack our things. I smile and shake my head at him.

"Fabian, can't we just stay here?" I ask getting up to follow him.

"I want you to relax a bit." He murmurs as he proceeds to put our clothes into suitcases. I grab him and place my hands on his cheeks.

"Fabian," I pause, "I want to stay right here."

He sighs, "Avalon, please can we just get away from this town for a while?"

"I want to finish planning and prepping this wedding before I relax." I frown and he groans irritated.

"I'm going for a drive, I'll be back later." He says dropping the articles of clothing in his hands and leaving the room. A few minutes later the front door slams shut and I move to watch him pull out of the driveway. I frown and go into the closet and rummage around, inside the suitcase I find two smooth pieces of paper, plane tickets. They were for North Carolina. I frown, maybe we should take this mini vacation. I put the tickets away and go make myself some dinner. Hazel and Ashton come in as I pour myself a glass of wine.

"Hey Avalon," Ashton smiles and I nod. "Where's Fabian?"

"He went for a drive." I murmur not even bothering to touch my food.

"I'm going to take Hazel home, I'll come back to stay with you when I'm done. I don't think we should leave you alone at night until Fabian gets back." He says and I nod. Hazel comes down with her things and I watch them blur out to the car and disappear. I shut the door and pull the blinds shut after locking the door. I sit down at the table and glance at my phone nothing. I hear something hit the trashcan outside and jump. I gulp dial Fabian. It goes to voicemail.

"Fabian, please come home. I'm alone and I'm scared." I manage as something hit a tree and a brach falls. I scream and freak out, "Fabian! Somethings outside, please come home." I sob. It starts to claw at the door and I back up into the couch. "I love you and I'm sorry Fabian." I cry and the door bangs open. I large creature enters the house and I scream dropping the phone. It hisses at me and I freeze. It resembled a lizard but much uglier. I bite my lip and it jumps onto the ceiling. I scream and it screeches at me. I glance at the door and it does too before landing a few feet from me crushing the phone in the process. I start to run but it slashes my arm. The door swings wide open and suddenly people barge in. I crawl into the corner and hold my arm as it hisses at everyone and slashes the air. My heart starts to speed up as it moves towards me, one person I recognize, Ashton, pulls out a gun and it looks up before crashing through a window and running. I'm a sobbing mess when he kneels down.

"Avalon, are you okay?" He asks motioning someone over. I nod unable to talk as the clean and bandage my cut. "Let's get you to the couch." They help me up and I walk toward the recliner and collapse into it.

"It-it-it," I stutter. "It was a-a l-li-lizard."

"I know sweetie." A woman says, Fabian's aunt, Annie.

I start to cry again as a car pulls into the driveway. The door slams shut and Fabian runs in. He glances at me on the couch briefly and immediately rushes over to me, wrapping his arms around me protectively. "Are you okay lovely?" He asks holding me in his arms. I just cry, unable to form words.

"It scared her." Ashton says and I nod sobbing into his shirt. He gently shushes me as he rubs my back. "It looked like a large lizard."

"It's okay Avalon, I'm here. I'm here lovely." He coos as I wrap my arms tightly around him. "I won't let it get you."

I manage to stop crying long enough to recall everything before collapsing. When I wake up I feel drugged and weighed down.

"She's awake!" I hear a familiar voice call.

"Mom?" I murmur and she smiles at me.

"Hello Avalon, my beautiful baby girl." She smiles.

"Hi mom, how are dad and Amaliyah?"

"They're fine, they miss you a lot."

"Mommy, I miss them too. Can you tell them for me? I miss you too." I cry as she hugs me.

"I miss you too." She pauses, "We'll see each other again but for now, it isn't your time. Go back to your fiance, we'll be rooting for the both of you. Good bye my sweet little Angle."

"Mommy! Wait! No!" I yell trying to run after her as she walks away. It's no use and I fall to the ground crying.

"Avalon, Avalon! Please come back to me!" I hear a pained voice but its barley there, like I'm listening to it through murky water. I moan slightly as I feel a heavy object weighing down my chest. "Avalon! You can't die on me, not now!"

I crack my eyes slightly and croak, "I'm not dead." The weight lifts off of me and I look up into Fabian's warm eyes, there are tears in them. This just might be one of the first times I've seen Fabian cry.

He stares at me in disbelief before pulling me into a tight embrace and crashing his lips to mine. I pull away after a short while and he frowns with a worried expression marred onto his face. "She's going to be short of breath for a few days Fabian," Aunt Annie reminds him.

"What happened?" I ask holding my throbbing head.

"Avalon, your heart stopped." Fabian says quietly holding onto my hand. I gulp and swallow hard. "Avalon, are you okay?"

"I feel nauseous." I say before they bring over a bucket and just in time too. As soon as they set it down I bend over and throw up all of my stomachs contents. Fabian strokes my back and refuses to leave my side despite my weak shoves to make him move. I finish and straighten up, "I hate that thing." I murmur getting up on wobbly knees and making my way over to the bathroom, I rinse out my mouth and look at my reflection. I'm pale but a greenish sick kind of pale. I walk out as everyone clears out. Fabian is at the door with our suitcases.

"We're going to Dallas. I got us a hotel." He murmurs taking my hand and walking me to the Mercedes. I nod and sit in the car as he puts the suitcases in the trunk. I glance out the window and see those devilish yellow eyes. I stare and I see the outline of its face.

"Fabian!" I scream, I don't care about waking the neighbors at this point. He slams the trunk and slides into the driver side before pulling his door shut.

Leaning across the seat he caresses my face. "What's wrong dear?"

"I-I just saw it." I stutter and he curses under his breath.

"Change of plans. We're leaving Texas for the time being." He says and I nod. "We'll leave tomorrow night." He says as I rest my head on his shoulder. He intertwines our fingers and backs out of the driveway. He drives and I see the lizard creature running beside the car in the woods.

"Fabian, I'm scared." I whimper looking up at him.

"Its fine Avalon, its fine." He coos as I curl up into the seat.

"But what does it want?" I ask as he turns the corner.

"I don't know." He frowns.

"Where are we going?"

"Myrtle Beach, North Carolina," He says as I yawn.


"My cousin Antonio's wedding," He shrugs as we drive to a hotel near the airport. We go inside and check in before he picks me up and carries me to our room. "Our plane doesn't leave till later though."

I nod as he opens the door and sets me down on the bed as the bellhop comes in and sets our suitcases down. "Tip him." I murmur into my pillow as Fabian pulls out his wallet.

"Thank you." The bellhop smiles as he shuts the door.

"Did you pack a dress for me?" I ask as he takes off my shoes and his own.

"I'll call my mom." He murmurs kissing my forehead. I yawn loudly and he chuckles, "Go to bed."

I don't object and doze off.

Hey, so I made a sequel to Steal My Broken Heart because I really wanted to end this story right, so yes. Fabian and Avalon are getting married. Probably won't update this story very often. My goal is to finish my other stories first.