Theme: Smooth jazz

I've only ever listened to smooth jazz when someone else is playing it. It's never been my favorite musical genre but from time to time I can get into it. I think the best part is when the saxophone plays. It's just got that low, smooth sound to it that makes me think of sitting on a window, in some apartment building that's 10 stories high, and it's rundown. The view isn't much, but it's the city at night so everything's lit up and maybe you're smoking a cigarette. If it were a movie, it'd have to be in black and white. Yeah, and it'd have an interesting title, something like-

"Cody, I'm back!"

Ah. Well there goes my peace and quiet. I turn off my radio and get up from the couch. If I don't return his greeting within two minutes he'll come find me. Joey always does.

When I reach the kitchen entrance his back is turned to me, he's reaching for something in one of the cupboards. With a loud sigh I cross the tiled floor and grab a box off the shelf, assuming that that's what he was aiming for. "Here." I say as I hand him the box. He takes it and twirls around, walking up to the island. I roll my eyes. "You're welcome."

"Huh? Want some? I figure I'd better finish off this box before opening my new one." He says while holding the opened box to me. I think they're crackers or something.

"No thanks." I fold my arms across my chest. He gives me a weird look but then shrugs. He reaches into the box. "Whatever."

I take a seat on a stool, leaning my back against the island counter. "So you went grocery shopping…" I glance his way waiting for him to finish swallowing.

"Yes." He wipes at his mouth with his hand. His eyes then turn to me and we're just quietly staring each other down. It feels like a minute has passed before he speaks again. "I also stopped by their house on the way home." Ah. I knew he would. He does every so often to check up on him.

"How is the kid?" I can't help but ask.

"Pfft. He's just fine. Like always. You know if you're so curious you could go visit him yourself."

Yeah, I could, but I don't like to get out much. I'm content sitting indoors all day thanks. I shake my head before saying, "He wouldn't want me to disturb him." It's not like we really got along, but I still have to know if he's doing okay.

"Fine whatever." He picks up his box and tosses it in the trash on his way out of the kitchen. I continue to sit and stare at the floor, just thinking.

"Cody!" a terrified voice could be heard over the pounding on the door.

If I had been asleep I would've had a heart attack. The pounding continues as I rush towards my bedroom door. I quickly unlock it and throw it open. There, standing is a petrified Addie; his eyes are wide, tears leaking from the corners. He looks at me nervously until I step aside and let him in. He runs to my bed and throws himself on top of it. I lock the door.

I shuffle my way back to the bed and sit down next to the sobbing lump. He's curled up in the sheets; his whole body is shaking as he lets out loud sobs. I lift my hand and place it on his back. Addie flinches but doesn't move. I begin to rub circles as he takes his time calming down. I'm not too good at this comforting thing but maybe it helps.

"Addie," I begin as his sobs have completely died down, "How're you feeling?"

He takes a breath and wipes at his face. "Awful." He whispers.

I nod solemnly. He shifts so he's sitting beside me and we both stay quiet for a while. The dark room makes it feel so much quieter. I cast a glance at the blonde. He's still, hunched over, his hands in his lap.

It doesn't take words to know what happened. He had been with Joey up until now. They'd spent all day together. Addie has only been here for a little over a month. He's still not quite adjusted to this yet. He's not used to Joey yet. The poor blonde is just another one of Joey's victims, like I was. He really should have given the kid more time to heal though. It's not fair. He has no one to trust, he doesn't trust me, he's just using my room to hide. It won't do much good though. Joey will find him eventually.

He always does.

I get up off the stool and make my way back to the sitting room. I turn on the radio and sit on the plush couch. As I close my eyes and rest my head on the arm rest I can hear the slow and soothing sounds of a saxophone play through the speakers.

It's probably really unclear. Sorry about that. xD;