We seem so different,

You and I.

Yet the one thing that connects us is a simple statement.

What is it, and Why?

We are all knights, heroes to ourselves.

We live so valiant,

And we survive the onslaughts given by life.

From such attacks, we get our experience and judgment.

We do not curse our experience,

Nor do we see our judgment as a hindrance.

We simply see it as the bricks and mortar of our wisdom.

Standing proud, we will fight with courage.

With others, or with our lonesome,

We will defend our name and message.

There is only one thing we do not tolerate,

Yet, our one request is so swiftly broken.

Intrusion, and occupation of others and their lives we hate.

We will fight such injustice until we know it is beaten.

Influence, we admire,

But respect, we cherish.

Disgraceful is a forcefully conformed Empire.

We play a game, many of us describe as hellish.

As our game called Life advances,

Our struggles become harder to overcome.

Still, we refuse to carry crutches.

To our struggles, we refuse to fall victim.

We need to be independent and free.

We cannot be ourselves without responsibility.

We fight to preserve our thoughts everyday,

And everyday, we fight to preserve our own culture.

Ourselves, we will never betray.

Never, will we surrender.

We are all Knights, valiant in our cause.

Our struggles define, but do not own us.

We do have our flaws,

but never are we vicious.

Our numbers are dwindling.

Trained on the battlefield of life and existence,

Many of us are gone without speaking.

Those of us who are left hold a certain brilliance.

We are nameless and unknown to the world and each other,

But we do know that there are others like us:

Knights, heroes to themselves.