(A/N: This is a Reader Insert, which means it is told from 2nd person, as if you, the reader, are going through the situations. When you see a blank, it means your name is suppose to go there. Have fun!)


"Geez, _, Chill out. It's just a party."

Your friend Claire stalled her car along the curb of some football players house. This was NOT the outdoor concert she said she was taking you to.

Your crossed your arms. "I am not going in there."

"C'mon! I've never been to one of his parties!"

"Claire!" You whispered, hoping your voice sounded as serious as you felt. "You know his reputation!"

You hoped she would think about all the rumors that were flying around school: illegal drugs, underage drinking...

Unfortunately for you, she did.

"That's what makes it fun! _," She looked up at you, pouting. "Please."

You ran your hand through your hair, uncertain of what to do. "Clair, it's dangerous, I'm not even joking. You've heard-"

She rolled her eyes. "Oh my gosh. Like, all of those stories never really happen. I know plenty of people who have done drugs or whatever and been totally fine. And you know me, _," She grabbed your arm. "I'm super careful."

She was pretty disciplined...

You sighed. "Fine. We'll go to the party."

Clair squealed with excitement and turned off the ignition.

"I knew you loved me!" She yelled, hoping out of the car. "And seriously," She turned back to look at you, confidence all over her face. "What's the worse thing that could happen?"