Chapter 10: Getting Deeper

Taylor turned her car off still feeling like she was on cloud nine, inside she hoped Nathan felt the same way. "Well at least I don't have a long walk home." He chuckled breaking the silence.

"Yeah, the upside to being next door neighbors." She smiled unbuckling her seat belt.

Looking down at her hands she felt his hand brush hers, gently holding them. Sighing happily she looked up to meet his eyes. "I had a great time tonight." She whispered brushing her thumb over his hand.

"Me too," He murmured. "But...I hope this means, after tonight, you're..."

Taylor tilted her head giving him a small smile. "I'm what?"

She could have sworn she saw a slight tint of pink on his cheeks before he said matter of fact. "Mine."

"Do you want me to be?" She chuckled.

Nathan laughed, shaking his head. "Does this answer that question?" He whispered as he leaned over to give her a small kiss.

Smiling into the kiss she muttered. "Yeah I think it does." She mumbled brushing her fingers over his face. "And of course I am."

"Good," Nathan smirked leaning in to kiss her again.

The moment was ruined when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Muttering a cuss word under his breath he pulled it out, seeing his brother's name on the caller ID. 'Always the cockblock.' he thought hitting the green button. "What?"

"Hey, quit making out and get home, you got two minutes til curfew." Tristan grumbled looking out his window to see his brother in Taylor's car.

"Fine, fine, be there in a second." Nathan sighed hanging up. "I gotta go, but I'll see you later?"

"You better." She smiled opening her door.

After giving Taylor a tight hug and made sure she got inside safely Nathan headed home to see his mom waiting for him in the living room. She gave him a warm smile as he closed the front door. "Mom, shouldn't you be in bed?"

"You know I can't sleep til I know both my boys are home." She sighed closing her book. "How did it go?"

"Great, really great." He answered leaning on the staircase railing.

"Good, I'm glad. You really like her don't you?"

"Yeah...kind of scary."

"With everything that's been going on I can understand that." Miranda frowned. "Just be careful, with her being around you have one more..."

"I know, mom, trust me."

"Ok, now come on, we both need our sleep."

Nodding his head he helped her turn off the lights downstairs before they both headed up to their rooms. As he walked down the hallway Nathan noticed Tristan laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, something he always did when he was deep in thought. "Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing." Tristan snapped.

"Ok now I know something's wrong." Nathan muttered walking into the room. Sitting down on his brother's computer chair he asked. "What's going on?"

Running his hands over his face Tristan sat up on his bed. "Did you see that guy Lynne was with tonight?"

"I caught a glimpse of him, why?"

"There's something about him that...that gives me a bad vibe."

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you're not just jealous?"

"What? No, not jealous, I'm serious." Tristan exclaimed. "Look, ever since we moved here we've been talking about things that make our hair stand up, like someone is watching us. Well I gotta tell you it got ten times worse when I saw that guy tonight."

"Look man, if you're feeling that strong about it we'll look him up and find him. And bring the guys with us see if the they have the same feeling."

"All right."

Nodding his head Nathan stood up. "Ok, I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted. See you in the morning, good night."

"Night." Tristan whispered as his brother left the room.

That night Lynne was plagued by nightmares. She was in a pool, unable to swim to the surface. Feeling completely helpless she felt let out a terrified scream taking in water. Kicking her feet she was stuck in one spot not moving an inch. Just as she felt like she was about to give up she saw someone coming towards him. At first she thought it was Eli but then his face took on a demonic shape, his eyes were blood red, his mouth looked like it had been stitched shut but was morphed into an evil smirk, his skin was a sickly blue color. Lynne tried to get away from him but he kept closing in, trying to reach her. Finally she felt herself drifting. The last image she saw were those eyes, piercing into her soul.

Snapping awake Lynne let out a choked scream, feeling like a weight was sitting on her chest. Untangling herself from her sheets she ran her hands through her dark hair. As she tried to catch her breath she felt herself shaking and covered in sweat. Wrapping a small blanket around her shoulders she glanced at her bedside table with her alarm clock on it. It was three in the morning but she was terrified to close her eyes. Laying down she thought of her dream. She knew the face she saw was Eli, she would recognize it anywhere but...why did he change into that? Dozens of thoughts ran through her head but she shook them off, thinking she just had too much junk food and caffeine in her system and it was messing with her head. Closing her eyes she pulled her blankets up to her chin and prayed for better dreams.

Michelle woke up that morning at nine, feeling better and back to herself much to her own relief. After she showered she decided to see if her friends were awake, sending them both a happy 'good morning' text message. As she brushed her hair she felt her phone vibrate with a reply. 'Since when do you get up this early?' Taylor asked. 'Since I'm back from the dead...what are you doing?' Michelle texted back before hitting send. Pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a tank top she decided it was gonna be a lazy weekend for her, much like it was almost every week. As she headed to the kitchen she saw she had a new message. 'Getting ready to head to the community center for an early class, want to go since you're feeling better?'

Michelle looked around the kitchen, trying to find any sign of her mom or her sister but there was no one home. "That's weird," She said out loud as she opened the fridge. Grabbing the orange juice she closed the door to see a yellow note on the door. Pulling it off she read it out loud. "'Took Ari to grandma's while I went to the hospital to check on your sister. She may be getting discharged today, I'll call you later.'"

Just as she put down the note she heard her phone ringing. Quickly picking it up she said. "Hey mom, how is Sheena?"

"She's feeling a little better, her doctor is supposed to come check on her in a little while." Her mom explained. "Could you pick up Ari after lunch? I think your grandma can only handle her for a little while."

"Yeah, sure, I was gonna go take a class with Taylor at the community center."

"All right, that's fine, just don't forget to go pick up your niece."

"I won't, tell Sheena I love her and I'll see you later."

"I will, sweetie, love you, I'll let you know if she's gonna come home."

"Ok, love you too." Michelle said as she hung up. Texting Taylor a quick message she ran to her room to grab her bag and keys.

As she drove to the community center Michelle wondered what was going on with her sister. She was fine one minute then deathly sick the next and Sheena never got sick, Michelle swore her sister had the best immune system she had ever seen. After Sheena was admitted to the hospital Michelle's mom told her how even doctor's couldn't explain what was going on for a while. Finally they diagnosed her with pneumonia but Michelle was still unconvinced. She just thought it was weird but she wasn't a doctor so who was she to judge?

Pulling into the community center parking lot she saw Taylor climbing out of her car. "Hey girlie." She smiled seeing her friend walking over.

"Hey, good to see you alive." Taylor chuckled. "How are you feeling?"

"Great, I think I just caught a bug or something." Michelle explained turning her car off. "Do you usually take classes this early?"

"Sometimes, Lauren texted me though asking if I could come. She said she has an announcement for the class."

Nodding her head Michelle followed her friend into the building. They walked down the hallway to their usual studio but Lauren and the other dancers were nowhere to be seen. Throwing their bags down they sat down on the hardwood floor to stretch. "Oh! Tell me how your date went last night." Michelle winked.

Taylor immediately felt herself blush. " and Nathan are together now if that tells you anything."

Michelle's mouth dropped. "He asked you to be his girlfriend? Well its about time!" She laughed. "Have you seen the way the kid looks at you? I'm surprised it took him this long."

Hearing the door open the girls saw a few more dancers come into the studio. They dropped their bags and began stretching in front of the mirrors. Sighing to herself Taylor stood up and began working the choreography she had been working out in her head to the song 'Do It Like a Dude' by Jessie J. After listening to the song she was trying to do more hard and powerful movements. "Whoa how much did I miss?" Michelle asked, her eyes wide.

Taylor laughed. "You didn't, I've been working on this for a little while in my head but never really worked it out with my body if that makes sense."

"Well I want to learn, show me." Michelle smiled hopping up to stand beside her. Taylor smiled and pulled out her phone to play the song. "This should be fun."

Lynne trudged into the kitchen with her hair a mess and her eyes red. Her nightmare really messed her up, making it impossible for her to go back asleep. "Whoa, you look..." Her dad said grabbing the milk from the fridge.

"A hot mess, I know." Lynne snapped. "Couldn't sleep."

"Aw, I'm sorry."

"Thanks dad," She muttered. "Did anyone call for me?"

Her dad scratched his head. "Uh, one boy did, I think his name was Tristan? I didn't know you knew a Tristan."

Lynne's eyes snapped open. "Tristan called here? How did he get my number?"

"The phone book? I don't know, well I told him you were still asleep and he told me to tell you that he wanted to talk to you about the yearbook. Who is he anyway?"

"Great...uh, Tristan's a new kid that's on the yearbook staff. He's supposed to help me with the photos."

"Oh, well he asked if you could call him back."

"I will later, right now all I care about is caffeine." Lynne yawned as her dad handed her a huge mug. "You know me so well."

As Taylor was teaching Michelle the steps to the dance they heard the door open with more dancers. "Hey, where's Lauren?" Someone asked.

"I'm right here, sorry I'm late guys," Lauren sighed as she walked into the studio. "All right, gather around I need to tell you guys something."

Michelle glanced at Taylor as they all walked towards Lauren who had a small smile on her face. "I have some exciting news." She said rubbing her hands together. "The town of Casswillow is putting together a talent show, a fundraiser for the Halloween Carnival coming up next month and I signed us up."

Everyone smiled and clapped their hands together. "What if we win?" Someone yelled.

Lauren laughed. "We'll get to perform at the carnival in front of the whole town and hopefully the community center gets a little help with new customers wanting to come in and take classes."

"That sounds awesome, we've never really performed anywhere." A girl smiled.

"This is the part I don't like." Lauren frowned. "I have a class of twenty and only ten are gonna be able to perform at the show so over the next few classes I'm gonna observe who can handle the choreography the best and that's how I'll make the team." When she noticed the shift in everyone's mood Lauren chuckled. "Hey no sad faces, if I had my way everyone would be on that stage. Just because you don't make the team doesn't mean you're not a talented dancer, all right?"

"All right." Everyone collectively said.

"Good, now y'all better be stretched cause I'm ready to go. Lets do it!"

Laughing to herself Michelle looked at Taylor. "You should show her your dance. Maybe if she likes it we could use it in the show."

Taylor bit her bottom lip. "Nah...its not finished and it doesn't even compare to her choreography. Just forget it."


"Don't worry about it." Taylor smiled.

Sighing to herself Michelle heard Lauren's voice at the front of the room telling everyone that class was starting. "Fine...if you say so." Michelle muttered as she watched Lauren start to teach them the beginning of a brand new dance.

Lynne sat at her computer desk going through all the pictures she had taken the night before on her laptop. She was quite proud of herself for getting action shots of the boys swimming, they turned out better than she originally thought. Scrolling through she suddenly stopped on one picture. During the night she would take pictures of the crowd. In one picture she spotted Taylor and Eli standing up in from their seats. Taylor's hands were together, her eyes fixed on the pool but Eli was looking somewhere else and his eyes looked...odd. She didn't know how to describe it but it seemed like they weren't their usual color. Sighing to herself she figured it must have been a glitch in her camera so she dragged the picture to the trash bin in the corner of her desktop.

Thinking she had done enough work on the pictures she closed out of the pictures and logged onto Facebook to see that she had a new message. Lynne cringed seeing it was one of Kendall's closest friends but she sighed in relief noticing it was Nikki, the total opposite of Kendall. Lynne didn't even understand how to two girls were friends. 'Party at Brody's house tonight, the whole class is invited. Hope you can come :)' she read. Grabbing her phone she decided to call Eli. "Hey, what are you doing tonight?"

Tristan had just hopped out of the shower when he heard his mom yell that Lucas and Connor had arrived. "All right, I'll be right down!" He called shaking out his wet hair.

Quickly changing into a pair of basketball shorts and a white T-shirt he headed downstairs to see his friends sitting in the kitchen. "Hey you got anything to eat?" Connor asked.

"Uh I think so, where did my mom go?"

"She just stepped out to talk to my mom on the phone." Lucas explained. "Did you hear about the party tonight?"

"What party?"

"Its at Brody's house, the whole class is invited." Connor answered grabbing a few water bottles. "Want to go?"

Tristan shrugged. "I'll see what Nathan says...speaking of where is he?"

Nathan and Jake made their way into the community center just as the class was taking a water break. Lauren recognized Nathan's face immediately. "Hey, I remember you." She smiled. "Looking for Taylor?"

"And Michelle." Jake said.

"They're in the studio, Taylor's trying to help Michelle with some of the moves." She explained pointing down the hall. "Go ahead."

"Thanks." Nathan muttered walking past the other dancers to the studio.

Michelle collapsed on the floor, her arms above her head. "I give up." She exclaimed. They had been learning a dance to the song 'Swagger Jagger' but so far she could only master the first couple steps. "I don't even know how you do the floor work."

"Just gotta practice, come on, one more time." Taylor smiled holding out her hand.

"Fine..." Michelle grumbled taking her friend's hand.

Bending down Taylor started the song again from the top. "Five, six, seven, eight." She said over the music.

Nathan held out his arm looking through the door to see his girlfriend and Michelle practicing their new dance. Jake glanced over his friend's shoulder to see Michelle getting visibly frustrated to the point of stopping the music. "I can't do this!" She yelled running her hands through her hair.

"Do you need to slow it down a little bit?"

"No...maybe... or maybe I'm better with jazz squares." She grumbled taking a seat on the floor.

"I don't know, I thought you were doing pretty good." Jake smirked as he and Nathan walked into the studio.

"What are you two doing here?" Taylor asked.

"I saw you leave this morning, figured you'd be here." Nathan explained as she gave him a hug.

"You know me too well." She laughed. "Come on, Michelle, one more time. You just gotta keep your arms straight and feel the beat."

"Yeah, you make it sound so easy, now how about you just show me how its done?"

Taylor bit her bottom lip. "Fine, hit play."

Nathan and Jake stepped back to let Taylor take the floor. Standing in the middle of the floor she listened to the first couple beats before starting the steps. Remembering how Lauren taught it she repeated the steps exactly. "Ok you gotta stop making it look so easy." Michelle exclaimed throwing her arms up.

After class Nathan and Jake walked the girls outside to their cars. "I gotta go pick up Ari." Michelle announced looking down at her phone. "Hey uh, Lynne just said something about a party tonight at Brody's house."

"Y'all want to go?" Nathan asked looking down at Taylor.

"Spend some time with your teammate?" She giggled making him roll his eyes. "I'll go if everyone else does."

"I'm up for it." Jake said.

Nathan nodded his head. "All right, I'll go."

Everyone agreed before going their separate ways all hoping for the best for the evening to come.

This chapter was kind of slow, sorry :/ And I'll try to be better with updating :)