Hello to all my readers. I really do appreciate people reading. This is a major announcement. Though I will not continue "Portal's Mind", I do have a sequel in the works. It will take place after the events in "Portal's Mind", as Janine's younger sister, Cindy, tries to piece together what happened. Can she restore her sister's mind, or will it be lost forever? Here's a little preview to wet your appetite:

October 31st

My sister has disappeared. They say that the only thing they found at her apartment was her computer. Everything had been erased except for a journal, they say. I have yet to see it. There was also a note next to the computer saying that she moved. I find it odd since she didn't even tell me, her own flesh and blood. The last I've heard of her was when she told me that she had been writing non-stop. She stopped speaking to anyone when her friend died. Now, she's nowhere to be found. I just hope she contacts me soon. I'm so worried. Wow. Writing down my feelings does feel better. I can see where Janine's psychiatrist recommended it. Until next time, I guess.

Cindy Portal

It will be called "Pseudo Soul" so keep a look out for it. It's coming to a computer near you. Please continue to read and review. I love it when you do.

Love and Revolvers.

Don Carlos aka The Mad Matador