You've probably noticed that this isn't a chapter by now. Sorry to get your hopes up if I did.

First of all, I apologize for abandoning Fictionpress and most of my stories. I have excuses but I know that nobody really cares why I didn't update, so I'll skip them.

I've decided though, to focus on one story solely for a few weeks and see if that helps me get back into updating.

I'd like feedback as to which story it should be; there is a poll on my profile, with a few of the options I've been considering. Of course, if something isn't on it please feel free to private message me or leave a comment on any of my stories with a suggestion.

It would mean loads if any of you could visit it and cast a vote. I'd love to see your feedback and I hope I can respond with something quickly afterwards.

Even if you don't vote, thank you for putting up with my absence.

And for any new readers, I hope you'll stick around for a while.

I promise to update something soon,


If you are seeing this for the second time i'm sorry, i hadn't made a poll before so it wasn't actually on my profile. it is now though! please vote. :)