The Monster Among Us

Dennis sat motionless in the back of the bus, wishing things could go back to the way they were. But after the voices clouded his mind, he began to spiral into madness. The voices commanded him, forced him to do things. They came to him slowly, faint whispers and mad screaming. The voices told him to kill them. And he obeyed. The court ruled for him to be sent to rehabilatation, so that's where he is headed. He looked to his left, a man sat rocking in his seat, screaming, chains rattling, the voices told him to freak out. So he thrashed, he was chained like an animal, because he is an animal.

The armed personnel escorted him to his cell. He heard mad screaming as he walked into the cell block, when he reached his cell, pscho-babble was scrawled across the walls, the cuffs slipped from his bloody wrists. "Have fun." A guard gave him a twisted smile, the metal door slammed behind him. "Dennis, you have to kill them." the wicked apparition stared blankly into his eyes. Dennis fought the voices. "You are what got me in here in the first place!" His mad face violently shaking and writhing. The apparition continued staring. "Dennis, you know your place. Now do as I say." The confined space felt trapping to him, he punched the wall. "Get out of my head!" He screamed, knuckles bleeding, head pounding. The apparition slammed him to the metal door, threw him across the room.