(Gah. Sorry I've been gone peoples! I just started middle school and It's a real pain, so here I go trying to WD40 my rusty gears. So here I go. Trying to remember what I wrote before... Oh and by the way I'm to lazy to go back and read so sorry if there are some things unexplained or whatever.)

The human spirit can only take so much. A fist wrapped itself about my soul, I am lonely. I can't bring myself to go to the level of the others. They scratch themselves to a bloody pulp and scream against the cells. A steady going of of footsteps rattled down the halls. He stopped when he saw me. Unlocked the door and spoke in a raspy tone. "It's time to get your pills Dennis. We were late on the deliverance. Come along."

"And y- You won't hurt me?" He looked back with a look of frustration, and waved his hand. So I followed him into the office of the warden. "Ah, welcome. We apologize immensely for your waiting. The medicine delivered a few days late. Come along then, sit down." (Oh yeah and I read up on schizophrenia a bit, sorry about the halucinations before, It's uncommon for schizophrenics to hallucinate. So woops.) The voices told me to run. I felt the need to obey. They threatened me. They told me that I was but a mere puppet to do their bidding. I try to avoid listening to people. The voices say they mislead me, tell me to do things that are wrong. Blasphemy, all heretics. I can't listen. His lips kept flapping with seemingly no pupose besides to anger me. "Your family will come visit you when we get you stabilized on medicatio-" I clasped my hand on his mouth. "Shut up you worthless idiot."

"Giph him his medishin." They stabbed me in my neck and threw me to the floor. I kicked and screamed and was bleeding all over the office. They stood over me, kicking me to a pulp. Then it ended. Black.

I awoke in a nice, painted room. With a bed and a bookshelf full of happy books, and even some books on self help. I stood. My neck wasn't bleeding anymore, and the screams of desperations turned to laughter of the nurses. The voices didn't call out to me. They were at a quiet whisper among themselves. Wow. The voices aren't directing me. I listen to the nurses. Listen. I was really listening. Finally. (TO BE CONTINUED)