gravitational potential energy

It is the calm before the storm

but calm is not peace.

this calm is tensed bodies and held

breaths and wide eyes- anticipation.

it is the sea, being reeled in like wire, like

fishing rods- but the sea is more human than

anything else and it comes crashing down,

down like age-old memory and white-hot anger.

but this is probably the moment before, the

fear and anxiety coiling up slowly like

snakes, waiting to strike, and the awareness of

the devastation to come hissing, mocking you, mingled with

the utter helplessness of the situation.

there is beauty to come, in the crash of

the wave, its fury mingled with blood, seeping through

the cracks with a horrific mixture of speed and

stealth, and in the motion of the chandelier, the glass'

pretty tinkling condescending like the jeer of

elusive deceit. this moment, however, is

more suffocating than breathtaking, but

mesmerising all the same.

A/N: Next chapter, kinetic energy (how original) coming soon. Yes, the lack of capitalisation was on purpose.