27th September

Last weekend I got a parcel from my dad, it was full of Smiggle stuff and pineapple lumps. I was in heaven! :)

We had cake in Biology, I was greedy and ate two slices. No one except maybe two people ate the year 14 guys dodgy looking chocolate strawberry smelling cake. He is quite creepy, he has pointy nails and he sits and clicks them.

I walked home with Becky and we were discussing open day at school, what jobs people could do. Guarding the school and whatever.

Becky: I wonder what I would need to guard the school?

Me: All you need to do is put on your track pants, wear a hoody. You'll be fine...

Becky: True story, maybe throw in a scalpel from Biology.

Another thing which made me laugh.

Becky: Which is worse, a naked person in shoes and socks, a naked person in just a hat and scarf or a naked person in a yellow high visibility jacket.

Me: Probably the shoes and socks.

28th September

I am too cool. I spent my Saturday evening after work watching Flight of the Conchords. I was in tears, the best clips are probably the Robot song, Feel inside (and stuff like that) Business Time, Foux du fa fa and the clip on Racism.

1st October.

I got my tights out of the drawer this morning, like any other morning. They looked black, until I was halfway to school and the sun shone on them. They were not black but a very bright navy blue, it was one of the most awkwardest days of my life. It clashed terribly with my black skirt and converse.

I had a Biology test today, got another Friday. It was horrible but we got let out early! But before the test the year 14 guy and another person somehow got on the topic of injuries as last lesson the other guy came in with a dislocated finger from playing soccer. Anyway this year 14 guy announces that he stabbed his cousin in the hand with a fork. I'm surprised I didn't fall off my stool. You don't tell a person that when you have to spend a lesson sat next to them, luckily he moved because of the test...

Tory, IDLE command line is where you type the code and run it...that is it in its simplest form...