5th October

I had a magic free today, and my friend and I were wandering around school. She got stopped by one of the grounds men who she knew and was chatting away. I stood awkwardly beside her staring at the ground, that is when I noticed what I looked like blood splattered on the concrete. The horror must have shown on my face as the ground's man laughed and said it was just food colouring. To be honest, it wouldn't of surprised me if it was blood.

7th October

I had to rush out of swimming last night so instead of getting dressed I sort of threw on my clothes on top of my togs. As I was leaving one of the girls said...

Girl: How did you get changed so quick?

Me: I've still got my togs on.

They went completely silent and looked at me weird, I couldn't understand why for ages. Until I got in the car and realised I had said togs, that probably confused them.

8th October

I should probably post my stuff when I actually write it, on the day. But to be honest I usually forget. My friend was being annoying again, he was singing a remix of 'We're all going on a summer holiday...' he changed summer to winter, added in the travel lodge and tried rhyming my name with dick. It didn't really work...

10th October

The friend who did the remix of the song was annoying in Computing again, he insists on saying stuff like.

I have a dick, hhmmm, what? Did I say something?


You have seven nipples, hmmm, what? Did I say something?


We've had some pretty relaxed English lessons, last lesson we watched the Catherine Tate show and the teacher couldn't work youtube and we ended up watching the one where people think she's gay and she's like. "How very dare you?"

The lesson today we watched Monty Python (the dead parrot sketch) and Little Britain. The whole class was laughing, even the teacher.

I went swimming today, for two hours. All lengths, excelt maybe twice... I'm pretty stoked. At one point I was practicing my special float for my life saving test thing on Sunday when the life guard came over to me and told me to stop.

Life guard: You are like a sitting duck, if you do that how am I supposed to know if you are drowning or not, innit?

Me: Eh?

I don't know if I should be insulted or not. The life guard didn't seem impressed when my friend began dragging me under water and making me do forward and backwards trunballs as I call them somersaults or rolls...whatever... Also the life guard looked ready to explode when we tried to have a running race and my whole legged cramped. My friend didn't help matters as she tried carrying me to safety and she slipped almost flattening a little kid. She decided her life was more important and sort of threw me down the other end of the pool, she is very strong.

Swimming pools are not designed for running.