November 10th

I got up at six this morning to be at the NEC for work. I was on my feet from seven to six, I had to do my sales speech over a hundred times today. I actually started to lose my voice, and now my heels hurt as I wore my old converse which have no sole anymore. Sigh.

November 12th

The teacher in Computing gave us another anecdote today. He had a friend in High School who took Latin and didn't bother learning anything, in the day before his exam he learnt how to say I am a fish in twenty different languages. He got an F, I think it's genius.

Another thing you don't hear everyday.

Teacher: 'Charlie is a flowerpot man."

It was a strange lesson.

I am starting to question having Gay friends when they start to go into detail about who they have slept with and whether they were 'safe' or not. I just sat there with the worst mental image.

There are some days where Private Study just doesn't go to plan, maybe it was because it was my second in a row, or something I ate at lunch. I was on a sugar high. We probably disturbed the whole hall.

Oh, and the ceiling collapsed in the Food Tech building, clouds of dust. Shame I stopped taking Food Tech.

I think I annoyed someone in Chemistry, all I can say is you never want to do a practical with me, specially fifth period. I ended up spilling acid all over my hands and the table, my hands then went on to sting badly while the person I might've annoyed started shouting at me. I think she likes to do everything perfectly. I try to do everything perfectly, but it doesn't always work out. I then spilt p.p indicator on the rim of the conical flask causing everything to turn purple. At least I didn't contaminate the NaOH, like someone did. Mr Downe was not impressed.

I am like the dentist's worst nightmare, I have adult teeth which look like baby teeth and she had to take an x-ray as she didn't believe me. I have a dodgy tooth which she is going to have to drill into it as it looks weird. All I can say is two years, nine months and seventeen days worth of braces may make your teeth look nice...but what is really happening? That last sentence sounds like the advert on most NZ/Aussie films...pirating films ruins the Australasian film companies (something like that), but what are you really burning?(the last bit anyway)

My hands are still itchy, or maybe its because I'm thinking about it?