Midnight Moon

I always thought taking control of my life would lead to an intoxication of power and glory. As a child I imagined knowing exactly what choice to make and then standing in the light of admiration and gratitude. Now that I venture out of the naivety of childhood, I confront a slightly different scenario.

I have made a total of three decisions in my life, and in four days, I regret every one of them.

The first when I turned my back on the last of my family, the second when I left the only home I knew, and the third when I decided to travel through the night rather than stop and camp. The third, ironically, seems to be my worst mistake. I can still see a glimmer of logic in the first two.

As for the third one, the rain currently soaks my dress until the fabric wraps around my legs and nearly sends me stumbling into the mud. The thorn-ridden vines of the forest floor already do a fine job of that, and even then, I must step over fallen logs and dodge the impressive girth of tree after tree. The darkness is the final obstacle in my journey and my greatest opponent.

Author's Note: Hello! So I wrote and posted the first draft of Midnight Moon almost four years ago, and though the story has been down for all that time, I now return to say that a much better draft of Midnight Moon has the chance to be published!

As you guys probably know, MagicWords and I decided to combine our two books and expand them into a four-book saga. Midnight Moon is still the first book, but it is far different (and much better).

To win this contest and publishing contract, we need people to vote for our book, so please, if you guys can spare the time, follow the link on my profile and vote for Midnight Moon. You just need an email, and it only takes a few minutes. If you can, spread the word and get others to vote, too.

MagicWords and I thank you so much for the support over the years and your help now!