"You stupid lazy self-centered idiot."

"Aw, come on, sweetheart. You can do better than that, can't you?" he drawled as he looked up at me from where he sat, slouched in the booth at the cafeteria, "That was weak. Don't you think so?"

"Screw you," I narrowed my eyes.

"Now that's a little better," he pursed his lips as though he was having a hard time on thinking of how he would critique me, "But it was still a little shabby, yes?"

I balled my hands into fists and slammed them against the table, leaning over as far as I could go to look him in directly the eyes, "I'm going to flunk Biology and it's all going to be your fault, you bastard."

"Now, now. Don't you think you're overreacting, Val?" he quirked an eyebrow as he pushed himself up slightly, "Mr Williams is just going to deduct some marks."

"It makes a huge difference, dumbass!" I hissed through gritted teeth.

He leaned forward now and placed his elbows on the table, successfully placing his face inches from mine. He knew very well how uncomfortable it would make me feel and I could see it in the way his eyes glistened mischievously that he was trying to use it against me.

There was no way I was going to fall for it though. Two could play at this game. I resisted the urge to flinch and instead stared back at him emotionlessly.

"You got to learn how to relax, honey," he murmured as he shifted even closer, "When was the last time you had a drink?"

I exhaled sharply and began to tap my foot impatiently. I wanted him to apologize to me – to at least show some form of remorse over the fact that the grades I had worked so hard to maintain was now jeopardized just because he couldn't get his lazy ass out of bed a little earlier this morning to submit our assignment on time – but even I knew that that would've been impossible. Leo never apologizes.

"Shut up, Leo," Kelly snapped and then directed her next question to me, "What did he do this time?"

I snapped my gaze toward the sound of her voice and was surprised to find her wedged in between Leo and Ryan. I hadn't seen her even when I had made my way across the cafeteria and to the table. I had been so focused on killing Leo.

"What are you doing here?" I asked but instantly knew it was a stupid question.

She sighed as she glanced over to Ryan who had his arm around her, "Why does your best friend have to be such an asshole?"

"It's not my fault that my boyfriend is friends with your enemy," she turned back to me, "Is this about that Biology project the two of you were forced to complete together?"

I nodded and turned to glare at Leo again, "Just because you don't give a damn about graduating from high school doesn't mean you're entitled to drag me down with you. You got that, idiot?"

Before he could say anything else, I whirled around and proceeded to stomp out of the cafeteria.

"Is this supposed to be funny?"

I looked away from my locker to find Leo standing next to me, his face red, nostrils flaring and his eyes narrowed with anger. He held up a piece of paper in his right hand in between his middle and index finger.

"What're you talking about?" I blinked at him innocently before turning back to my locker and busied myself with arranging my books.

He grabbed my arm and shoved the piece of paper into my hand, gesturing at me to read it. I sighed and made a big deal of showing that he was being a hassle. Moving with deliberate slowness, I lifted the paper and unfolded it.

Soccer practice postponed to 4pm.

"You almost made me an hour late!" he yelled before I had even finished unfolding the note, his voice bouncing off the walls and lockers of the empty hallway.

"Almost?" I turned to him and quirked an eyebrow, shoving the paper back into his hand, "And what made you think I did it?"

"I'm always early for practice but since you told me it's an hour later than it actually was, I was thirty minutes late. Do you know how much trouble you got me into?" he demanded and I noticed him crushing the paper in his hand, his knuckles turning white from how hard he was clenching his fist.

I turned back to him calmly, "What makes you so sure it was me who did this to you?"

"Who the fuck would do something like this to me but you?" he yelled, throwing his hands in the air in frustration. I watched as the ball of paper flew out of his grip and landed on the floor, several paces behind him.

I looked back at him, "Now, you're assuming you're well-liked here, Leo. I might not be the only one that hates you, you know."

I had to remind myself not to wince when I noticed the look he was directing at me. He looked as though if he was slightly less in control, he might've hit me. Instead, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose.

I felt a flash of regret. I knew how much soccer meant to him and I definitely knew that being captain meant added pressure for him. However, I refused to apologize. I shouldn't have to when he hadn't apologized to me ever.

His eyes flickered open and he looked calmer but the anger still simmered in his eyes, "You know how strict the coach is on the team. Why'd you do this to me?"

"Do you even have to ask?" I retorted, placing one of my hands on my waist.

"I get it, Val," he exhaled deeply, "But you've gone too far this time. You know how I'm aiming for a schola-"

"And you know how important my grades are to me!" I yelled back at him without thinking.

A heavy silence settled between us as we both glared at each other, our breaths audible as we heaved from the anger we both felt.

"So that was payback?" he scoffed in disbelief, "What the fuck, Val?"

"It's always been this way," I pointed it out to him, "You'd sabotage me and I'd do it right back. It doesn't stop. It's a cycle. It has been going on for years."

He sighed and all the anger in him seemed to dissipate as he shook his head slightly, "Well, it's fucking stupid."

I watched him as he turned around and walked down the hallway until the moment he rounded the corner and disappeared out of my view. Slamming my locker closed, I walked over to where the piece of paper laid on the floor and picked it up. I pocketed it before walking down the very same hallway Leo just had.

"I have a proposition," Leo flourished as he slid into the seat opposite of mine, grinning at me in that mischievous way of his.

"What is it?" Kelly asked at the same time Ryan said, "Proposition?"

He glanced over at Ryan who was sitting next to him and then to Kelly who was next to me in the cafeteria booth and replied flatly, "It doesn't concern you."

He turned his attention back to me and raised an eyebrow, waiting for me to prompt him. The idea of him waiting for a really long time for me to prompt him amused me but my curiosity got the better of me.

"What proposition?"

"Let's stop with this whole sabotaging thing we've got going on, alright? It's basic knowledge that you dislike me and I dislike you. Since we have that all cleared out, let's just keep out of each other's way unless we absolutely have no choice. Deal?"

"Fine," I told him. It was a decent proposition.

Finally! Something sensible out of the boy.

"I'm curious about one thing though," Ryan piped up.

"What?" Leo and I chorused.

"What started all of this?"

"That's easy," I told him as I leaned forward to rest my elbow on the table and cup my chin in my hand, "It's all his fault."

"Excuse me?" Leo seemed taken aback by my answer as he leaned back.

"It is you," I insisted, ignoring the look he was shooting me, "You embarrassed me in front of our school, for god's sake."

"Oh no," Kelly muttered.

"I didn't do anything!" he said, his voice rising slightly as he straightened himself in his seat, "You did it all by yourself."

"You sneaked up on me!" I snapped back, crossing my arms across my chest, "And scared the shit out of me!"

"How was I supposed to know you would get that scared?" he snapped in return, "And how was I supposed to know that you needed to use the washroom urgently? I couldn't predict the future! I didn't know that you'd pee in your pants just because I jumped on you because trust me, if I did know, I definitely wouldn't have done it either."

"Oh god," Ryan said and from the corner of my eye, I could see the regret at having asked the question crossing his face. I, however, was too preoccupied with the asshole sitting in front of me to comfort him and tell him that it wasn't his fault. It was Leo's.

I gasped and reeled back in surprise. He did not just say that out loud.

"You bastard," I hissed.

He smirked and leaned forward, "Are we back to this again, honey?"

"Oh my god. What have you done?" Kelly wailed as she stood up to reach over the table and whack Ryan, "They barely made a truce and you ruined it!"

"The least you could've done was apologize to me!" I yelled which made several people turn around to stare at me. I couldn't care less though. All I could see was that disgusting smirk on his face and it took every ounce of energy I had in me to stop myself from reaching across the table to wipe if off for myself.

"Why should I when it wasn't my fault?" he said defensively, "It was in elementary school anyway. Everyone forgot about it. Everyone but you, that is."

"Of course I'll remember it, you idiot! People were laughing at me for years because of it!"

"But it stopped, didn't it?" he slurred as he raised an eyebrow and shot me a look that told me that he believed that had settled the problem.

"It doesn't matter if the bullying stopped or not," I growled, "But I was scarred for life because of you!"

He rolled his eyes, "You're being dramatic again, baby."

I narrowed my eyes and clenched my hands into fists. We stared at each other for a long time - both of us refusing to back down. Finally, I looked away from him in search of my bag. I grabbed it and stood up.

"Oh, come on, Val," Kelly moaned, "Let's just forget about that, okay? Remember the truce you made a minute ago?"

"You're making a dramatic exit too? Aw, you didn't have to," Leo drawled.

I flipped him the finger before making my way toward the cafeteria doors. I could hear him laughing and Kelly moaning as I walked away.

"Don't you think you're drinking too much?" Leo asked as he suddenly appeared by my side.

I glanced over at him and blinked slowly, my eyes blurring over slightly. He looked me over, his forehead creasing slightly.

Why, is that worry, I see?

I snorted in response and looked away from him, lifting the beer bottle to my lips. I barely felt the cold liquid against my lips before the bottle was yanked away from me.

"Hey!" I protested, turning to glare at him. He quirked an eyebrow at me challengingly. Sighing in agitation, I reached over and made an attempt to grab the bottle back but tripped over my own foot instead. He grabbed my arm and lifted me up before I could land face first on the floor. It took a while before the room stood still again.

I looked down dazedly at his hand that was still on my arm, steadying me.

"Could you let go of me please?" I asked, poking his hand as I looked back up at him again.

He sighed and I could almost picture him chanting to himself in his head to be patient. He hesitated for a while longer before he let go of me. I watched curiously as he glanced around until he spotted a table. He walked over to the table, placed my beer bottle on it and started to make his way back to me. I was about to protest but the room started to shift again.

"Are you okay?" Dave asked, gripping on to my arm just like Leo had moments before.

Dave was a guy I had just met as I was sipping my second beer bottle. We had been talking ever since but he had went off to grab me another bottle of beer.

"I'm okay," I smiled at him, "Did you get me my beer?"

"Here you go," he smiled in return, handing the bottle to me. I tried to pull off the best flirtatious look I could master in my drunken stupor and thanked him.

I uncapped the bottle and was about to take a sip when I noticed Leo hovering over me. I looked up at him and found him glowering at me.

"Don't do that," I told him and proceeded to take a sip, "You look uglier when you're angry."

I was surprised I still could lie. He looked good angry, actually. His green eyes glinted as he glared at me and his jaw looked somehow sharper as he clenched his teeth. The dim light bounced off his brown hair and made it seem gold. His lips were still moist from whatever he had been drinking before he found me. Thank goodness I was still in enough control to remember not to lean over and kiss him.

The frustration was clear in his eyes as he stared at me but it intensified when he noticed Dave beside me. His eyes then flickered to Dave's hand on my arm.

"Come with me," Leo said before grabbing me by my wrist and yanking me away from Dave. He only stopped once we were on the other side of the room. I was too dazed to complain.

"What are you doing here anyway?" I slurred as I made a move to take another swig.

The bottle was abruptly yanked away from me again.

"Would you stop doing that?" I yelled, snatching the bottle away from him and downing all the contents before he could take it away from me again. I shot him a victorious grin.

"Stop drinking. Kelly's worried about you," he told me impatiently as he took the empty bottle from me.

"Kelly isn't worried about me," I wagged a finger at him, "She's too fixated on Ryan to care about me."

He pointedly ignored me and continued, "Why are you drinking anyway? You hate drinking. You said you hate the way it burns your throat."

"Oh my. You've been keeping tabs on me, haven't you, Leonardo?" I smirked and leaned forward to rest my chin on his shoulder, "Are you planning to blackmail me someday with all the information you've gathered?"

"You're wasted," he sighed as he glanced at me from the corner of his eye.

"No, I'm not," I countered, giggling when he muttered something that I couldn't quite catch. It was something about me being crazy.

"Yes, you are," he insisted, "Who drove you here? Kelly?"

I nodded on his shoulder, the cotton of his grey T-shirt sliding beneath my chin. I managed to get a whiff of him and leaned in closer.

"Hey," I said in the best sultry voice I could manage, "You smell good - really good. Are you wearing cologne? "

"Why did you even drink?" he said so softly that I almost missed it.

"Because of you, of course," I grinned as I shut my eyes. I could feel him staring at me but I refused to look back at him.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

My eyelids fluttered open as I pulled away to stare at him accusingly, "It's all your fault, didn't you know? You do so many horrible things to me. You insult me, make fun of me, laugh at me, mock me and embarrass me all the time. Don't you know what that does to a person?"

He opened his mouth but snapped it shut again.

"You had to remind me of that day, didn't you? It was a very important to me till you ruined it," I jabbed my finger at him, "It made me upset - remembering it again. And since drinking apparently helps make you feel better, I thought I'd give it a shot," I giggled, grabbing my bottle from him and tipped it over. I pouted when I found it empty and turned to him.

"Get me another," I demanded.


"You horrible boy," I leaned in and rested my head on his shoulder again, "But I'm not surprised. Of course you wouldn't help me. Why did I even ask? But I thought you'd be happy to see me drunk. Don't people always end up embarrassing themselves when they're drunk? I thought you'd take advantage of that."

He looked over at me, "Do you really think I'd do that to you?"

I threw my head back and laughed, "That's a really stupid question, Leo. But do you know what's even funnier?"


"Even though you've been so mean to me, I still don't hate you. I'm just mighty pissed, that's all. What do I have to do to make you stop torturing me?"


"The only reason I'm still going on with this charade is because I want you to talk to me," I rubbed at my eye as the room started to turn dark, "Isn't that pathetic? Even though I'm pissed you never apologize to me for everything that you've done to me, I still want you to talk to me."

"Why was that day so important to you?" he asked, his voice barely audible now.

"Because," I drawled, "It was the day I was going to tell you I liked you."

I jolted awake as vomit filled my mouth. I snapped my eyes open and found myself staring at Leo's chin. I had barely registered that Leo was carrying me before I stumbled out of his hold and sprawled on to the floor to empty the contents of my mouth onto the sidewalk.

He crouched down next to me and I felt his warm finger against my skin as he pulled back strands of my hair away from my mouth. Once I was done, my eyes started to droop close once more.

I felt myself falling and braced myself for the impact but it never came as Leo grabbed hold of me and pulled me against him.

"Val, come on," Leo murmured as something nudged my foot, "Drink this and then go back to sleep."

I moaned and turned away from the sound of his voice. I heard the sound of a door closing followed by footsteps. A moment later, another door opened and closed.

"Val, wake up," he said softly as he shook my shoulder.

Agitatedly, I opened one of my eye. He held out a bottle of mineral water to me.

When I didn't make a move to drink it and just stared at him, he brought the bottle to my mouth and forced me to take a few sips.

"Go back to sleep," he urged as he turned on the engine of his car.

"Val, we're here," Leo murmured, "Wake up."

I felt something warm brushing my hair out of my face followed by sigh that left warm air blowing against my cheek.

I groaned, irritated that he kept waking me up. Even when I simply wanted to sleep, he had to ruin it for me.

I opened my eyes slightly and rolled my head in the direction of his voice. He wasn't looking at me but was instead staring straight ahead, an unreadable expression on his face. A quick glance around told me I was in his car and from the warm sticky air blowing in from where he stood, I managed to piece together the fact that the passenger door was open and he was currently blocking my way out. Looking past him, I realized we were already at my house.

How'd we get here so fast?

I threw my legs out of the car and stood up. Everything instantly tilted and I crashed against him. He held on to my elbows to stop me from falling in any other direction again.

"Where's Kelly?" I demanded as I buried my face in his chest, "Why are you the one sending me home?"

I felt him shrug against me and when he spoke, his chest shook slightly against my head, "I couldn't find her."

"How'd you know the way to my house then?"

"You didn't move," he pointed out, "It's still the same house as the one back then. Of course I'd remember. I used to come here everyday to play with you."

I giggled as the memory of little Leo came to my mind. I pulled back to stare at his chin.

"You were so adorable back then," I told him amidst giggles.

"Is that why you liked me?" he looked down at me, his voice soft.

"Wouldn't you like to know the answer to that?" I burst out giggling again as I pushed away from him and settled on leaning against his car, "Too bad I'm not telling you though."

He rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. I couldn't help but to stare at him then. I took notice of every single thing about him and compared it to the latest image of what he looked like when we were still little. He hadn't changed much.

"What?" he demanded, paranoid, "Why are you staring at me like that?"

Oops. Maybe I stared a little too hard.

I smiled softly as I shook my head, "It's just that this is the first time that I really took a look at you in a long time. I miss you."

I saw surprise in his eyes, followed by what seemed like nostalgia followed by denial along with a vigorous shake of his head.

"You're wasted," he declared but it seemed as though he was trying to convince himself.

Spontaneously, I grabbed his shoulders.

He jumped slightly and his eyes widened, "What do you th-"

I leaned in and crushed my lips against his, cutting him off.

My eyes fluttered close instinctively just as he grabbed one of my shoulders and made a move to pull me off of him but I refused to budge no matter how hard he tried to get me off. I could almost see him weighing the consequences of his next movement before he cupped my chin and eased me back slightly so that I was no longer shoving my mouth against his.

He kissed me back carefully, his other hand settling on a small part of my back.

I was the first to pull back, "Did you just kiss me?"

"You kissed me," he quirked an eyebrow.

"But you kissed me back," I pointed out, mimicking him by raising an eyebrow.

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair and shoved the other into his pocket, "Are we really doing this now?"

I wobbled slightly as I pointed my finger at him, "What? What are we doing? Hey, if you kiss a girl while she's wasted, doesn't that mean you're taking advantage of her? Aren't you taking advantage of me then? I mean-"

"Shut up, Val," he told me as he eased me against his car, rolling his eyes.

"No, I won't. You took advantage of me!" I accused in a shrill voice.

He wrapped one of his arms around me and leaned in, pressing his mouth against mine. He forced past my lips and explored my mouth with his tongue. My head started to spin and I moved my head to rest it on his shoulder, squeezing my eyes shut.

I heard him sigh, "Come on. Let's get you in bed."

"You look horrible," Kelly told me as she slid into the booth beside me while Leo and Ryan sat on the chairs on the opposite side of the booth from me.

"Gee, thanks," I replied as I glared at her.

"So, what happened last night?" Kelly asked.

"I don't know. You tell me," I muttered, "I can't remember a thing."

Kelly casted a glance to Leo before fixing her gaze back to me, "I tried to look for you," another glance to Leo who, I noticed, seem to be particularly focused on his T-shirt, "But someone said they saw you leave," a pause followed by another glance to Leo, "With Leo."

This time, all three of us turned to look at him. I narrowed my eyes uncertainly.

He looked up but avoided my gaze, "What?"

"You took me home?" I asked.

He coughed and focused on his T-shirt again.

"Wait, hold up," Ryan frowned, "You don't remember anything?"

"She was drunk," Leo answered before I could.

My eyes narrowed even further. That didn't sound good coming from him.

"Why were you drunk?" Ryan asked, "You never drink?"

I expected him to answer the question on behalf of me again but instead, he coughed again and looked away.

"Why did you even drink?" Leo asked so softly that I almost missed it.

The memories of what happened the night before came back to me in bits and pieces but one particularly memory stood out amongst all of them. It took every ounce of self-control in me to stop myself from screaming so loud that the whole cafeteria would be able to hear me.

"Oh my god," I said slowly, turning to look at Leo, "I kissed you, didn't I?"

I didn't need him to answer me. From the look on his face as he looked up at me answered the question for me.

While Ryan and Kelly were occupied with shooting demands for answers, I stood up and walked out of the cafeteria.

"Oh my god," I chanted as I ran my fingers through my hair, "What did I do?"

"Val, wait up," Leo yelled after me, "Valarie."

He caught up with me, grabbed my arm and whirled me around before I could even react.

"We need to talk," he said in between breaths.

"No, we don't," I said quickly, "It didn't happen."

He shot me an impatient look.

"It didn't happen, right?"

"It did," he said softly, "And we need to talk about it."

"It didn't," I stressed, warning him with a look that if he persisted, I was prepared to hit him across the face just to get away, "And that's that."

I stomped away before he could stop me and was relieved when he didn't follow me.

For the next week, I managed to avoid him. Whenever I spotted him down the hallway, I would bolt for another. I spent my breaks and lunches in the library despite the protests of my stomach, appeared at the very last minute and was the first to leave during the classes we had together so that he didn't have the opportunity to speak to me. I could feel his gaze boring into me throughout the classes and I would pointedly ignore them.

I had managed to convince myself that I could avoid him for the rest of my life when I walked out of the doors of the school on Friday when I spotted him again. He had parked his car right by the sidewalk I had to take in order to get home. It was the furthest parking space from the school but apparently that didn't matter to him.

Wow. He really did want to talk to me.

"I'm sorry, Vals," Ryan murmured, appearing behind me, "He really wants to talk to you. And Kelly thinks you should to."

He steered me toward Leo despite my protests. I tried to make a run for it several times but he managed to grab me by the arm and hurl me in the direction of Leo again. When I finally reached Leo, I was panting.

"What?" I demanded defensively when Leo stared at me as though I was the hardest Math question he had ever come across, "What are you staring at?"

He opened his mouth as though to speak but sighed instead.

"Your girlfriend is here," Leo told Ryan the same time Kelly tackled me from the back and almost had me lying on the floor.

"Where have you been?" she demanded, completely overlooking the fact that she almost made me fall, "I know that you don't want to see him," she gestured to Leo who cleared his throat at the mention of himself, "But I'm your best friend, Val. You could've at least picked up the phone when I called."

"You didn't have to blame me for her not picking up though," Leo muttered.

"It is your fault," she snapped at him then turned to narrow her eyes at me, "And you. Did you think you could avoid him for the rest of your life?" Well, sort of. "I can't take my best friend avoiding me over some guy so you two better talk it out. I'll see you on Monday during lunch, period."

She stared at me for a while longer, seemed satisfied that she had conveyed her message then turned back to Leo and took a step closer to him, her features instantly turning sour. I bit back a laugh.

"If she doesn't show up on Monday, I'm going to shred you to pieces," she threatened, "And even Ryan won't be able to help you this time."

With that, she dragged an amused Ryan with her toward his car. I kept my eyes on them until they drove out of the school parking lot and on to the main road.

I turned to Leo slowly, "So… I'll just turn up for lunch on Monday. See you then."

I made a run for it again but he grabbed my wrist before I could even make it past him.

God damn it, I need to work on my speed.

"We need to talk, Val," he sighed, "Seriously."

"No, we don't. I was drunk. People do stupid things when they're drunk," I gushed, "Let's leave it at that."

"Not when you confessed to me that you liked me," he said firmly.

"Exactly. I said I liked you. 'Liked' as in past tense as in it's over, done with, gone and never coming back. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. It's totally a relationship established solely between us now. And will you let go of me?"

He glanced down at his hand that was still on my wrist - as though he had just realised he was holding on to me, "No. You'll just make a run for it again. And you told me it wasn't a relationship based on hate that night too."

"I was talking nonsense. I didn't know what I was saying," I snapped, exasperated.

Goodness. Doesn't he know when to give up?

"If you were just talking nonsense, you wouldn't go through all that trouble of avoiding me," he said calmly.

God, I hate him.

"Aren't I allowed to defend myself?" I yanked my wrist away from him, "You just kept insisting and insisting that there was something going on when there isn't. It's a reflex reaction. I wasn't just goi-"

While I was rambling, he had rolled his eyes before sighing. He watched me momentarily before swiftly taking a step closer to me and leaned down to cover my mouth with his. With one of his hands, he held both of mine and eased me against his car. He placed his other hand on my cheek and forced me to tilt my head upward, toward him. He effectively eliminated any chance of me protesting.

His efforts were pointless, however. Unconsciously, my eyes fluttered closed and I kissed him back. By the time he pulled back, I was breathless and then it dawned on me what I had just done. My eyes widened with shock.

"You were saying?" he smirked at me.

"It-It-It's courtesy," I stammered, "It's a reflex reaction! When someone kisses you, you kiss them back!"

He snorted and let go of me, taking a step back.

Damn it. Why did I wish that he didn't let me go? Something has to be wrong with me. I should get myself checked in the hospital.

"That's a stupid excuse and even you know it," he said, "If some other guy kissed you, would you have kissed him back?"

"Yes, I would!" I said a little too quickly.

"That's disgusting, Val. What if the guy has herpes?" he cringed.

"How do I know you don't have herpes?" I shot back and then gasped, "Do you?"

He muttered something under his breath before looking back at me, "So you're turning up for lunch on Monday, right?"

"What? What makes you think I'm turning up for lunch? We didn't solve anything!" I shrieked, "You just made it worse!"

"No, I didn't," he replied calmly, "I just proved that you still have feelings for me. And god knows I've had a crush on you since the day I met you. So, now that we both know we like each other, the problem is solved."

"No, it isn't! Besides, I don't like you," I snapped, "Stop making assumptions!"

"I'm not ma-"

"Good luck with Kelly," I told him, "I look forward to seeing her attempting to shred you to pieces."

"She won't h-"

"I don't like you!"

"I wasn't going to say anything."

"God, you're irritating."

"And you're living in denial. How long are you going to keep this up, Val?"

"What do you mean by how long am I going to keep this up? How long are you going to keep putting words into my mouth?"

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not."

"Will you shut up already? I don't like you!"

"You'll have to admit it someday, Val."

"I have nothing to admit to!"

"Do you need me to kiss you again?"

"Ew. No. Stay away from me."



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