Here I am, a beautiful young 17 year with a particular dilemma in my life. Love.

Let me tell you a bit about my personality. I'm the innocent girl who never thinks about guys and has never had a boyfriend in her life before. I don't really have an urgency to have one, like all my other friends. I'd like my first kiss with the guy of my dreams.

I love Jesus and I practice Christianity.

Here's the problem.

I thought about waiting until I go to College to have a significant other. It's not a bad idea to want a decent guy who at least is handsome.

But in high school, there are some variations of that. You either get one or the other.

In the 10th grade I considered someone, but I knew that he was completely wrong. His words somehow captured my heart and I eventually experienced heartbreak so severe that I cried for months and went through seizures. (I've never experienced this rejection before)

He said that he loved me, I went behind my parent's back to love him, and he ended up cheating on me before I ever went out with him. Horrible.

11th grade, I considered someone else. He is nice, a tad nerdy and is a great friend.

Here we go:

He doesn't believe in God. You could see where having him as a boyfriend could be difficult.

Me, I like to think long term. Let's say we were to get married. How could he support my beliefs if he wants no part of it?

I guess I like the thrill of the chase because I know that I'm gorgeous. I still talk to him, but I feel that he thinks he still has a chance because I can't help but accept his sweet compliments (aka the 'right' words)

He really is decent. His attitude and physical looks as well as personality are adorable…

He insists on going out with me, but the whole religion thing throws it off.

I guess I have to move on.

I always get too attached on guys, and I don't want to break their heart if I'm not going to commit.

Any advice?