Here, we go. Btw thank you all for the wonderful advice. It encouraged me.

I'm a hardheaded girl.

I considered going out with him.

I now know what I want in a man. He doesn't meet those specifications.

This is probably wrong to have requirements, right?

..Why am I thinking soo hard about this.

-_- I promise, this open conversation diary really helps me psychologically.

When I speak to him in person, I can't help but want to make him smile. Maybe I'm trying too hard..

I can't get him out of my mind. But when it comes to affection, I can't do it. I seriously always have this urge to talk to him, perhaps a tad too addictively, especially when you like someone. I'm insane..

Maybe I'm selfish. I want him to actively try to win me over. -_-

Sigh. All this is pointless..


He doesn't even want me to text him anymore… sigh.

*throws a million tables in the air.