Authors note: 'Memories' is the first story I uploaded onto fictionpress when I joined nearly three years ago and I have decided that the time has come to edit it. Hopefully there should be an upload at least once a week seeing as it's already written but I can hold no promises.


The dim light of the moonlight was all she had to guide her through the large field as she struggled through the unkempt grass, her ankles irritable due to the harsh blades, but she trudged on with her sprint. Her heartbeat pounded in her ear, her breaths were quick, haggard and were visible thanks to the minus temperature. Why had she thought it was a good idea to come out with out a jacket?, she thought for the third time as a shiver coursed down her spine, her face covered in slight sheen courtesy of the cold drizzle of rain. Despite the cold and being slightly out of breath, she raised a cold hand to her mouth as she tried to muffle the laughter that was threatening to escape her throat.

Crashing back against the lone tree that rested in the centre of the field, she concentrated on the sound of footprints and the laughter stopped dead. They were closing in on them. Fighting the urge to start laughing and wait for the person, she continued on with her quest. The blue hut; their destination; was in sight and she smiled as she realised she was going to win.

Making it to the hut, she threw her hands in the air as she realised she had most definitely be crowned winner. Pressing her hand against the cold metallic side, she got her foot into one of the small holes of the wall and pulled herself up so that she was standing on the roof. Cheering, she alerted a competitor that she'd made it. A warm laugh broke the silence and her eyes flicked around, trying to find their silhouette in the darkness but she came up empty. "Where are you hiding?" She demanded to know but the answer was cut off by her shrill scream as a hand grabbed hold of her ankle. Her hazel eyes looked down, a smile on her face as she saw him staring up at her. "I won." She pointed out again causing him to laugh as he released her ankle and heaved himself up to sit beside her, the backsides of their jeans getting wet due to the rain puddles forming on the hut roof.

Looking up, he smiled. "Can you believe how beautiful the sky is?" He whispered as if almost afraid that speaking loud would ruin the serene mood they'd found themselves in. Following his direction, she craned her head back and looked up at the sky, a warm smile forming against her gentle features.

"It really is beautiful," she whispered back in response. The stars glistened like gems where they weren't hidden by a thick blanket of misty grey clouds, the bright moonlight enhancing the colour of the sky. "Nothing like this could be captured on a photograph. The excitement would be lost, as would the sparkle."

At her response, he turned to the side and looked at her with a wide smile on his own face. Everything that came out of her mouth sounded beautiful, he realised. No matter what it was, he yearned to hear it. "For as long as I can look in your eyes, I'll always have a sparkle in my life." He teased slightly but knew that his comment was also serious. She just laughed, her head shaking as she turned to look at him.

"You're full of it," she told her best friend as she sat back up, too afraid to look at both him or the sky so she focused on her manicured fingernails. She'd been in love with him for as long as she could remember but he only ever saw her as his best friend; a girl he could flirt with and not worry about repercussions; and she had decided a long time ago not to say anything to him. For as long as she had him in her life as a best friend than she didn't need anything else. Besides, her parents would disown her if she ever came home and said that she was dating him.

As if reading her mind, he sat up and looked over at her. "Do your parents know you are out with me?" The deep intake of her breath and the sudden tick of her head as she tried to look away from him was all the answer she needed. "Why do you always lie to them?"

"You know they don't like you," she started to say but knew not to continue. How many times had they had this argument? They could shout at each other for hours and yet it never got through to either of them. Sighing, she jumped down from the roof and started to walk across the field; in the direction of her home. She hated that he always had to ask that question, especially when he knew she could never answer the question because she often asked her parents why they hated him too. It was obvious really. His background was different to theirs. She was rich while he was poor. A boy with a nasty background of abusive stepfathers and a mother that had more flaws than one could possibly imagine whereas her family thought they ruled the roost.

Wrapping her arms around herself, she realised that he wasn't following her and what was more shocking was that she didn't care. If he wanted to get the arse on with her because her parents were unrealistic and completely out of order than that was his doing. This was supposed to be one of their last nights together thanks to her parents deciding that they wanted to move and he'd gone and ruined it by asking a question that he knew would rile her up.

When a pair of arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her back against his chest, she realised that she had obviously been false in her thoughts of him not following. Closing her eyes, she bit back tears that she hadn't realised were falling as she twirled round to look at him, her hand reaching up to cup his face. "I hate that they don't like you. I hate the fact that I'm leaving town and this might be the last time I'll see you and we've gone and decided to have a fight!"

"Why change the habit of a lifetime?" He teased as he ran his hand over her hair; now appearing brown rather than the usual ginger thanks to the rain; before smiling at her. "We won't fall out. I'll keep my mouth shut."

"You don't know how to," she giggled and as he looked down at her, his eyes glazed over and she felt herself stiffening in his arms. "What is it?" She demanded to know. He couldn't explain the overpowering urge or why he felt like tonight was the night but he leant in and pressed his lips against hers.

A gasp escaped her lips, her hands running up against his chest and he stiffened as he worried that she was about to push him away but she tightened her hands in the damp material of his tee shirt. Her heartbeat pounded in it's cage as his lips moved against hers as she participated in an activity that she'd only ever dreamt about before; him kissing her. It was everything she'd imagined, and more. She could see the fireworks behind her eyelids, her stomach aching with desperation for more and an unfamiliar curling there that left her feeling hot but then as if out of nowhere an image flew into her mind. His girlfriend.

For years she'd been pining after this boy but she'd always been the one to see him date endless girls, the one to hold his hand after each one and be there when he started with the next brain dead bimbo that would break his heart all over again. Releasing her hold on his tee shirt, she pushed him away and scrubbed at her mouth with her spare hand. "What the hell are you playing at?" She growled.

"Oh come on, rich girl." The annoying pet name that he'd always had for suddenly sounded snide and she glared at him. "Was the sugar not as nice as you imagined it would be? Are my kisses not enough to make up for my lack of pennies?" Her jaw fell slack as she listened to his words. Never in her life had she thrown her fortune in his face and she realised that he believed she was angry because he'd kissed her.

"You bastard," she gasped as she took a step back from him. "The reason I'm outraged you kissed me is because you have a girlfriend and not because you're a poor boy," she harshly explained before shaking her head. "I thought you were many things but cold was never one of them." With that, she turned and walked away, hot tears falling down her face as she ignored the calls of her name. Anger radiated through her small frame for having been so stupid. Her parents were right. Everything came down to wealth eventually.

Like she had predicted, that evening was the last time they would see each other and they had fought. The following Sunday morning, her parents had her packed up and ready to leave without even time to say goodbye to her friends from school. She just vanished, without even leaving a single trace behind.