My story actually starts with an American couple, who'd never even heard of Bulgaria. After discovering the wife was infertile, they began pondering the idea of international adoption. As an answer to their prayers, God led them to an orphanage in Bulgaria. When they finally asked for His will to be done, He revealed a part of His plan to them. After jokingly requesting a set of boy-girl twins, my twin brother and I became ready to be adopted. Slowly fulfilling His plan, these two became our parents.

Growing up, this story became a central piece of why I believed in God. Intrigued by this mysterious character of hope and goodness, I began listening to the sermons. Always the curious one, I began asking questions; some which were normal of an eight year old, and others not. For the next five years, my faith continued to steadily rise.

Everything changed in 2009, the summer before I started high school. I attended Impact, and had experienced my first true connection with the Lord. However, my sudden closeness with Him ended along with the summer. Upset with the choices I had made, I prayed for guidance. In the middle of Geometry, I started drawing a tree from the roots up. God, with His incredible sense of humor, used this moment to remind of Impact's theme: Rooted. He told me that I would shrivel as I had been doing, unless I rooted myself in Him. I choose this as a turning point in my life, and quickly returned to Him. This renewal continued for the next year, until He rocked my world again. Impact 2010 came around, and the theme was "Go." Now that He had my attention, He started showing me where He wants me to go.

This was also the year I took confirmation class and discovered my spiritual gifts. It was then that I finally started to believe God when He told me I had the gifts of teaching and faith. This was also the year I disclosed being abused by my father. Tearing my family apart even more, I almost let my anger separate me and God. I nearly forgot about my spiritual gifts and His plans. Thankfully, I had mentors to remind me of who I was. As the caring God He is, He decided that Impact 2011's theme would be "Beyond Hurt." With Psalms 37:24 as my life verse, I've realized that God's given me so many opportunities to grow from. He has blessed me so that I may be a blessing to others. This is the reason I'm drawn to student ministry.

This brings me to the present. Right now, I'm teaching 6-12th graders every other week at church, sort of like being an intern. This is where I belong—in the church, working with the youth. God has taught me so much through them, that I often wonder who the teacher truly is. There are miraculous things in my future!