I lay awake, all alone,
So I reach out to get the phone.
It seems to late to make a call,
I want to know if you care at all.

I whisper to you at night,
Do you hear me?
I'm trying to win this fight,
Can you help me?

I'm trying not to lie,
But it's just too much to hold.
Each day, it seems I die,
Trying to live as I'm told.

I'm knocking at your door,
Won't you let me in?
I'm cold and I'm so poor,
My life seems pretty grim.

I just want to know you're there,
Quitting seems ok.
My heart's about to tear,
There must be another way.

So stay with me,
Hold on to me.
Please protect me,
From the night.

It hurts less,
To know you're there.
It relieves stress,
To see you care.

I'm aching, I'm breaking,
I'm beyond going mad.
I'm hiding, I'm faking,
It's just too much to have had.

But I'm learning, and I'm healing,
I want to get better.
So I'm writing, I'm talking,
It all starts with a letter.