Chapter 1: My Foolish Friend

I wake up early on Sunday August fifth, my phone ringing like its never rung before at four-o-clock in the morning. Who the hell could that be... I think to myself picking up my cell that inevitably tells me its Sally, my tutor that's out in Madagascar for a mining job, I pick it up knowing the hours are different. She probably doesn't realize it's four in the morning here... I think answering it.

"Hello." I say into the phone, my voice still waking up. All I hear is white noise and what sounds like deep breathing.

"Phillip, please help me..." She says so quietly under the white noise.

"What's going on?" I ask sitting up.

"It's out, you have to to destroy them." she whispers, the white noise getting louder like the source of it was getting closer to the phone.

"What about you, are you okay?"

"The coordinates are-" She screams before she can finish, the white noise so loud I throw my cell away from my ear. The white noise continues to be so loud I can hear it from the foot of my bed. I can't help but to think what happened to her just now in that split second between her calm whispering voice to the deafening noise of a TV that can't find the right channel.

It must be some joke, I'll pick up the phone say hello really scared like and she'll laugh and say "got ya!" So I pick up the phone without letting the deafening fuzzing near my ear. I notice my hand is trembling from the shock of the loud noise, if only my body knew how to take a joke.

"Ha ha very funny Sally, you got me. Now turn off the white noise it's hurting my ears." I tell her, I wait a couple moments the white noise starting to fade away slowly. I let minutes pass, still no answer.

"Sally?" I say quietly hoping she'll startle me with a boo, still no answer as the white noise finally stops. She must have lost reception or dropped her phone, she is in a mine. I think to myself hanging up. No, she's gone, she's dead something got her. " have to destroy them." It flashes through my head, I have to go to Madagascar, I have to go destroy whoever them is.

What am I thinking I'm only a stupid kid, my parents would never let me go to Madagascar anyway. It's not like I can do anything anyways, I'll be of no help, why did she even call me? She called you for a reason, I have to go, I have money and my parents can worry all they want. To think I'm going to such lengths for my tutor. Well she is hot, was hot I guess.

I get up from bed, and get dressed in a black shirt and cargo shorts. I have money saved up, well it's for college, I think this is more important though. After I comb my dirty blond hair I look at the clock, its five in the morning; mom is still asleep and I can probably go to a ATM and buy a flight before she even knows I'm gone. It's not like I had much of a future anyway. I steal the car keys near the front door, I put a jacket on because its cold this morning. I go in the SUV and drive to the nearest ATM that I know of, which is in front of the Bank of America down the street. It will take a hour to get to the airport so I grab breakfast at Burger King.

I arrive at the airport at six thirty and buy my ticket to South Africa, apparently I have to take a boat from South Africa to Madagascar. I still have leftover cash so I buy a bag with snacks and a flashlight, you never know when you need a flashlight. My cell phone rings as I board the plane at seven, I pick it up.

"Hello?" I say into the phone.

"Phillip where are you!" My mom exclaims. What should I say? That I'm going to Madagascar to find out what killed Sally? Maybe I should lie... CHOOSE...

A. Tell her what happened to Sally and that your going to Madagascar.

B. Lie and tell her your hanging with some friends.