Chapter One

Yolanzaihareyha was sprawled out regally on the dark orange duvet. An elegant pose that demined respect without anything in return. She had learned the pose many years before, and never stopped using it.

Her platinum hair was coiled in loose rope down her back resting between her snow white wings. Her silver eyes watched emotionlessly as several thieves were put to death right in front of her.

Her snow pale skin showed her age only slightly. She appeared only to have lived 50 years. In truth she had lived for nearly 200 years.

As the bodies were dragged away, she closed her eyes and addressed her people in her low, calming voice.

"I shall be gone soon." Her words were received with an outcry of unhappiness. She slowly raised a hand, and there was silence.

"I will not have dissent in my court!" She stated opening her eyes to send a chill glare at the mass of coutiers before her.

"You will have a new ruler in a day or so. I have to go back there anyway. I will send someone who will do their best for all of you. This... May very well be the last time you see me."

They bowed they heads to her without a thought, for she had been their Queen for longer than they could remember. And she was a very good Queen at that.

"Now I will retire to my chambers. I will miss you all." She stood slowly, folded her wings and smiled at her people.

It was the fourth smile she had graced her people with in the last 40 years.

They reacted happily. Smiling back and calling, "Rest well, My Queen!"

She didn't reply, just turned and walked away, her guards following close behind her.

Not that she needed them. She was a good Queen and there had never been an attempt to remove her form her place.

Even if there had been. It wouldn't have worked. The Queen wasn't as easily dispached as her people. And only a mage could take the life from her body.

And once they did that, they would have to contain her soul to keep her from coming back. Because when she did, she would manifest with a new body.

A new face. A new figure. Nothing would stay the same about her. Not even her memories would remain.

That was her plan. She was old. Even for one of the Old. And she was tired. Oh so tired! It was amazing the effort it took to move. She had never kept a body for this long.

It was starting to unravel.

There were times when she would age 10 years in a matter of seconds. Or when she would suddenly forget something she had always known.

It was time to rest. To be sleep as long as she could. To rest for eternity.

She would attempt to die. Tonight.

0000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000

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