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Reese POV

I close my eyes as I tremble on the floor of the truck, too weak to move.

I have little control over my thoughts. They're jumbled and make almost no sense, and I can't tell if I'm delusional or just hungry.

Probably both.

I'm lying there for hours, too weak to move and too hungry to sleep.

Eventually, the hum of the engine and smooth movement lull me to sleep.

You know when you're so sick that you can't tell your dreams from reality?

That was happening to me.

My brother leans over me as I tremble on the floor of the truck. He's annoyingly handsome, with slightly curly dark hair falling just past his ears. I want to punch him or scream. But all I do is cry.

Then I'm leaning over him. He's strapped to a doctor's operation table, frozen with fear. Our eyes lock.

Help me, he whispers, but a doctor shoves me out of his way and now I'm falling through an endless white abyss.

The ground seems closer and closer. I crash, and I feel the pain blindingly hot searing through my body. I want to scream, I want to die, but I'm paralyzed and cannot move.

I close my eyes against the blinding white pain.

I try to open them, but...

My eyelids feel sticky.

Like somebody glued my eyelashes to my face.

Eternity passes.

Suddenly, the blinding white lights shoots it's way through my eyes.

I cry out in pain. Voices, thick and fuzzy, make their way to my ears.

"Oh my god! Do you see her?"

"How can we not see her?"

"Leave her. She's of no importance-" the rest of the sentence is drowned.

"-she's one of us?"

"It's unlikely. We're dying-"

"Take her in anyways."

Something roughly grabs my ankles.

I scream, terror suddenly clutching me.

My ankle is released.

"-too much trouble!"

"-you should try, Gl-"

A new, more gentle touch is dragging me now.

A whimper escapes me. In the back of my head, logic fights a hopeless against the terror that has overtaken my mind.

Soon I am let go, and the voices fade quickly, but my ears snatch a few useless phrases.

"-only a matter of days, perhaps hours-"

"-time is of the essence-"






I cry out a final time before the world goes from a blinding white to a comforting darkness.

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