It's been sitting there for years; my parents forbidding me from going near it. Watching me at all times; knowing that someday, I would open it. I was meant to. That someday did come. I never got to it in my childhood, but fifty-seven years after my birth, I did it. I simply pushed it open, expecting nothing. But what I got: a strong, ferocious gust of wind, along with a sudden burst of light. That's when I plummeted down to my short, sudden death.

100 years later…

The first time I noticed the window was when I was 7 years old. My parents weren't home, and my babysitter was asleep on the couch. I got bored, so I went "exploring", as I had called it. I found a half-open door leading to a flight of stairs that I had never seen before. I wandered up the stairs, only to find another door. I opened it just a crack, because I had a feeling I wasn't supposed to go in there. The only things I could see were a couple of boxes and a small, cracked window on the far back wall. I was about to go in and look at the window, where my curiosity wanted to take me, when my babysitter called for me. I haven't seen or even thought of the window since…until now.

I don't really know why, but last night I had a dream about a cracked window. I don't remember anything else. When I woke up this morning, I realized that it was the window I saw 11 years ago. I decided to quickly eat my breakfast, and as soon as my parents left for their 3 month cruise without me, (They were leaving me at home by myself. YES!) I went looking for the door to the staircase. At first I didn't see it, because someone or something had made it blend into the wall, but after going around in circles for half an hour, I finally saw the faint lines of an opening in the far right wall of the hallway near the kitchen. Half of it was concealed by a painting. I took the painting down, and tried to open the door. It was stuck. I pushed and I pulled, trying ever so harder to open it. Nothing worked. I looked around for, well, anything, really. I wanted to find some sort of way to open it. The only thing I saw was a hand print. It looked almost the same size as my hand, maybe a little bit bigger. I placed my hand on the print, trying to measure the difference out of plain curiosity. That's when it happened. The door flew open, and a staircase started coming down. The bottom was attached to the floor and the top was in the air above me. Very slowly, it came down. I climbed up, and opened the second door. By then I felt as if I were sort of in a trance, like my brain wasn't in control anymore. I robotically moved toward the window, opened it, and literally flew out.

Flying isn't like I expected it would be. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to fly, but when you have no experience whatsoever, it's going to be hard. At first I didn't know what was going on. Then I realized that I was floating in the sky. I started to flap my arms like crazy, but after a few minutes I got tired and realized that I didn't have to flap my arms. I just moved with the wind, except it didn't feel like wind, it felt more like a thousand small fingers holding me up and moving me. Beneath me, hundreds of blue trees and acres of purple grass swum past. There was the occasional rainbow hut, here and there, but so far there was no sign of human or animal life. No birds, no bugs, no butterflies, no people. Zip… Zero... Nada… Nothing. At that point, I was getting very tired for some reason. Slowly, I drifted off into a silent, dreamless sleep…in the sky.

You know, waking up inside some strange shack that you've never seen before, can be very frightening; especially when the first thing you see is a bald person with a shell-looking thing (like a snail), antennas, six arms, and three feet. It was purple and yellow, with tiny blue dots and color splotches all over. Personally, I thought it looked more like a painting than it did a person. I guess it sensed that I was awake or something because it immediately stood up and introduced itself. "Hey, name's Toro", he said in a rough, raspy voice. "And I do believe that your name is Miranda, and you are a relative of Mildred's, are you not? Hmmm…don't look much like her, do you? Guess not. Umm…why don't you come sit down here and have something to eat, then we will discuss what you have to do." Very confused and not knowing what else to do, I came forward and sat down by a small fire that either appeared out of nowhere, or my brain didn't see because it was fried. I was given a small bowl containing some mushy-looking stuff, almost like mashed oatmeal, along with a wooden spoon. Although I did not like it, I ate it anyway. Until now, I hadn't realized that I hadn't eaten in, what, like, twenty-four hours? And then I realized that I had no idea of what time it was, and no way to find out unless I asked Toro. "Hey, Toro? Do you know what time it is?" I asked. "It's time for you to finish your frith so we can go talk to Mr. Kriff, that's what time it is." He replied, also breaking into a rough coughing fit. 'Frith? Mr. Kriff? I hope that this food is not called frith, and I really wouldn't like to see anyone else right now', I thought to myself. "Oh, what you're eating is called frith, and I'm sorry to say this, but you must see many other people before it's too late." Toro said. Wait, what? I thought I said that in my head. Did I really say that out loud? Wow, how rude of me. "Sorry", I said. "I didn't mean to say that to you." He replied, "Oh, no, you didn't. I read your mind. Everyone here can do that. Who knows, maybe after spending a few years here, you might be able to master the art as well. Of course, some are better at it than others, and I am one of the best. You might be able to get good at it, but not as good as me." Well, then. I guess someone can get a little too vain, can he now? Hmph!

After finishing my "frith", Toro took me outside and we started walking to wherever we would meet this "Mr. Kriff" guy. Hmmm…he sounds like a bug. Along the way, Toro told me some things about, well, everything. "You'll be here for at least three years, but don't worry. It will only be one year in human terms", he started. "I can't tell you anything about your mission right now. You'll have to wait until we see Mr. Kriff. He's like a giant bug, almost. He looks a lot like a silverfish, except looks more like a Zichaarian than a silverfish does. Oh, right. I haven't told you much about us, have I? Well, we are called the Zichaarians, because we live in Zichaar. Most of our bodies are naturally colorful. But they only become colorful if you know how to read minds. Like Krink, over there. She has very little color because she's not that great at reading minds." He was pointing at a small old woman with short, gray hair. Some of her body was colored a dull gray-blue, but most of her was a plain gray. "Others, especially me", he continued. "Can read minds exceptionally well. That's why I am so colorful. In fact, just about 20 years ago, (in human terms) I won an award for 'Best Mind Reader'. But then Mildred came along and mastered the art better than me in just one week. I don't think that's fair! I mean, how can it be fair?" And then Toro just rambled off to himself on how it's not fair. Once I had gotten enough of, "Mildred gets this. Mildred gets that. I bet she cheated. I'm supposed to be the best. It's just not fair. Etc. Etc.", I finally asked him who Mildred was.

"Mildred? You don't know Mildred? Mildred is the most powerful person in Zichaar. She is a human, though. She came here about 20 years ago. I don't think you were born at that time, were you? No, you weren't. She was 57, and I do believe that you are 18. She's probably, like, 77 years old by now. She's a relative of yours, I can tell you that, but I don't know much else. She may be your grandmother, or your great-aunt, or some other relative of yours. You two don't look much alike. She has short, brown hair, a longer nose, more curved mouth, longer fingers, bigger hands, longer legs, etc. You have long, blond hair, a shorter, wider nose, a straighter mouth, (guess you don't smile much) shorter fingers, smaller hands, and shorter legs. The only thing that you two have in common is your eyes. Small and hazel, that's it. They're not even the same shape. Hers are more pointed on the outer ends. Yours just basically round off. Anyway, you'll get to see her. You'll be working with her when you're either trying to learn mind reading, or when you're on your mission. You will be moved into her home but will not see much of her, at night, as she has many things to do."

I started to ask about my "mission", but he cut me off, saying that Mr. Kriff's house was almost here, even though it took almost another half an hour. Once we got there, Mr. Kriff got right to the point. "So, you have things to do. How much do you know?" he asked. "Nothing", I replied. "Okay, then", he started. "We have a lot to talk about. If you have any questions while I am speaking, wait until I am done or else you'll be on your own, and trust me, you don't want to be on your own during this. Let's start from the beginning. Long ago, a relative of yours, named Matt or something, came here through a portal we created because we needed help. This portal was the window in your house. We did not tell anyone about it, because we needed someone with great intelligence and curiosity. Whoever found it would be full of those things. One day, Matt came, flying through the window and landed on the Spell Field, triggering something to cause him to look like one of us. Because of this, He could never go back to the human world. He helped us with what we needed, and saved Zichaar. A few years later, he thought he could do anything because he had already saved our whole world. He decided to build a time machine. Upon succeeding, he went back in time to change himself back into human form. On accident, he went back to where he was about to come out of the window, but he still didn't look like a human. He thought that he would change back in a few seconds, so he waited. But he waited too long, and his sister came upstairs to see what was going on. In the human world, if you see a Zichaarian, then you automatically get turned to stone. After seeing what had happened to his sister, he used some magic that he had learned to hide the window. Then, he flew out of the window again, into the Spell Field. This made him human again, but triggered something else, causing the cover on the window to disappear, and also causing the window to be there permanently, and the only way to get rid of it was through the time machine, which was now broken into tiny little pieces. End of story. Here is your task. You must find the broken pieces, rebuild it, go back in time, and tell Matt exactly what to do. If this task is not completed within four years of our time, then both the human world and Zichaar will be destroyed forever by the power of the portal. The only one who knows how to fix this is you, Miranda, and that is why we brought you here." The only thing that my brain could come up with to say at that point was, "How do you both know my name", and then I literally fainted.

I had a horrible dream just now. Some weird bug person told me that I have to go back in time and save earth and some place called Zichaar. It was terrifying! And those people could read my mind and knew my name and everything! Sheesh. I'm still shivering from that one. "Ah!" I yelped. Apparently I hadn't been dreaming, because right in front of me, was the guy from my dream named Toro. You know, six arms, three legs, shell, etc., etc. "Sorry for scarin' ya, but you gotta get goin'. You gotta big day ahead o' ya. Let's go." He said. Is it just me, or is he talking weirdly? And, um, did he always have a tail? I wonder if you can magically grow body parts here in Zichaar. For some reason, the thought made me shudder. It just sounds evil and wrong. Toro started walking out the door of, well, I don't really know. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Oh, you'll see. We're just going meet someone." Now he started talking normal, but his voice is different. Not knowing what else to do, I followed him. As soon as we walked out of the door, Toro turned into Mr. Kriff, and the real Toro (I'm hoping he was real) appeared literally out of nowhere. I gave a small shout of surprise. Then I got a very stern talking-to from Mr. Kriff. "I thought you were smart enough to know that if you think that something is wrong, you should never go with it. You noticed that my voice kept changing, and yet you still followed me out! I even had an extra tail! Seriously! If you don't want to be changed into some kind of blob, I would suggest that you become more responsible, or else you will kill all of us! Do you still not understand that the portal was only meant to be there for a short amount of time, and that it will explode, causing all of the force used in creating it to spread out and destroy the universe? If you fail, we all die!" he said. 'Sheesh', I thought to myself. 'I guess someone isn't very optimistic.' And that's when I remembered that they can read minds. "Being optimistic isn't going to show us where the pieces of the time machine are, now is it", he retorted. I made a mental note to outsmart him sometime later. "Not possible", he said simply. I'm starting to hate mind readers. "Get used to them", he said. Ugh! "Don't make faces", he told me. Grrr. "Don't make mental noises either", he said. Is he going to do this the whole time? "Yes", he replied, even though I didn't ask him anything! "Too bad", he said. Hmph! That's not very nice! "Is too, I can say whatever I want", he told me. I've got to learn how to keep my thoughts private. "Yes, you do", he said. Why does he keep doing that? "Because I can", he told me. Why am I still thinking? "Because you're dumb", he said. How rude! ...No comment…still nothing…maybe my "how rude" thought made him stop! Yay! "No it didn't, I was just thinking about something else", he said suddenly. Oh no…please help…*whimper* *whimper*…

Gee, thanks to your doing nothing, I had to listen to him talk back to my thoughts the whole time we were walking to wherever! How am I not supposed to think? Anyway, we went to go see Mildred, my apparent "relative". Her cabin is much nicer than Toro's and Mr. Kriff's cabins combined. It is well furnished and greatly and neatly decorated. The outside paint isn't chipping like it is on the other cabins. It is painted a lighter shade of beige than the others, too. Near the top of her cabin, she had the letters "M.K." painted on in red. If she was my relative, then I'm guessing that the "M" stood for "Mildred", and the "K" stood for "Kratsoff", which is my last name. Hmmm…Mildred Kratsoff…Miranda Kratsoff…we have the same initials. My mother doesn't, though. Her name is Angelina Kratsoff. But, wait a second, that guy named Matt probably had the same initials! Is this some kind of coincidence, or does it mean something? I made a mental note to ask someone later.

As soon as Mildred opened the door, Mr. Kriff got straight to the point. I guess that's just the kind of man that he is. "This is Miranda. I do believe that she is your granddaughter, but I'm not sure if you have met each other before. Miranda, this is Mildred." He started to say. "Now, on to business. As you know, we tried to fix this many years ago, but Michael and Melanie failed. However, we now know more about the situation and I am confident that we will accomplish the task this time. If not, then so be it. We all die." He finished. 'Hmmm...I guess this guy just doesn't know how to be optimistic. I'll have to work on him.' I thought to myself, hoping that no one was listening. But apparently, Mildred was. "It's not possible. He's always going to be a grumpy old hermit", I heard her say. I couldn't believe my ears. I wondered what Mr. Kriff would have to say to that. I looked at him, then at Toro. Neither of them said anything or looked offended or astonished. Maybe mind readers can say things to you in their heads. That's so cool! I looked at Mildred and saw her try to stifle a laugh. I know I'm going to like her. I made three more mental notes: one, about trying to make Mr. Kriff more pleasant to be around, two, to ask about all of the "M's", because I just heard two more names that start with "M" and I am positive that there is some reason for it, and three, make sure I ask someone (preferably Mildred) to tell me more about this mind reading stuff. Before I could finish my last train of thought, Mr. Kriff started talking again. "You both will start your hunt tomorrow morning. Toro will have bags of food and plenty of water for you ready in the morning. You will get three princess-perfect horses. One for each of you to ride, and the other will be there to carry your clothing, food, water, and anything else that you might need. Good day and Good night." He said. Then he left, slamming the door behind him. Before I had time to wonder how anyone can have a good day and a good night at the same time, Toro started apologizing for Mr. Kriff. "Kriff's had a bad day. Please excuse him. I'll see you two in the morning. Good night", he said politely. And then he left me alone with my apparent grandmother.

"Hey, um, Ms. Mildred? What exactly is either of them talking about? I mean, Mr. Kriff explained some things to me, but I still don't get it." I asked. (I called her Ms. Mildred because I felt uncomfortable calling her my grandma. "Well first of all", she started. "Call me Mil. Everyone does. Second of all, ah, I see you've gotten a Kriff Explanation. Those are always cliff-hangers, meaning they leave you wanting to know more, yet still knowing almost nothing. Here, get into these clothes and we'll talk." She said, handing me a pair of soft cotton pajamas with little pink polka dots on them. After putting on the pajamas and brushing my teeth with a makeshift toothbrush made from wood, and toothpaste that was made by some lunatic who lives in the woods, we both sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace.

"I know that you have several questions, Miranda, but right now we don't have much time", she started. "As I'm assuming that you have heard, in just a few years Earth and the rest of the universe, including Zichaar, will be destroyed if we don't fix this problem right now. The portal was only meant to be there so we can bring one human down here to save Zichaar. Because of the accident that you heard about, the portal became permanent. Once is explodes, as it will if we don't stop it from doing so, then all of the power put into the portal will emanate from it and cause everything to disappear. You see, to create a portal, you need an immense amount of power, and at the time, there were enough powerful people who were willing to use the last of their power for the cause. They used every last bit of what they had, which, as you can imagine, was an extraordinary amount, to save Zichaar. Once free, every ounce of this power will join together to destroy everything-literally everything. Magic has a life of its own. What we have to do is rebuild the time machine and go back in time to find Matt. We cannot build another one in case the solution to stopping the portal from exploding is to use the time machine. Then we will need the same one as used before, which will require us to go back and find the pieces. If we go straight to finding the pieces and rebuilding it, then we might save some time, which is something we don't have a lot of. It's all very difficult to explain. We were hoping that you would find the window two years ago, but you didn't, so we waited for another two years. Then we sent you a dream-and yes, we can do that-so that you would remember the window that you saw when you were seven years old. It was the perfect time to do so, because your parents were going away for three months so they won't worry about you. However, you probably will have to stay here for much longer, unless you would be able to come back at some other time, later in the year. We'll figure something out. I really shouldn't be talking about that right now. I don't want to make you worry. Anyway, I have to go do some, well, business things. Don't worry, I'll answer your questions soon enough. Now go get some sleep in the bed on the far back wall of the bedroom. You have a big day ahead of you", she said.

The minute I woke up I knew that something was wrong. Mildred (I still can't get used to calling her "Mil") was frantically calling people on a weird, cell phone-type thing, except it resemble a bug. Big shock. Anyway, when she was done with one of her phone calls, I asked her what was going on. The only thing that she could tell me was that Mr. Kriff was missing. 'Hey! I thought I was going to be the one who would fix him! Now I have two people to fix: Mr. Kriff, and the person who stole my job! Hmph!' I thought to myself. Suddenly, Toro came bursting through the door, shouting things in a language that I did not understand at all. I don't even know what the language is called, and I know several languages! Seriously, there's so many that I don't even have time to tell you them all, because as I have been informed, I have to save the universe in about…hmmm…no, not yet…still not time…right about…now.

What I learned later from Mildred was that Toro was saying that he thinks that we should just leave right away, so that we can look for Mr. Kriff along the way. Why, I don't know. It's not like he was helping anyone by being so pessimistic. Kidding. I want to see him as much as Toro does, because I need to give him and his "thief" a piece of my mind, as I stated before. Anyway, Mildred and I left on our "princess-perfect" horses, which were not "princess-perfect" at all. They were completely covered in what I hoped was only mud, and they got tired and lazy every five minutes. After an hour of riding, (more like waiting) Mildred and I were smart enough to leave all of the horses except for the one that was carrying our stuff. For some reason, that one was extremely clean and seemed as though it wanted to look formal every moment of the day. It had a very interesting personality; sometimes it would just go straight ahead of us, without looking back, and we would have had to run to catch up with it, or sometimes it would was as slow as a snail, not letting us walk very fast or get very far. If we did try to go ahead of it, it made weird noises deep in its throat, as if to say, "I'm the boss, you stay by me". It reminded me a lot of Mr. Kriff.

We found the first piece of the time machine not too far away from Mildred's home. We had only been walking for about three hours, and we were starting to get tired of walking. We sat down in front of what we thought was a blue bush, (something that I still have to ask about). I started picking at blades of purple grass, (another thing to ask about) when suddenly the bush made a whirring noise. At first I thought that it was only the bush itself, because I'd learned that there are several weird things happening here, but Mildred gave a small shout of surprise instantly. "That's a piece of the time machine, and it's the most important one! I guess we started backwards. Hey, look! There's Fitch, the elf!" yelled Mildred. Then I blew my top off. I didn't even know where to begin. I mean, everyone is always throwing random things at me, but this? Apparently I'm in a strange place called Zichaar, with magical things everywhere, then I find out that I have to go do something for someone for some reason, and now there's another guy named Fitch who is apparently an elf, and we find a piece of an actual time machine! Seriously! Is this a joke? After repeatedly asking who Fitch was, Mildred finally told me that we found the most important and hardest to find piece of the time machine, which should've been the last part that we found. When the time machine was blown to bits, there was an elf nearby who got stuck with the last part. If someone frees the elf from his "imprisonment", then the elf will do any favor of any sort for that person. However, she secretly told me that the elf will do any two favors if you compliment him enough so that he is satisfied. I doubt that we can come up with enough compliments, though. (No offense to the elf, of course.) I mean, he's not the most handsome elf on the block. He looks just like one of Santa's elves, (and yes, they're real) except for the fact that he's more wrinkly, he has a head as big as a watermelon, and the rest of his body is as thin as the bar handle on a stroller, and as small as half the size of my leg, making him look like a bigger version of a "Santa's Little Elves" bobble head. (Not that I would know what they would look like. I mean, it's not like I have 75 of them or anything.) Anyway, we were going to ask the elf to rebuild the time machine, or find the rest of the pieces of the time machine for us, possibly both.

We both talked for a while and came up with 33 compliments. We walked up to him and I simply said, "You are nice, caring, smart, funny, brave, outgoing, friendly, pleasant, confident, handsome, cheerful, intelligent, gracious, kind, honest, trustworthy, helpful, creative, musical, generous, grateful, entertaining, loving, joyful, radiant, brilliant, determined, responsible, wise, compassionate, talented, honest, and respectable." Phew! After that I had to take a 5 minute breather, literally! It's a chocolate bar that Mildred gave me after I said all that. It's supposed to help me catch my breath. It tasted like a Twix. Delicious! Anyway, for the first time, the elf spoke. He had just been staring at us ever since he popped out. He said, "Tank ya, young laddie! How may I be of service?" Mildred told me that elves like to twist things around so that they do exactly what you don't want them to do. I chose my words carefully. "I need you to find the real pieces of the time machine that was made by Matt….Matt…..Matt…" I didn't know his last name. I guessed and said, "Matt Kratsoff. Then , I need you to use those exact pieces to rebuild the time machine the same way that Matt Kratsoff did so that it works just the same, no different." I knew I phrased it well because the elf gave me an evil look (because he couldn't find a way to change my words) and Mildred gave me a thumbs-up. But for some reason, my mouth all of a sudden tasted like copper. Weird. Anyway, the elf immediately left and came back in literally 15 minutes with a bag full of "bushes" that looked exactly like the first one. I had no idea how he would be able to put the pieces together, but he moved as fast as one of those sped up scenes in a movie. He knew where every one of those pieces went. In 5 minutes, he was done. He stalked off, muttering to himself about how he wasn't able to change my words. The time machine looked like a giant, fluffy, blue potato. The inside had a screen with only four words on it: on, off, when, and where. It had a strange pen that was meant for writing on the screen to tell it where to go. Mildred typed in a year and a place that I couldn't see because it disappeared immediately. Off we went, in the fluffy potato-like time machine, to save the world.

Once it stopped, we stepped out to find Matt just coming out of the window. We walked up to him. Mildred immediately started talking. "Matt. You have now entered the world of Zichaar. You don't know me, but I know you. We are from the future, here to tell you that the world will end because of something you did. We need you to fix it. Come back to the future with us and save the world. You probably don't believe me bu-"Matt interrupted her by saying, "I believe you. Some guy with the head of a man and the body of a horse came by and said the same thing. He gave me this and left. What do I have to do?" He was showing her some small pin-type thing with words on it that I couldn't see. Mildred only said, "It's called a centaur, and come with us." We went back to the time machine, with Matt looking at it like it was an elephant wearing a rainbow-colored tutu doing the Cha-cha Slide with a chicken wearing a swimsuit or something. We stepped into the time machine and went back to the place where we saw the elf. There, Mildred told Matt everything. She also told him to go back on his own, to the Spell Field, and figure out what went wrong, and fix it. As soon as he left, a half horse-half man person-type thing came up to us. "Hello, Miranda", he started to say to me. "I know we had a rough start, but I'd like to get to know you better. You see, I'm Mr. Kriff. When I'm in my Zichaarian form, I act very strange and grumpy, so I am sorry for that. I act the same way when I am in my full horse form, so sorry about the backwards and forwards thing on the way. Before I can really explain everything to you, I want to say something really quick. My thief is myself, so trust me; you don't have to fix 2 people. Just one. Or is it three? Hmmm…I guess not, since I'm not completely Zichaarian in my other two forms, am I? It's a bit confusing, but anyway, Mildred and Toro went along with my act of being kidnapped because they knew that you wouldn't understand until you'd had a taste of magic yourself, literally. That was the copper taste in your mouth. The elf was so angry that he let out some magic, which came to you. You may be noticing some more changes soon. Also, I came along with you guys as a horse so that I could still communicate with Mildred. I needed to find out more about your nex-" He looked at Mildred and immediately stopped talking. I'm guessing that they were speaking in each other's minds or something. "Next what?" I asked. All he said was, "Nothing." Before I could say anything else, the time machine reappeared, and Matt walked out, looking all sad and gloomy.

Full report: Matt failed. He couldn't fix the window. Neither could a giant bear-like thing that he met along the way. We were all hanging our heads and thinking, when I suddenly had the urge to say something. I couldn't help it. I just said it.

"Kif jat kor jep,

ligads kas wug,

mas koi di lep

kofot edks moi zug"

I look around and see that both Mildred and Mr. Kriff were just staring at me, mouths open, eyes bugging out. Matt looked a little confused, too, like he had heard that somewhere but couldn't figure out where. I started to get uncomfortable. Shifting from foot to foot, I asked what was going on. The only person who spoke was Mildred. "You just said an ancient magic spell that hasn't been used in over four thousand years. No one knows it. You fixed the window with that spell. You seriously are the one." I was very confused. We sent Matt back, and used the time machine to go back to Mildred's hut. No one answered any of my questions on the way back. Mr. Kriff galloped away, leaving Mildred and me alone. Finally, she answered all of my questions.

She said, "Okay, here we go. First of all, you helped us by making the window only temporary again, so thank you for that. Second of all, I need to tell you about what you just said. Long ago, an old spellmaster came up with those words that you said. It is supposed to fix any problem, no matter how hard. All you have to do is know the right words and think about the problem that needs to be fixed. However, until now, we thought that it was only a legend, because no one has ever known the actual spell. For some reason, you do, and that makes the prophecy true. I can't tell you anything about the prophecy right now, but in time, you will know. That is all that I can tell you. You must leave tomorrow, but trust me, you'll be back. Promise me that you will. You must. The fate of the world still lies in your hands. Promise?" Not knowing what else to say, I promised. The next day, I went back home. Little did I know what I had gotten myself into by saying those two small words, "I promise".