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Summary: Back in ancient times, there existed gods that were large enough to shake the earth beneath them and dominate the skies. Each god possessed their own power but eventually, the gods mysteriously disappeared. Now, the gods are reappearing under the command of people! At the same time, forces unknown are lurking within the dark and attacking people and threatening life as we know it. The Miarenel, those who command the ancient gods, now must fight to defend their people and their planet from being taken over by demons and even gods who have become evil from the dreaded miasma infecting the air.

Sound interesting to you all? Alright! Make sure you read this chapter so you can get a good view on Rein and Ven's personality. I know it's long but I did try and keep it interesting. Pay no mind to Rein's words, some of them were purposely miss spelled so you know how she said them. Location of the form and rules for the SYOC will be told after the chapter :)

Warning: This story is borderline M rated due to cursing, violence and eventually blood and possibly gore.

Quietly, a brown haired girl stepped into her classroom after shutting the door behind her. She walked over to her desk beside the window of her classroom and placed her bag down beside her. A sigh escaped her lips as she glanced around to her fellow classmates. They were noisily chatting and thankfully paid no mind to the brunette. Some sat on top of their desks with other kids crowded around them, some sat in their own seats looking off into the distance with a blank or bored expression and some slept on their seats. The girl didn't blame them, it was still early in the day and it was still homeroom at that. Most of the kids managed not to be tired in the morning, but there were some that would just rather sleep the day off. Like a certain someone she knew whom hated school.

Sighing once more, the brown haired girl pushed some of her bangs behind her ear. They usually annoyed her for they had gotten rather long, to the point where it reached her jaw. If her parents weren't rich and constantly busy, she would have asked them to take her to a barber and have her hair cut, or at least her bangs trimmed. Her hair was rather long, reaching to her mid-back. Usually she kept her hair braided like it was today. It made it easier for her hair not to get in the way. Her milk chocolate brown eyes turned to look out the window beside her. Leaning her cheek against her pale hand, she smiled, noting how nice the weather was today. It was sunny with few clouds in the sky. A nice change due to the weather being rainy and mostly cloudy the entire week.

"Alright, everyone! In your seats! I'm starting attendance!" Almost instantly, all of the kids quickly ran over to their own seats, effectively breaking up their loud conversations. The homeroom teacher walked further into the room after making his entrance and set the papers he was carrying down onto his desk placed at the front of the classroom. Unintentionally paying no mind to the teacher, the brunette let her mind stray off in a drowsy haze. She was beginning to feel sleepy again. A usual occurance and it could only mean that she wouldn't be awake for homeroom much longer.

"Veniza Hijiri!" The brunette let out a relieved sigh when her name was called, thankful she had managed to stay awake throughout most of the names. She was nearly nodding off when it was called and not even noticing that he hadn't called her by her nickname. Sometimes he did and sometimes he didn't. She no longer cared, even when he mispronounced her name as everyone usually did.

"Here." She said sleepily, only slightly raising her hand in the air. Thankfully it was enough for the teacher to notice her presence and continued on with the attendance. The other names fell deaf on her ears. Before she knew it, she was nodding off in her seat and her eyes were closing. She heard nothing for the rest of the homeroom and first period as she fell into a deep sleep.

The brunette's eyes snapped open at the sound of a bell. Instantly, everyone reached for their bags and rushed out of the classroom and to their next class. Sighing, Ven grabbed her bag, slinging it over her shoulder and walked out of the classroom.

"Hey look! Yukimura actually decided to show up today!" The name instantly caught Ven's attention, making her stop in her tracks in the middle of the hallway as kids crowded around the windows. Walking to the far end of the window and standing in an empty stop, she smiled slightly, seeing her best friend jump over the school gate which closed when the late bell rang. Of course she failed miserably, falling on her face in the process but quickly getting up like nothing ever happened, making the kids in the hallway whom were watching laugh loudly.

Reinforce Yukimura, or Rein for short. Veniza's best and only friend. She was extremely well known throughout the school and the town as the neighborhood delinquent. Rein was usually always with Ven, so much in fact they were known as the 'Dynamic Duo.' Usually Rein constantly skipped school, she must of been extremely bored this morning to actually come. Instead she always stopped by at the end of the day to walk Ven home. For this reason, all of the teachers hate Rein with a passion and Rein just as easily returned the hatred. Smiling, Ven wandered away from the large amused crowd that nearly completely blocked the window now and made her way to the school entrance. This happened every time Rein decided to come to school, like it was some sort of event. It was a wonder how Rein didn't care.

"Hi, Rein." Ven smiled as her best friend ran up to her quickly and giving a laugh. Rein wrapped her arms around Ven, almost catching her by surprise.

"Hey sexy! How's it goin'?" She laughed again as she let go of the brunette.

Ven smiled, "fine." She said. "What brings you here?"

Rein gave her trademark toothy grin, her red eyes flashing in amusement. "I was bored!" Ven smiled nervously. Of course. The number one excuse Rein always gave. Before Rein could say anymore, a teacher skidded to a stop at the top of the staircase leading to the second floor, his cheeks red and his breathing ragged and hoarse. His expression showed nothing but anger.

"Yu... Ki... MURA!" He panted in the beginning, then shouted. Rein laughed nervously as Ven's eyes widened.

"Fuck. See ya at lunch, Ven!" Rein said quickly before dashing down a hallway but not before sticking her tongue out rudely at the teacher.

"GET BACK HERE!" The teacher shouted, running down the staircase and after Rein leaving Ven smiling nervously. Poor Rein. If she got caught, she hoped she wouldn't be scolded too bad. Surely Rein had to be used to it by now. It was a common occurance when Rein showed up. Sighing, Ven went to second period class, hoping at this point she wouldn't be late. Periods two, three, four and five went be quickly due to sleeping through every one of them. Now it was time for lunch and at that point, Ven wondered if Rein even bothered staying for the whole day.

Ven yawned, glancing around at the empty seats beside her. Being friends with Rein, no one wanted anything to do with Ven no matter how amused people were by Rein's antics so of course no one else sat with her at lunch. Ven didn't mind. She saw how kind Rein could be though no one else could. Some people just didn't bother looking past her impulsive, hyper and danger loving nature.

"Have I ever told you how much I hate the teachers here?" Ven's head snapped up, hearing Rein's voice as she sat down at her table and almost instantly allowed her head to drop onto it's blue surface. Ven smiled.

"All the time." She replied, giving a small laugh at Rein whose face was blocked by the desk due to her forehead being planted on it. Rein tilted her head up, placing her chin on the desk instead.

"What's for lunch today?" She asked, now sitting up straight as she crossed her arms behind her head, pushed her chair back slightly and crossed her feet on the table.

"Not sure." Ven said shrugging. Whatever it was, it probably wasn't good. School lunch was never the best tasting stuff in the world. Some of it wasn't even edible. One time a kid found a glove in his hamburger.

"Fucking school and it's lack of money!" Here we go. "I sware, this place is poor as fuck! You'd think they'd at least give food that won't make you sick for a week!" Rein paused her ranting for a moment and giving a smile. "Hey! That's a good idea!" Ven's eyes widened.

"What are you doing to do...?"

Rein gave her toothy grin again. One that could only mean she was planning something and when Rein planned something, you can guarantee it would get her in trouble. Climbing onto her chair, Rein hopped up onto the table and cupped her hands around her mouth.

"FOOD FIGHT!" Rein shouted with a grin. Ven's eyes widened. Almost instantly, the students let out shouts of excitement and starting flinging their food at each other. Rein laughed triumphantly, watching food fly across the cafeteria and the panicked expressions form on the teacher's faces.

At that moment, Rein hoped down from the desk and lightly grabbed Ven's wrist, pulling her behind the desk.

Rein laughed again. "Le table flip~!" She sang as she flipped the table onto it's side, creating cover for the both of them. Ven only smiled and shook her head, wondering why the students even listened to her and starting the food fight. Rein grabbed Ven's wrist again almost as quickly as when she let go.

"Common! Let's go get some ammo!" Ven's eyes widened again as Rein forcefully dragged her over into the kitchen, both of them bent low to the ground so they didn't get hit by food. Once in the kitchen, Rein stood up briefly before reaching over the counters and grabbing hamburgers before ducking down again and grinning.

"You ready?" Ven blinked in confusion. "Les do this!" With that, Rein quickly stood up, her arms full of burgers. "Leerooooooooy Jeeeenkkiiiiiins!" She shouted excitedly, running back out into the cafeteria. Ven's eyes widened before she slapped her forehead. They would definitely be getting detention for this one. With that thought in mind, Ven quickly ran after her best friend.

"Pew! Pew! Pew! Dodge ball turn off!" She shouted, throwing her hamburgers at other students as she ran around the cafeteria, Ven hot on her tail. Seeing other kids with more food to throw than her behind their table fortresses, Rein tossed her remaining hamburgers in the air.


"Common!" Ven said, grabbing her wrist and quickly leading out of the cafeteria before they got hit by food. Rein and Ven quickly ran out the doors of the cafeteria, taking shelter behind the doors as they closed simultaneously. Rein laughed as the two exchanged high fives.

"Fuck yeah!" Rein laughed again making Ven giggle. Before they could celebrate anymore, someone clearing their throat caught the two's attention. Rein froze and turned more slowly than Ven. There behind them, stood the principle of the school. And damn did he hate Rein.

"Well, fuck."

"Dammit Yukimura, I tolerate a lot of things you do but not start an all out war in the cafeteria!" The principal shouted, she and Ven now standing in his office. Ven lowered her head slightly in shame while Rein merely stood there in a bored manner, digging her pinky finger into her ear showing she wasn't listening and wasn't planning on to. Next, the principal looked to Ven.

"And Hijiri. I expected more from you. To allow Rein into doing such a stupid thing instead of trying to stop her... Is she that much of a bad influence?" Ven flinched as Rein stepped up and angrily slamming her palms onto the principal's desk, making him jump up slightly and his eyes widen.

"Hey! You leave her out of this! It was my idea! And I may be a bad influence, sure, but damn am I fun!" Ven smiled nervously. "It is not her damn fault so if you dare go blaming her i'll smack you across the face with that very chair you're sitting on!" Rein growled. The principal's eyes widened more as Rein removed her palms from the desk and walked back over to Ven and took her wrist before walking over to the door.

"Fuck you, fuck your teachers and fuck this school!" She said, flipping the finger to the principle and letting go of Ven's wrist and used her now free hand to open the door.

"We're leaving!" Rein shouted before taking Ven's wrist once more and guiding her out the door, making sure to slam it behind her.

"GOD that old man is a bitch! Does he even know what the hell 'fun' means?" Rein growled, she and the brunette now walking along the sidewalk leading to Ven's home. Ven gave a small smile.

"I'm sorry." She muttered, not knowing what else to say.

Rein held up her palm. "Uh-uh! You have nothing to apologize for! Remember? It was my idea. And I regret nothing!" She laughed loudly towards the end. Ven smiled again.

"Well, here we are." Ven said as the two stopped in front of her home. Though she was rich, her parents wanted a normal sized home in order to fit around the neighborhood. At least it was cozy, a mansion sized house would be difficult to get around in. Rein nodded.

"Sorry I can't stay. I barely have any food left, gotta go pick pocket some money and get some groceries." Rein laughed nervously, scratching the back of her head.

The brunette frowned, "I could lend you money, you know. You could seriously get hurt doing that." She said. Rein shrugged and gave a grin. "Ah, i'll be fine! Don't worry!" Rein spun on her heel before slowly running down the sidewalk and waved back to Ven.

"See ya, Ven! Maybe i'll stop by tonight!" With that, Rein disappeared down the block and out of sight. Ven sighed, hoping that another day would go by without Rein getting hurt. Taking out her keys from her pocket, Ven went inside her quiet home knowing her parents again probably wouldn't come home tonight.

Several hours later, Rein groaned as she stepped inside her home, taking off her shoes and closing the door behind her. Sighing, she walked further into her home and fell onto her couch. She barely got any money today and now she was exhausted. Pick pocketing could take a lot out of a person. Turning over so she laid on her back, Rein placed her wrist onto her forehead covered by her black bangs that were the same color as her long hair reaching down to her mid-back. Instead of tying it up, Rein usually kept the end of her hair tied in a red bow. It made it easier and didn't get in the way as much.

"So tired..." Rein muttered to herself, closing her eyes and removing her wrist from her forehead. Her stomach growled from not having anything to eat, but at this point, the red eyed girl didn't care. She was too tired.

"Just for a little while..." She muttered. Tomorrow was Saturday and she would have to go out and pick pocket more. It was a usual thing she did on weekends. Sighing, Rein kept her eyes closed and fell into a deep sleep in no time.

Rein felt her eyes flutter open, only to be greeted by darkness. Her eyes widened as she looked from side to side. Nothing. Everything was dark. She could barely see two feet in front of her and everything in front of her looked like just some void space. She didn't even know if she was standing on a floor.

"Where am I?" She tried to mutter, but found she couldn't speak. Her eyes widened again as she unconsciously covered her mouth. Why could she speak? Narrowing her eyes to herself, she sighed. A dream maybe? No, it had to be. She didn't remember waking up. It was the only reason she could think of why she couldn't speak. Hearing an odd sound almost like the faint cry of a whale, Rein looked ahead of her. Her eyes widened at the giant creature that now stood in front of her.

The creature almost seemed like a dragon. It had tan colored fur rather than scales and four eyes on each side of it's head with furry, animal like ears and furry nostrils with long, long whiskers beside them. The creature's pupils were cat-like and thick like it was tranquil. It's neck was long and thick and along the length of it's belly was yellow plates like almost seemed to act like armor. Like a traditional chinese or japanese dragon, it's body was very long but it had no legs but instead four arms equipped with long gray claws. It's wings were large and gray and on each wing it had three vertical slits and appeared to be closed eye lids. There was a closed horizontal slit on the base of it's belly in the middle of the yellow almost armor-like plates. Even on each of it's hand was one closed horizontal slit like they were closed eyes of some sort. Not to mention it's tail which was rather off for a dragon. At the end of it's tail, it separated into six thin individual tail. At the each of them it became like a flat circle and a slit was in the middle of each of them, vertical just like the rest of the closed slits all over it's body. Going along the top of it's body were large red plates that pointed back and ran along the length of it's body up until the tail.

Feeling a spark of fear, Rein tried to step back from the creature as it lowered it's head towards her, but found she could no longer move. What the hell was going on? The creature let out another small cry that again sounded like a whale as it slowly reached it's whiskers out towards Rein. Being forced to ignore her speeding heart rate, Rein could only allow it's whiskers to wrap around her body, around her bare legs, around her torso, around her arms. Only then did Rein realize that her clothes were gone. Her short red tank top that showed a bit of her stomach, her black shorts, gloves, boots; gone.

Alright... Who the HELL took off my clothes?

The creature slowly opened it's mouth, barely revealing it's large sharp teeth as it's tongue slithered out. Rein shut her eyes and flinched, feeling it's tongue slide across her bare body. Even it's tongue was odd. It was large and pink of course, but the end of it's tongue separated into two parts, like a snake. That thing better be thankful that she didn't get grossed out easily. Two things happened at once: Rein felt a burning sensation on the right leg of her inner thigh and the creature's eyes began to glow. Abruptly, all feelings of Rein's panic began to disappear, almost like it evaporated. Feeling drowsy all of the sudden, Rein shut her eyes as she was pressed up against the furry muzzle of the giant creature. Even it's fur felt real. Rein allowed herself to take in it's velvety, soft texture as she ran her fingers through it's fur. Well, there went all her thoughts of it trying to eat her.

Letting out another cry, this time sounding more like a beast, the creature's body glowed and then disappeared in a large light. Anklets and bracelets appeared on Rein's wrists and ankles and another bright light filled Rein's vision. And then nothing.

Rein awoke with a gasp as she quickly sat up. Instantly, she felt her body and gave a sigh of relief. She was still wearing her clothes. Allowing herself to breathe, Rein looked over her couch to the window. The sun was up and it was morning. Sighing again, Rein swung her legs off the couch and stood up. Musing over the dream she just had, she stared off into a random spot of her living room. That dream felt real. Too real. Running her fingers through her jet black hair, she sighed again. There was no use getting all worked up about it. There was more important things to worry about, like money. Glancing out her window once more, Rein grabbed her keys and ran out of the house.

The sound of her boots hitting the pavement came to a stop as she glanced around town, looking for her first target. She figured she would have to look for someone wealthy looking. They always had the most cash on them. Rein groaned, no one today looked like they had any cash on them. Then again, no one really did. As far as she knew, Ven's parents were really the only wealthy people in town. Before she could sigh, someone caught her attention. Looking ahead of her, Rein smirked. A man dressed in fancy clothing had just turned a corner, down the less crowded part of town. Giving a small relieved laugh, Rein quickly followed after the man.

Rein's chase led her down the non busy part of town like she guessed. The pathway he took was really one of the only ways to get there. Seeing him turn down an alley, Rein raised an eyebrow and cautiously followed after him. Peeking down into the alley, her eyes widened, seeing the man no longer there.

"The hell...?" Rein muttered, slowly walking into the alley and looking in all directions. He was gone.

"Weird..." Deciding to shrug it off, Rein turned around to go back and out of the alley, only for her to bump into something. Staggering back, Rein glanced at the weird green object that almost looked like the large leg of a bug before looking up. Rein's eyes widened.

"Oh... Hello." She muttered, giving a nervous smile as she backed up. In front of her stood a large bug-like man. It almost seemed like a spider to her with large fangs and a white and black body with eight green legs all around it. Giving a hiss and a smirk, the weird bug thing walked closer to Rein, making her back up even more until she found she could back up no more, her back coming in contact with a large web behind her.

"Poor little human. At least you'll make wonderful food for my babies." The creature cackled and Rein's eyes widened again. She might not survive this, but she might as well have fun doing it. She stepped up, waving her arms around.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, so you're not a boy? Damn. And here I was thinking you were attractive. Well, as a human anyway. You know, you'd be less ugly and maybe you'd get laid as a human 'cause you really look like you need too." Rein raised her hands in defense. "Just saying."

The spider creature narrowed it's eyes. "You're not very bright, are you?" Rein gave a nervous laugh.

"I get that a lot." The creature growled.

"No matter, hope your ready to die, human!" The spider screeched as it lowered it's body, it's fangs armed and ready. Rein flinched and shut her eyes tightly. Sorry, Ven...!

Rein felt no pain and instead, her head felt sort of light. Actually, really light but she didn't feel sick. Her body felt slow and barely reacting to anything. What the hell was going on now? First the dream, now this.


Rein's eyes would have widened if she could have opened them. A voice?

My name... Call it.

'What? Who are you?'

I'll protect you... Call my name. It's voice was faint, but it was definitely there. The haziness in Rein's mind was beginning to disappear and her body felt like it could move again. Rein's eyes opened, then widened just as the spider launched it's fangs at her. Rein bit back a scream and flinched. To hell with this.

"AKUSENMI!" Rein screamed and instantly, the creature halted it's movements and it's eyes widened. Feeling a presence behind her, Rein turned as well. The ground behind her brightened with a large bright light. Hearing a familiar, whale-like sound, a creature emerged from the light and revealed the same creature she saw from her dream. Rein gasped as the two buildings on either side of them collapsed as they were pushed aside from Akusenmi's size. He had to be at least the size of Godzilla from all those movies Rein saw. She was always a fan of Godzilla, but she never imagined meeting a creature face to face his size.

Before she knew it, Rein let out a short shout as she was picked up in his large clawed hands. Rein's eyes widened as she looked down at the floor, the ground where she stood was now covered in bricks. She laughed nervously. It saved her. Once more, Rein's eyes widened, seeing the spider thing was no where to be seen. Finally, she spotted it standing on top the rubble to their side. Turning her head to look over her shoulder, Rein's red eyes met Akusenmi's multiple ones and Akusenmi opened up his palm so that Rein sat comfortably in the center of it. Letting out a low growl, Akusenmi turned and looked to the demon who seemed at this point, pissed off.

Rein blinked rapidly, seeing Akusenmi open it's mouth widely, revealing all of it's large sharp grey teeth. Only now, Rein saw how large and pointy they were compared to when he only opened his mouth slightly back in her dream. As his mouth opened, his pupils turned thin and pointed, like an angry cat. At that moment, Rein knew he meant business. Akusenmi opened up his wings to their full length and three of his four palms opened up and faced towards the spider as his body shifted, his tail flicking behind him. Simultaneously, all of the eyes on his body opened and all of them were thin and pointed. The spider screeched as it jumped, launching itself towards Akusenmi. Rein gasped as a light enveloped the back of Akusenmi's throat and all of the eyes on it's body, except for the ones it used to see, glowed. At the same time, a beam was shot out of all the eyes and thanks to it's trajectory, the beams collided together, making one huge beam. The spider screeched loudly as it was caught in the beam, it's body instantly burning up into nothing within it.

Rein whistled, seeing that the blast sent the spider thing into oblivion. Literally. Akusenmi's mouth closed and all of the eyes on it's body closed up. It's pupils growing thick and tranquil, like it knew the danger was gone, Akusenmi looked to Rein before it lowered it's hand. Quickly, Rein hopped back onto the ground as it retreated it's hand. Akusenmi looked down at Rein while Rein looked up at it and smiled. It was clear he wasn't there to hurt Rein. He had saved her not once, but twice.

"What are you...?" Rein muttered, taking a small step forward to the large creature. Akusenmi let out a small growl, again sounding like a whale before his body glowed brightly. The red eyed girl watched as Akusenmi turned smaller and smaller into a non threatening looking creature. The glow disappeared and now he appeared about the size of a house cat. All of his eyes were closed except for the ones he used to see except they were bigger and more cuter looking. They showed off the red color of his eyes more. Blinking, Rein picked up Akusenmi in her arms and smiled.

"That did not answer my question in the least but damn are you cute!" She squealed, holding him tightly in her arms. Akusenmi did nothing but blink and look up at her, tilting his head slightly. Cars screeching interrupted Rein's rare 'girly' moments. Looking up, she narrowed her eyes at the cars that stopped in front of the destroyed alley.

"Cops..." She muttered as cops nearly poured out of the cars.

"I HATE cops..." She growled, narrowing her eyes further as the cops stepped over the piles of bricks and towards Rein, serious looks stitched on their faces.

"You're coming with us." He said, holding out hand cuffs. Rein tightened her grip on Akusenmi.

"Hell no! I didn't do anything!" The cop narrowed his eyes on Rein.

"Considering the fact your here when someone reportedly saw a monster here, doesn't make it look good for you, missy." He said. Rein's eye twitched. Who the hell was he calling MISSY?

Rein growled. "Just because I was here doesn't mean I did something!" No way in hell was she going to tell them what actually happened. She'd get sent to a mental institution.

"I have a hard time believing you." He said. Oh, someone had a serious case of stick-up-his-ass, alright. Grabbing Rein's wrist and tugging it away from Akusenmi, he pulled Rein towards one of the cop cars. "Let's go. You have explaining to do for all the damage you caused."

Rein sneered in disgust and tugged her hand back. "First off: You have no freaking proof it was me! And second: How in the HELL would I be able to do something like this?" Fucking cops. They always did have it in for her. The cop glared, not answering. Just when he opened his mouth to reply, another voice called out.

"You can let her go officer." Rein blinked rapidly as a man in black casually walked past her and holding out an ID to the cops. Asides the black suit, he didn't seem like a cop. He had long brown hair going down to his neck and hung in his face with green eyes. If she wasn't focused on being pissed off at the cops and Akusenmi, she'd flirt with him on the spot.

"We'll take her from here." Rein raised an eyebrow as the cop stared from the ID to the weird man in black. Hah. Pun.

Silently, the cop turned away from Rein and back to the other officers as the man looked to Rein and smiled. "Don't worry. You're not in trouble. Follow me." He said, eyeing Akusenmi before he turned and walked out of the alley. Rein looked down at Akusenmi, then at the man in black. Well, it was better than going with the cops. Quickly, Rein followed after him.

"So uh... Who the fuck are you?" Rein asked, squeezing her legs together as she held Akusenmi on her lap. She was now sitting in the back seat of his car as he drove. Talk about awkward. Now that this was happening, she could have sworn Ven said something about not getting into cars with strangers... Oh well!

The man laughed. "Straight forward, huh? You'll fit in just fine around here, don't worry." He said. Rein furrowed her eyebrows.

"What?" The man only laughed again.

"So. Tell me, what's your name?" He asked. Rein turned her eyes away from the scenery. Where the hell was he taking her? For whatever reason, he was taking an oddly smooth pathway through the forest and it looked like they were heading towards the mountains. Weird.

"Reinforce Yukimura..." She muttered. Damn, maybe it was better if she gave him a fake name. Too late now. The man barely turned to her and gave her a smile, then he looked to Akusenmi in her lap who remained calm the entire time.

"Don't worry, everything will be explained. In just a few moments, everything that has probably happened to you will make sense." He said. Rein blinked slowly. "Suuuure..." She muttered. Did this guy know what was happening to her and what Akusenmi was? The cop completely ignored Akusenmi, so he probably thought he was a toy, but this guy kept staring at him. Automatically assuming he worked with strange things wearing black, perhaps he did know what Akusenmi was. She just had to be patient a little while longer. But then again, what if this was an attempt of kidnap? Shit would surely go down then.

He is not your enemy... Rein blinked at the voice in her head. It was the same voice from before. Akusenmi's voice. Rein looked down at him as he looked up. "Can you talk?" She muttered lowly.

"What was that?" The man in black asked, barely hearing her words.

"Nothing!" Rein snapped, glaring at him. Nodding, the man in black turned to look back at the road. Unbeknownst to her, he gave a small smile.

He will explain everything. Akusenmi's quiet voice passed through her head like a quiet whisper. Rein pressed her lips together. If the monster that saved her twice said if it was alright, she guessed she would just have to believe it.

Slowly, the car came to a hault in front of the mountain. Rein furrowed her eyebrows again, "why'd we stop here?" She asked. The man smiled and pulled out a small remote from the compartment beside his seat and pressed a single red button on it. At that moment, the mountain shook as a large piece of rock slowly lifted up, revealing a dark entrance within the mountain. Rein's eyes widened as the man pressed the gas pedal and drove on inside with the rock slowly lowering back into place, sealing the entrance. For a few moments, the man continued driving in complete darkness until a faint light came into view as he drove into what looked like a large room lite with small candles and tiny lights from the machines that coated it's corners. In the center was a large pond and around the perimeter of the pond were thin screens that floated on their own.

Rein grinned and threw her hands up in the air as she stepped out of the car, letting go of Akusenmi who simply hovered in the air with his wings.

"BAT CAVE!" Rein shouted joyously. The man in black chuckled as he stepped out of the car.

"I guess you can call it that." He said, crossing his arms. "Now I do believe I owe you an explanation." He said. Rein nodded, slightly narrowing her eyes at him.

"Ya damn right you do!" She said, crossing her own arms and tapping her foot. The man in black placed his hand to his chest and bowed.

"First, my name is Calen and it is an honor to have you here, Miarenel Reinforce." He said. Rein blinked rapidly in confusion.

"Wat?" She asked quickly as Akusenmi took his place on her shoulder. Oddly enough, Rein was already getting used to him being around like he'd been around her for ages.

'Calen' stood back up straight again. "You are a Miarenel, a human chosen by a specific god to be their master." He looked to Akusenmi. "For you, that would be Akusenmi. An ancient and powerful god whom lived back when gods roamed this earth." Rein blinked slowly now.

"What?" She repeated, more sternly this time. Calen cleared his throat. "When the gods lived thousands of years ago, they all lived peacefully, each having their own power. But one day, the gods miraculously disappeared. To this day, we do no entirely know why. In the air, a strange, infectious substance has appeared and is infecting our atmosphere. We do not know what it is or what is causing it, but the demons who lived on with the gods and lived peacefully with humans are growing mad and corrupted due to this miasma. Even the gods who did not disappear are growing more corrupted as time passes. At this rate, the demons and gods will attempt to destroy man kind due to this infectious substance in the air. This has been going on for hundreds of years, but, the gods seem to be reappearing within people as the miasma grows stronger. These people are called Miarenels and the gods that chose the human, Summons. We, the Miaro Intel, are working to gather the Miarenels in order to stop the cause of the miasma and put a stop to the growth of the demons going mad we took the liberty of naming, Senbokus. So, Miarenel Reinforce, will you join the cause and help us?" He asked, finishing his explanation. Rein's eyes were wide as she looked from Calen to Akusenmi.

"And you picked me... Why?" She asked, staring at Akusenmi who only stared back, not answering. Rein sighed.

"Fuck! Fine! Sure beats normal everyday life." She grinned. Calen smiled, "excellent!"

"So... As a Miaro thing-a-ma-bob, what does it do for me? Do I just sit back and let Akusenmi fight or what? How do I even get him back in his big form?" Rein asked, giving Akusenmi a small poke.

Calen smiled again. "Miarenel." He corrected. "When a god chooses a human to be their master, the human gains a specific power granted by their Summon as well as a mark proving the bond between the two."

Rein blinked, "mark? Like a hickey or a birthmark?"

Calen raised an eyebrow. "Uh... No. Not quite like that. A symbol that should have appeared somewhere on your body when Akusenmi first appeared in your presence." He said.

Rein's eyes widened, remembering the burning sensation on her inner thigh. She fell back and sat on the cold ground, lifting up her leg and glancing at her inner thigh. There it was, a symbol that almost looked like a small dragon.

Calen nodded, "that would be it." He said as Rein stood up.

"So... What's my power then?" She asked. "And how the hell do I even work it?" Calen smiled again. "When all of the Miarenel's are brought together, we will show you how to work your powers individually."

Rein lowered her upper eye lids and pouted. "Well that's boring." She said and Calen laughed.

"My apologies. If it makes you feel any better, we do have one other recruited, Veniza I believe her name was." Rein's eyes widened.

"WHAT?" She nearly shouted and before Calen could answer, Rein ran away from him and stopped around the pond. She cupped her hands around her mouth and began shouting.

"Ven! Ven are you here? VEN!" She screamed towards the end.

"Rein?" Rein let out a relieved sigh, hearing a small familiar voice. Rein turned to look down one of the long hallways as Ven came into view, a little boy behind her.

"Ven!" Rein shouted happily, wrapping her arms tightly around the brunette as the brunette did the same.

"Are you okay? What are you doing here?" Rein asked, pulling away from the hug. Ven nodded as Rein turned her attention to the little boy behind her. Rein blinked slowly.

"You know one of these days if I keep seeing these attractive little boys, i'm gonna end of turning into pedo bear." Rein said. Ven smiled nervously. The boy really was attractive though in her opinion. In fact, he would probably grow up to be BEAUTIFUL. He had messy brown hair and bright blue eyes. All in all, he was a-fucking-dorable.

"So when did you adopt a kid?" She asked, staring at the little boy who stared back with a cheerful smile.

Ven smiled. "He's my Summon." Rein's eyes widened for the millionth time that day.

"YOUR WHAT?" She nearly screeched.

Calen smiled, stepping up to the two. "Good to see you know each other." He said. Rein instantly turned to Calen and motioned her hands towards the little boy.

"Gods can turn into attractive little boys? What the fuck is this?" She shouted. Calen smiled, "for coincidental purposes, gods can either turn into a tinier version of them, like Akusenmi currently, or take on a child or an adult form, like Gaius here."

"Gaius?" Rein muttered. Ven nodded, "that's his name."

"So how in the hell did you become a Miaren - something?" She pointed to Akusenmi. "He randomly popped up in my dream and then this morning I was attacked by some spider I originally thought was a man but then he turned out to be a girl."

Ven laughed, "well, I was attacked by a Senboku in my house and I saw Gaius in a vision before I almost got eaten. He appeared in some water sphere and he saved me." She said. "Then I was taken back here and Calen just finished explaining things to be a little over an hour ago."

"In your house? How big is Gaius? Did your house get completely destroyed like a few unfortunate buildings I was close too?" Ven nodded at Rein's question. "I might need a place to stay... I'm not sure what to expect when my parent's see what happened to my house." She said.

Rein grinned, "you can stay at my place with me and Akusenmi!" Ven gave a sweet smile.

"Thank you, Rein."

"No problem!" Before the two could launch further into conversation about just recent events, the screens surrounding the pond glew red and a faint, luckily not noisy alarm went off.

"Da faq?" Rein muttered, glancing at the screens along with Ven, Akusenmi and Gaius.

Calen's face suddenly grew serious. "Looks like we've got ourselves some trouble."

Rein blinked, "trouble?"

"Senboku are attacking the city. I can feel them." Gaius said, speaking up for the first time.

"Oh, so he CAN talk!" Rein said. "I was beginning to think he was like Akusenmi and only talks in your mind." Ven smiled as Rein turned to her.

Calen nodded. "We'll need your help. I know I haven't taught you both how to use your power and we're at a disadvantage due to the other members of the Miaro Intel not being here, and the other Miarenel's not being present, but will you help us save the city?" Calen asked.

Ven and Rein nodded as Rein gave a toothy grin, "leave it to us! We may be complete noobs but we'll do our best! Right, Ven?"

"Right!" Ven smiled.

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