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"Ven!" The brunette looked up after hearing her name. She smiled widely, seeing Rein standing in front of the school gate, waving cheerfully like always with Akusenmi casually holding onto her shoulder, his body laid against the back of his shoulder while his four arms held onto her. The brunette's smile growing a bit wider, she ran towards her best friend.

"Rein!" She exclaimed quietly as she reached her. Rein instantly smiled, "what took you so long? I've been waiting for fifteen minutes." She said. Ven frowned slightly, "sorry... The teachers were scolding me. I fell asleep again." She said, scratching the back of her head with a slight blush and small nervous smile.

Rein's eyes widened before she scowled angrily. "They what?" She took a step towards the school gate, her hands clenched like she was ready to hit someone. "Why I oughta!" She growled. Ven gasped lightly before putting her hand on her shoulder, stopping the red eyed girl in her tracks.

"Rein, please don't. I don't want you to get in trouble again. It's okay, really." She said with more of a frown. Rein looked back at her and sighed, her anger quickly vanishing.

"Alright. But if they yell at you again, i'm giving them a piece of my mind." She said, crossing her arms. Ven smiled almost sweetly and nodded. Rein returned the smile and turned towards the direction of her home.

"Common! Let's get home! Didn't Calen want to see us after school or somethin'?" She asked. Ven nodded, remembering Calen's words from yesterday about wanting them to gather at the Miaro Intel. Suddenly remembering about her encounter with the two strange people, Ven bit her lip.

"R-Rein?" She asked just as Rein began walking. Instantly Rein turned around, blinking curiously.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Well, today after I was walking out from being scolded, I saw someone. He looked like an upper class-man, but me and Gaius got a really strange feeling from him. It was really familiar." She said. Rein raised an eyebrow.

"Well, when we see Calen, we can ask him about it. He seems like a know-it-all." She said with a toothy grin. Ven smiled and nodded once more before continuing on.

"Also... I saw a boy in the library. He... He was reading a book." She said almost lowly with a concerned tone. Rein furrowed her eyebrows, "and?" Her voice was soft and not rude sounding like the way she spoke with everyone else.

"The book... The page he was reading had a picture of a God and it was titled 'Miarenel's." She said. Rein's eyes instantly widened.

"WHAT?" She shouted in shock. Knowing what this meant, Rein grabbed Ven's wrist and instantly dashed towards her home.

"We have to tell Calen about this!" She said. Ven nodded, running behind her. At that moment, Gaius flew out of Ven's bag to fly beside her and Akusenmi flew off Rein's shoulder, also flying by her side.

"Wait! How will we get there? Calen didn't say anything about picking us up! I don't think Sora knows either!" Ven called as the two ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Abruptly, Ven skidded to a stop as Rein stopped as well, they even stopped so suddenly that Rein's heels skidded along the sidewalk, making black marks. She turned back to Ven with a large smirk.

"I have an idea~!" She nearly sang joyfully.

"WOOHOO!" Rein shouted excitedly, she and Ven sitting in one of Akusenmi's palms, he now in his Summon form as they flew high in the sky towards Sora's home.

"W-What if we're seen?" Ven asked, talking a bit louder than normal so Rein would hear her against the wind. A giant, alien-like dragon with eyes almost everywhere on his body and a long, long body flying in the sky could very well be noticed.

Rein grinned, "sorry, Ven! Left my fucks at home!" She laughed. Ven smiled, typical Rein.

"There's Sora's house!" Rein called, pointing past Akusenmi's long fingers down to the ground where's Sora's apartment was located. Ven nodded, "how do we get her attention?" She asked. Rein closed her eyes and put her fingers to her chin for a moment and hummed as she thought.

"HEYO BITCH!" Sora blinked, turning away from her television to the window, where she suddenly heard Rein's voice.

"What the...?" She muttered before getting up from her couch and walking towards the window. Moving the curtains to the side, her eyes widened as far as they would go, seeing Akusenmi landing on her lawn with Rein and Ven in one of his palms. Rein waved cheerfully as Ven sighed, a nervous expression crossing her face.

"R-Rein? Ven?" Her eyes widened as she ran out of her apartment just as Zuro jumped onto the railing in front of her door.

"Someone call for a cab?" Zuro asked mentally with much sarcasm, turning to Sora with a smirk. Sora's eyes remained wide, her mouth nearly dropping. At that moment, Gaius appeared, flying in front of Sora's face.

"We'll explain on the way. We need to go; now. Before we're seen, if we haven't been already." He said in Sora's mind. Sora nodded, getting over her shock and running down the staircase, Zuro and Gaius quickly following her. Akusenmi placed his palm on the ground and Sora walked on, thankfully Akusenmi's hand was large due to his enormous size and there was plenty of room for all three girls. Zuro jumped on and sat comfortably on Akusenmi's furry palm, directly over Akusenmi's closed eye. Meanwhile, Gaius made himself comfortable on top of Ven's head.

"And we're off!" Rein laughed as Akusenmi opened up his wings, flapped them powerfully and took off into the sky.

"So what's going on?" Sora asked, also talking loudly over the wind as she turned to the two best friends.

"Someone knows about the Miarenel's!" Rein said. Sora's eyes widened, "who?" The red eyed girl shrugged in response.

"Not sure!" She turned to Ven. "Do you have any idea who it was? You're in school way more than I am."

Ven shrugged with a frown, "I don't know. He seemed like he might be in our grade though. Maybe a grade higher." She said. "He kind of reminded me from that guy from that Anime, Naruto... Sasuke, I think?" Rein instantly grinned, obviously amused.

"I take it he was cute then!" Ven smiled at her words and said nothing.

"Look! We're almost there!" Sora called. Rein and Ven instantly looked ahead, seeing they were flying over a forest now and rapidly approaching a large mountain, where the Miaro Intel was located. Rein cupped her hands around her mouth.

"YO, CALEN! YOU BEST BETTER OPEN THAT DOOR BEFORE WE BUST OURSELVES IN!" Rein called as Akusenmi kept flying, them nearly there now. Just a few more seconds and they might be too close for comfort.

"What the hell do they think they're doing?" Calen narrowed his eyes at the monitors which showed Akusenmi quickly approaching the large mountain.

"Open the entrance! Quickly!" Calen called to one of the Miaro Intel members who sat by the computers.

"Yes, sir!" The woman whose name was Jessica, responded. She was one of the well known Miaro Intel members who usually stayed on the upper floor with the other Miaro Intel members, in the Miaro Intel lab. Quickly brushing back her curly blonde hair, she pressed the large red button and instantly, the rock entrance lifted itself, creating a large opening.

"Hold on, everyone!" Rein called excitedly. Akusenmi flew lower, flying just under the lifting door and into the darkness of the entrance as the rock lowered behind them once more. Akusenmi kept flying until they were greeted with a familiar bright light and Akusenmi halted his flying, allowing his long body to gently touch the Miaro Intel floor, just by Calen's car.

"Hi, Calen!" Rein grinned as Akusenmi lowered his palm and Rein stepped off, followed by Ven with Gaius and the nearly dizzy Sora with Zuro trailing behind her. Calen crossed his arms as he approached the girls and Akusenmi turned back into his smaller form, flying on Rein's shoulder.

"Are you insane? You could have gotten hurt if you kept flying towards the mountains like that. And flying around on Akusenmi like that... What were you thinking? You could have been seen!" He gave the girls a half hearted glare, particularly to Ven and Sora who looked down slightly in shame.

Rein shrugged, obviously not paying much attention to Calen's lecture. "Whatever! You should have just come get us in a car as soon as school ended! Besides, we've got important things to tell you. Someone knows about the Miarenel's." Rein said calmly.

Calen's eyes widened, "what do you mean someone knows?" He tried to act calm but it obviously wasn't working.

Rein sighed exasperatedly. "It's like I just told you! Someone knows! Ven caught someone reading in the library about us!" She said. Calen turned to Ven. "Is this true?" Ven instantly nodded at his question.

Calen placed his fingers to his chin, "this is definitely a problem... We need to learn of his identity and quickly so we can handle the problem." He said.

"Why don't you just check the computers? You have government identity files, don't you? Just retrieve all of the identities of the high school students in their school." Everyone turned at the sudden male voice. Rein instantly grinned widely at the boy who stepped up.

"Silver!" She exclaimed joyfully. Salem narrowed his eyes at her. Silver? Calen then nodded at Salem's question and smiled. "In fact, we can do that." He said just as Jessica stepped up and smiled.

"I can look." She said.

Rein blinked slowly with a raised eyebrow at the sudden new person, "who you is?" She said quickly and rudely. Calen smiled, "Rein, this is Jessica, one of our important members." He said. Rein's mouth formed an 'o' as she looked back to Calen.

"So we gonna look for his identity or what?" She asked as Ven shyly stepped to her side and Sora stepping up with a smile.

"We can help." She said while Zuro lazily laid on the floor, his tail slowly whisking behind him. He licked his paw, clearly not paying attention to the conversation.

Calen shook his head. "No, the process could take a while so we need you go to Senboku hunting while we go through all of the files we have on every person who has one in your school." He looked to Salem. "Salem, you go with them." He said. Salem furrowed his eyebrows at Calen.

"What for?" He asked, clearly irritated. Calen sighed, "just do it. It could be your chance to get to know the town as well, seeing you spend all your time here in the Miaro Intel. Go out, get some sun." He said. Salem sighed, "fine..."

Rein grinned widely and punched the air above her, "woo! Hot guy gets to go hunting with us!" She cheered. Salem partially glared at her, clearly irritated by Rein. The excited female turned to the other, more quiet girls behind her. "You chumps ready?" She shot both her hands in the air. "Les do this!" With that, she charged towards the exit. "Leeerooooooy Jeeeeenkiiiiins!"

Sora watched her run off with wide eyes as Akusenmi flew after her. She looked to Ven with a look that pretty much said, 'is she always like this?' Ven only smiled.

"Whoo!" Rein laughed, holding her arms out beside her, enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing around her. Once more, they were riding on Akusenmi's palm, them now flying towards the city. Ven smiled, Gaius on her shoulder and she holding onto Akusenmi's large gray claw. Sora also smiled, only she was sitting on Akusenmi's furry palm over his closed eye with Zuro sitting close by one of Akusenmi's other fingers. Meanwhile, Salem sat by Akusenmi's thumb, his arms crossed and his eyes closed.

Rein turned to Salem with her usual cheerful smile. "Where's your Summon?" She asked, walking up to him and bending down, placing her hands on her knees so she could look at him in the eye when she talked to him. Salem opened an eye, his blue eye boring into her red ones. He stared for a moment before he answered.

"She's here." He said. Rein blinked rapidly, "where?"

Salem pointed up to Akusenmi's head. Slightly tilting her head, Rein stood up straight and looked up. Her eyes widened, seeing a girl about the age of ten sitting on his head, looking down at them. She had pale blue eyes with short, curly black hair and pale skin. Rein grinned, "awwww! She's cute!" She turned to Ven, particularly looking at Gaius.

"Yo, Gaius! Found you a girlfriend!" Gaius instantly turned at Rein's words before looking to where she pointed. He looked up, seeing the little girl sitting on Akusenmi's head, who seemed to pay no mind to her. He slightly tilted his head, wondering if she was shy. Flying off Ven's shoulder, who looked at the little girl curiously, he turned into his little boy form and looked up once more. He frowned, her expression didn't make it seem like she was shy. If anything, she held much distrust in her eyes the way she stared down at the group.

Ven almost seemed somewhat concerned as she stared at the little girl. However, this did not last long. When she looked back out to the forest, she saw they were almost at the city. Gasping slightly, she walked over to Rein and shyly tugged at her red and short tank top slightly. Rein looked to her with a curious smile.

"We're almost there." This made Rein blink before she looked out. Nodding, she looked up to Akusenmi.

"Okay, bud! Time to land! Can't risk anyone see us now!" She grinned giddily. Akusenmi looked down to the group and he growled, once more it sounded like a whale. Just like the time in her dream. Akusenmi turned his body slightly in a vertical manner and flapped his wings powerfully, stopping his flying. Keeping his wings open, he allowed himself to hover down to the ground and once he was close to the ground, he flapped his wings again, his long body gradually touching the ground with a large 'thump!'

Akusenmi lowered his hand and the small group stepped off before Akusenmi picked up his hand. The three girls and single boy looked up to Akusenmi's head just as Salem's Summon jumped off, safely landing on the ground on her own feet. Only then did Akusenmi's body glow with a bright light and he reverted back to his smaller form and flew back to Rein, landing on her shoulder as usual.

"We ride at dawn!" Rein punched the air again, making everyone stare at her before she charged towards the city. "For Narnia!" She shouted making everyone nearly want to slap their foreheads, minus Ven who was used to this behavior by now. Ven was first to crack a smile and follow after Rein, then Sora with Zuro. Salem sighed exasperatedly. He nodded to his Summon who stepped beside him and glanced up at him.

"You sure we should try to work with these people?" She asked cautiously. Salem sighed, "we'll have to for now." With that, he followed after the three girls with his Summon, who was a tad bit more reluctant.

Rein hummed cheerfully, marching throughout the town with Akusenmi in her arms who remained still, trying to act like a stuffed animal. Ven followed close behind her, Gaius holding her hand and trying to act like a regular little boy. Sora smiled as she chatted with Ven, noting her shyness and tried to keep the chatting down to a level she was used too, figuring she wasn't used to talking with other people other than Rein. Much to her displeasure, she held Zuro in her arms, who seemed rather content and relaxed. Finally, Salem followed after the three girls, his Summon, who they learned was named Lilly, by his side. Out of the whole group, they were the most quiet.

"Hey, Ven!" Ven instantly looked up at the sound of Rein calling her name. "Think your parents know that you're gone by now?" This nearly made Ven stop in her tracks. She sighed uneasily. "I don't know. They might not even have been home yet to see the damage. If they have noticed, you might know already though. Your house would be the first place they would check for me." Rein nodded at this; she grinned toothily.

"Don't worry! If they come by, i'll back you up for sure." Ven smiled and nodded. Hopefully, if they have noticed, they didn't call the cops by this point.

"What are your parents like?" Sora asked kindly to Ven. Ven smiled uneasily. "Oh, they're okay... I guess..." She muttered meekly, half expecting Rein to speak up, which she did.

"They're the biggest assholes on the face of the planet, next to my parents anyway..." Her words were so low that Sora missed the last part.

"I-I'm sorry, Rein. What did you say?" Sora asked as politely as possible. Ven frowned, knowing exactly what Rein said. Turning to smile at the two, she shook her head. Her smile turned more giddy and cheerful, "nah! Nothing!"

Ven frowned again. Rein...

Salem watched the three girls talk with mild interest. He furrowed his eyebrows, hearing everything they said. Even the part that Sora missed. Now he was starting to feel curious.

Suddenly, Rein stopped dead in her tracks making everyone stop. The air was filled with a growling sound. The familiar sound that a stomach made when it was hungry.

"I'M HUNGRY AS FUCK!" Rein suddenly shouted, grasping her stomach. Ven's eyes widened, wondering when the last time Rein actually ate. She knew for sure she barely had any food in her fridge, due to the rumors of the demons, people had mostly been hiding out in their homes. Which meant less money for Rein to get.

Sora smiled, "I have some money on me. Want to get some food?" She asked. Instantly, Rein's eyes sparkled with tears of joy.

"I love you..." She whimpered, turning to Sora. Sora's eyes widened as she waved her hands in front of her. "I-It's okay! It's on me! I-I know you must be hungry, s-so..."

Ven smiled, pulling a few bills out of her pocket. "I'll help pay." She said almost quietly with a sweet smile. She instantly nearly fell back at the force of Rein's arms around her.

"I love you so freaking much!" Ven smiled at her words as Rein giggled joyously. Returning the hug, Salem only watched with a partially blank expression and Rein turned to him with a wide smile. Running over to him, she grabbed his wrist as she stuck out her tongue and began running.

"Common! I know a restaurant around here!" She shouted happily. Smiling at each other, Sora and Ven ran after them as Salem shouted at her in protest. Gaius smiled as he watched his master and friends go. Noticing Lilly didn't follow, he turned to her with a kind smile.

"Common. We should go before we lose them." He said. Lilly blinked slowly at him and finally, she nodded. Together, they ran after their masters to the close by restaurant Rein talked about.

"I'M HOME!" Rein shouted, nearly barging into the restaurant. Instantly, everyone eating in the restaurant stared at them as Rein waltzed in without a care in the world.

"Rein! You crazy bitch! Where have you been? I missed ya!" A woman came into view after coming out of the kitchen. Making her way across the restaurant, she took Rein in her arms and rubbed her fist in her hair, making Rein laugh loudly.

"Sorry! Sorry! No one goes out anymore so it's tough for me to get money these days." Rein said as the woman let go of her. The middle aged woman smiled, "and where's that cute little brunette you had with you the night you broke into my store?" Rein smiled, walking past the shocked Salem and Sora and reached behind the wall by the entrance and tugged out the shy Ven.

"Here she is!" Ven smiled and waved shyly, all too remembering the woman from the night of their adventure during that night nearly a year ago. The woman with the shotgun changed little, though it was dark, it was easy to distinguish her by her chubby figure and dark colored hair. Smiling nervously, she bowed to the woman.

"It's good to see you again." She said. The woman smiled and waved her wrist up and down. "No kidding! You barely changed since that night!" Ven nodded as she stood up straight before looking around the restaurant. It certainly was an improvement. Judging by her clothes compared to the other worker's, she seemed to own the restaurant now rather than a small store.

Gently, she felt Sora nudge her side. "You know her?" She whispered to the brunette. Ven nodded and smiled. "It's a long story..." Gaius, however, was still in shock. Having heard Ven's thoughts, he never thought he would meet the woman who nearly shot Rein and Ven after stealing in her store. Gaius glanced at Akusenmi in Rein's arms. He seemed completely calm and indifferent.

Rein smiled as she turned to the group and pointed to the woman with her thumb. "Everyone, this is Mia! Be nice or she just might shoot ya!" She winked. The woman grinned, "damn right!" She giggled. Sora and Ven smiled nervously while Salem looked away with disinterest.

Mia suddenly blinked as she looked down at Akusenmi in Rein's arms. "That toy your's, Rein?" She asked. Rein nodded rapidly and held Akusenmi up like he was some sort of prize.

"Yup! Ain't he cute! Got him in one of those claw machine things a few days ago!" She said. Sora's eyes widened slightly while Ven kept on her nervous smile. At least Rein was a good lair and could come up with these things on the spot.

Mia nodded and poked Akusenmi's furry cheek. "Sure is a weird stuffed animal..." She muttered.

Rein shrugged before she grinned toothily. "So where's our grub? I'm starved!" Mia nodded. "Coming right up!" She said, already knowing what Rein likes. She turned to walk over to the kitchen.

"Yo cook! Rein and her friends are here! Give 'em the best you got!" She shouted. A faint 'you got it!' Was heard and Rein laughed.

"You really are well known around here, Rein..." Sora smiled politely. Rein turned to her with a blank expression before she smiled. "Well, I guess. Mia and the people here are really the only people that like me." She laughed, playing with a piece of her pure black hair. Rein then led the group to the place she usually sat. Rein sat in between Salem and Ven, Lilly sat in between Gaius and Salem while Gaius sat beside Ven. Quickly, Sora dropped Zuro on the table, no longer wanting to hold him and glared at him, making Ven smile. Following Sora's example, Rein placed Akusenmi on the table.

"Shouldn't we be searching for Senboku rather than fooling around at a restaurant?" Salem pointed out, somewhat glaring at Rein.

Rein waved her wrist in a carefree manner. "Lighten up, sexy! Besides, i'm starved! It's been awhile since i've had a good meal! Lately i've been having nothing but cereal." She huffed, leaning her cheek on her palm.

Salem narrowed his eyes at Rein. "What the hell did you just call me?" Rein grinned toothily.

"You heard me~!"

"So Ven..." Sora asked in a hushed tone, not wanting to disrupt Salem and Rein's argument. Ven looked to her with a shy smile.

"Does the Miaro Intel have any leads about the other Miarenel's?" She asked. Ven shrugged, "i'm not sure..." She said, trailing off at the end as she thought about the boy she saw in the school and the strange feeling she got.

Sora nodded, "I see..."

Meanwhile, the Summons all stared as Rein and Salem continued to taunt each other and argue. Akusenmi and Lilly stared with a blank expression while Gaius smiled nervously and Zuro smirked and turned to look behind him for no particular reason.

"Now I might be wrong but I think we're starting to experience some first feelings of love here." He chuckled, highly amused at the thought.

"FOOD!" Rein cried cheerfully as several waiters and waitresses came over, placing plates of all kinds of food on the table.

"WELL IT'S ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME!" Zuro cried, moving to take a bite into one of the fish platters before it was swiped by Sora, who glared daggers at the cat.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" She said, glaring heavier at him and holding the piece of fish close to her.

"I was... EATING!" He shouted half heartedly back at his master.

"This is OUR food, go get your own!" She said, now narrowing her eyes at him.

"S-S-Sora...?" Ven's shy, quiet voice caught her attention. Blinking rapidly, she turned to her. Blushing, she pointed around the restaurant. Just like when they entered, several people were staring at them. Rein was probably the only one grinning in amusement. Sora squeaked, placed her hands in her lap and looked down at her legs in shame.

"Ahhh~! That was good!" Rein said, leaning back and patting her stomach. Sora smiled and nodded. "It was." She said, not noticing Ven was nodding off beside her. Gaius smiled at his master, assuming she got sleepy when she was full.

"Shouldn't we go hunt now? For all we know, a Senboku could already be attacking." Salem said, speaking up.

"Yeah, enough fooling around here." Lilly said, putting down her cup of tea which she had just took a sip out of.

Rein pouted, "jeez, fine. Just as soon as we pay." Sora's eyes widened. "H-How much do you think it will be?" Rein grinned, "don't worry! Usually she always gives me a huge discount. Mia owns the place after all." She said. Sora nodded in relief. But just as she nodded, the ground abruptly shook heavily. Rein's eyes widened, yet she held her blank expression as she glanced out the windows and Ven was knocked out of her half sleep.

"What's going on?" Ven muttered sleepily.

Gaius stood up. "Senboku." That was all that needed to be said. Everyone stood up and Sora and Ven placed all of the money they had in their pockets on the table.

"Bye Mia! We gotta go!" Rein shouted as the group ran out of the restaurant. Mia wasn't even given a chance to say anything as she stepped out of the kitchen. They were already gone.

"I-Is that a turtle...?" Ven asked meekly with wide eyes as she looked up at the giant demon that walked down the street in front of them. It was large, not as large as Akusenmi, but large. It had a dark green shell with a long scale covered tail and a long neck with a regular turtle looking head, only a bit longer around the snout. Abruptly, it began spewing fire, liting the streets on fire as it continued to stop along the streets, trembling the ground with every step.

"That's a fucking dragon!" Rein shouted, pointing at the turtle.

As she said that, the turtle turned to face the group, it's eyes glowing red with madness and anger. Rein's shock quickly faded and she smirked. She looked to Akusenmi who floated beside her. "Ready?" She asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Whenever you are." Akusenmi responded as calmly as ever. Rein turned to Ven and Sora. "You guys know how to activate their power?" She asked. Ven quickly nodded while Sora didn't seem to sure. Ven smiled at her, feeling her nervousness. "Don't worry. Just call his name." She said. Sora's eyes widened at the simplicity of it before she nodded.

"Oh... Okay!"

At that second, the turtle opened it's mouth, the back of it's throat glowing with flames ready to be fired.

"Hey, how about we stand and stare at it some more?" Zuro asked sarcastically, breaking Sora out of her thoughts. Sora nodded and Rein stepped up, looking to the group.

"Alright guys! Let's fuck this bitch up!" She said. "Akusenmi!" Instantly, Akusenmi glowed with a large bright light and flew forward, transforming into his Summon form. Akusenmi roared, opening up his mouth. His eyes flew thin and all of the eyes on his body snapped open, revealing thin, red pupils.

"Gaius!" Ven called. Just then, Gaius glew in a bright blue light. Like Akusenmi, the light flew forward beside his large form. The light disappeared, revealing a large, wyvern-like dragon. His large clawed feet touched the ground as he let out a roar, spreading his brown wings, above him. He was nearly Akusenmi's size. He had nearly all over his body with the exception of his stomach, which was smooth and nearly scale-less. His tail resembled that of a club with spikes and his teeth were nearly as big and sharp as Akusenmi's.

The turtle growled now. He roared at the two giant beasts in front of him and took a step back, his tail whipping wildly as he turned to Akusenmi and Gaius faced his side.

Rein whistled with wide eyes. "Daaaaamn! And I thought Akusenmi was pretty cool looking!" Ven smiled at Rein as Rein turned to Sora.

"Your turn! Show 'em what you got!" She smiled and Sora nodded.

"Zurovehmin!" She called with confidence. Sparks of electricity surrounded Zuro as his body glew with a bright light. Static filled the air as the sparks and light grew bigger until it vanished, leaving the sparks remaining and Zuro in his Summon form in it's wake. Zuro roared, leaping and landing beside Gaius. Akusenmi, Gaius and now Zuro standing beside one another in a row in front of the large Senboku.

Next, Rein looked to Salem who was completely calm as well as Lilly. "Well? You gonna have Lilly transform or what?" Salem glanced at her. "No." He said looking back over to the fight which would commence any minute. Rein furrowed her eyebrows but didn't question him. She wouldn't be a hypocrite and go make him fight. She hated when people did that. Besides, three Summon's would probably be more than enough to take out one Senboku.

Ducking his head back slightly, the giant turtle growled before he released his flame breathe. Akusenmi and Zuro scattered, Akusenmi flying off to the left and Zuro dashing stealthily to the right while Gaius stayed put. Gaius lowered his head, the top of his head facing the turtle. The flame rushed towards him but never hit him. Instead, a light blue shield kept him safe from the flame.

Meanwhile, Akusenmi flew high in the air while Zuro skidded to a stop, turning his body rapidly to face the turtle. His body was crouched slightly and his claws dug into the ground, his tail erect in the air. Sparks of electricity surrounded Zuro as his tail glowed while Akusenmi opened his mouth, the back of his throat glowing as well as all of the eyes on his body, even the ones on his palms and wings. All except for the ones he used to see.

"W-What's he doing?" Sora asked, watching Akusenmi with wide eyes. Ven's eyes were wide as well, she had never seen Akusenmi or Zuro fight before. Even Salem and Lilly watched with interest as the battle commenced.

Rein smiled, "making use of his eyes~!" She giggled.

At once, Akusenmi then released his beams and they combined together while the turtle's attention was focused on firing his flames at Gaius. At the same time, Zuro released the lightning from his tail, creating almost a similar beam to Akusenmi, only electricity. The turtle noticed the attack too late. His entire body was engulfed with the combination of Akusenmi's beams and Zuro's electricity. Gaius let down his shield for a split second before putting it up again, not only shielding him, but Rein and the others from the large explosion the combination of the two energies created.

"Ah!" Rein nearly squeaked, shielding her vision and putting pressure on her feet in order to keep herself from being blown away from the harsh wind and heat the explosion created. Her vision was completely blinded, she had no idea if Ven, Sora, Salem or Lilly were doing the same thing to defend themselves. The sound of glass shattering from the buildings broke through the air followed by screams combined with the large, ear blowing sound of the explosion. Attempting to open her eyes, everything was white and for a moment, everything was silent.

"Hmph. The newbies certainly are destructive..." On top of a building far from the scene, an eighteen year old boy watched the large explosion, crossing his arms as he leaned against the brick wall. He was an average height for an eighteen year old, standing at 5'10 with a muscular physique and lightly tanned skin. His light eye was a light brown and his right was an emerald green and he had messy brown hair that sticked up a bit. He wore a white dress shirt with the two top buttons unbuttoned. The shirt was tucked into his black slacks and he wore black dress shoes.

Smiling, a woman stepped up to his side. "Yes, their Summons seem quite powerful though. Maybe they'll learn to control their Summon's power one day? Right, Emilio?" She asked, smiling kindly at her master, brushing some of her hair behind her ear. The woman was rather stunning in looks with an hourglass figure, a C in cup size and standing at 5'7. Her eyes were a brilliant violet and her hair was jet black with silver highlights and going down to her waist, she had bangs hanging over her right eye as well. She wore a long white and black tank top with black skinny jeans and white flats.

Emilio snickered. "We'll see, Alluna. They might just be interesting enough to be worth of my time to watch." He said before putting his hands in his pockets and walking away. Alluna smiled before quickly following after him.

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