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"God damnit! We can't get a break, can we?" Rein growled, getting into her fighting stance.

Salem glanced at her slightly, "welcome to the life of a Miarenel." He said, also getting into a fighting stance as the demonic cats drew closer, their growls and cries growing louder as Akusenmi flew off Rein's shoulder, he himself prepared to fight.

"Don't use Akusenmi." Salem suddenly said, making Rein's eyes widen and making her look at him incredulously. Even Akusenmi glanced at him in slight curiosity and shock.

"What? Why!?" She nearly cried, slightly dropping her hands from their stance.

"We don't need anymore damage to the town. These Senboku are pathetically weak, so much so that the sensor didn't even pick up they were here. We can fight them off easily on our own." He said. Rein sighed, "whatever you say, Silver." The glare he gave her only made her smile widely and laugh under her breath. With that, the cats lunged and Rein instantly picked her arms up in a fighting stance once more.

The first Senboku who lunged reached Rein first. She instantly spun, extending out her leg rapidly and kicking the cat away into the wall beside her while Salem grabbed one of the Senboku out of the air who reached him next and tossed it towards the other Senboku, knocking it on to one of the other cat-like Senboku who attempted to lunge at him. Just as he knocked another Senboku away, Rein's back touched his, making his eyes widen and instantly turn his head around.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He growled, blocking another Senboku from hitting him.

"Won't it be easier this way? That way we don't have to worry about them getting our backs. Common, I'm not that stupid! I know how these fights go!" She said with a grin. Salem narrowed his eyes but nodded. Indeed, it did make it a little easier. Rein kicked the cats away easily and blocked them from getting around her upper body with her hands. Meanwhile, Salem stood his ground and knocked the Senboku's away into either the wall, or into each other. The fight seemed to go on forever. The Senboku's just kept appearing and appearing, as if out of thin air. No matter how many they knocked away, they kept coming back.

Finally, kicking away one last Senboku, Rein fell to her knees, panting heavily. Salem instantly whirled around, the warm feeling of her back against his disappearing.

"What are you doing? This isn't a time for a break!" He said, knocking away another of the cat-like Senboku's into a wall before he turned back around to Rein.

"Sh... Shut up!" Rein panted. Salem furrowed his eyebrows, seeing she was oddly pale. "I haven't eaten in more than twelve hours! I'm tired!" She said, wincing at the feeling of her limbs shaking and her lack of energy. Trying to get back on her feet, Rein growled as her limbs trembled more, rejecting the whole idea entirely of getting back up and fighting. Scowling to himself, recalling that back when they ate at the restaurant, Rein didn't eat much for someone who was supposedly 'starving.' The most she had was one plate of food. He narrowed his eyes.

"Don't tell me she was worried about Sora and Ven's money...!"

Salem turned back forward, glaring at the Senboku as more began to close in on them, growling viciously and some hissing. Akusenmi flew in front of Rein, seeing she was still panting, her limbs visibly shaking and her skin pale and almost sickly looking.

"Rein...! Are you alright?" Akusenmi asked. Rein clutched her stomach absent-mindedly and gave him a weak smile.

"I'm fine! Don't worry! I can still fight!" She said mentally and cheerfully, wincing again as she tried to get up, but her body just wouldn't allow it. Akusenmi frowned to himself, wondering when was the last time she had any real food besides at the restaurant. He was surprised her body lasted as long as it did, going on cereal everyday and water. She desperately needed nutrition.

Growling to himself out of worry and the desperate need to protect her, Akusenmi flew beside Salem as he knocked away another Senboku. Akusenmi's eyes glowed and at that moment, so did all of the cat-like Senboku's. The Senboku's stopped cold for a moment before they slowly turned and walked away, disappearing into the depths of the alley. Blinking slowly, Salem lowered his arms. He watched the alley for a moment before he turned back around, glancing at Rein's form on the floor.

"Can you stand?" He asked, his voice void of any emotion.

Rein glanced up at him slowly as he stood next to her. Nodding slowly, she once more attempted to get up, and this time almost succeeding until she fell on her knees again.

"Damnit..." She muttered tiredly under her breath. Once more, Salem scowled then glanced at the untouched dead body which still laid in it's carrier on the floor. There was no way he could carry the both of them to the Miaro Intel. Swiftly, he pulled his communicator out of his pocket, pressed a single button and placed it to his ear.

"Jeez, Rein, you look awful." Calen said, kneeling in front of her pale form. "I only told you to show Salem where your school was. What kind of predicament did you two get into?" Weakly, Rein flipped him her middle finger.

"Screw you, asshole..." She muttered, closing her eyes, nearly falling asleep on the spot. Shaking his head, Calen turned to Salem, who stood against the wall with his arms crossed, watching some other Miaro Intel members destroy the body, using a special device usually all members carried around which disintegrated the body into nothing.

"Salem, you're good at cooking. You better get her some food and quick. I don't want to send her back to Ven looking like she's gonna die any minute." He said. With barely a sigh, Salem nodded. Calen's eyes widened slightly, he expecting Salem to put up at least a little of a fight on this manner. Shrugging it off, he took Rein's shoulders and helped her stand up. Once she was on her feet, she seemed to partially snap out of it and managed to get her legs to walk, with the help of Calen, over to his car.

Calen turned to Salem, after getting Rein into the passenger seat. "Where did you find the body?" He asked as Salem walked over.

"At the school." Salem said calmly. "Apparently he was a teacher and Rein said she knew him. According to the police, he was killed by ice shards to the back." He continued. Calen nodded, "if he managed to be disintegrated, he was definitely a Senboku. And if he was killed by ice shards... I suspect it was a Summon. Which means..."

Salem nodded. "There's another Miarenel in the school." He finished. Calen nodded, "exactly." Next, Calen turned to Rein, who appeared to be asleep and leaning against the window with Akusenmi in her lap. Luckily, now that she was properly sitting down, some of the color returned to her face. Calen turned back to Salem.

"Me and the other Miaro Intel members will go investigate the school and cover up anything means necessary. Meanwhile, take my car and take Rein back to the Miaro Intel. Carry her to your room, get her some food, and maybe some sleep. I'll stop by Rein's home and inform Ven and Gaius afterwards." He said. Salem quietly nodded and Calen tossed him his keys. Just as Salem got into the car and started it, Calen approached the car, looking to Salem though the open window.

"Make sure to give Rein a communicator as well. When we all meet after school, i'll be sure to give the others a communicator as well." He said. Salem nodded and Calen stepped away from the car. Salem stepped on the gas pedal and drove off and back to the Miaro Intel.

"Where are you taking me?" Rein's for once, quiet voice alarmed Salem slightly. Glancing at her for a split second, he turned his eyes back to the road. "Back to the Miaro Intel." The silver-haired boy answered calmly. Rein didn't seem to care; she nodded. The next ten minutes of the car ride was quiet, shocking Salem. She seemed like the type of girl who wouldn't stop talking, but she seemed to tired this time.

"Don't your parents make you watch what you eat?" Salem asked as they just drove into the path leading to the Miaro Intel.

Rein gave a tiny, quiet snicker and a quick, half-smile. "No." She answered lowly, not taking her eyes off the window. Salem glanced at her quickly and raised his eyebrow. Wouldn't her parents noticed that all she ate was dry cereal and water everyday? That could hardly pass for a diet. Salem didn't notice the worried stare Akusenmi gave him.

"Common." The tone of his voice almost made him sound irritated as he opened the passenger seat door and took out Rein and into his arms. Salem instantly scowled as he took a step back from the car, settling Rein in who seemed almost half asleep. Akusenmi followed them, hovering by Salem's shoulder.

"You're heavy." He said. That seemed to wake Rein up. She slapped his arm lightly and gave him a glare. "Am not! You're just weak!" She said, narrowing her eyes. Salem rolled his eyes, "says the person that nearly fainted when we were in the middle of a fight."

Rein glared at him half-heartedly as he began walking in the direction of his room. Just when Salem thought she wasn't going to say anything back, Rein leaned upwards, wrapping her arms around his neck and nibbling at his ear. Salem instantly stopped walking and his eyes widened as Rein let go but kept her arms around his neck and laughed loudly.

"That's what you get for insulting me!" She said, sticking her tongue out. Yep, Rein was back to normal. Well, as normal as she could get. Salem glared dangerously at her, "you little..."

Giggling and grinning widely, Rein waved her pointer finger. "Ah, ah! Calen said you have to carry me to your room, remember? No dropping me!" She laughed. Salem growled, remembering he indeed did say that.

"You're lucky he specifically said to carry you..." He growled lowly and kept walking, Rein only laughed.

"Hey, Silver, how old are you?" Rein suddenly asked after a moment or two or silence. Salem glanced down at her, only slightly annoyed by the nickname this time. He pressed his lips together; was he getting used to it?

"Eighteen. Why?" He asked. Closing her eyes and slightly leaning against his shoulder, Rein shrugged. "Curious." She muttered. Salem's eyebrows slightly furrowed. He had known her only a few days but this was only the second time he'd seen her serious. Was she feeling weak again?

"And just how old are you?" Salem asked back, feeling curious himself.

"Sixteen." Rein replied after a few seconds at the most, her eyes still closed.

"So in other words... You're still a kid." Salem allowed himself to smirk ever so slightly. Rein opened one eye, her red-eye staring into his blue eyes for what felt like the hundredth time since they've known each other.

"You know... I have no problem kissing you." Her voice sounded threatening but at the same time half-hearted. To enforce the fact, she gave a tiny smirk in return to his own. His smirk instantly dropped and was replaced with a scowl.

"You have no shame, do you?"


"Here." Salem nearly muttered, literally dropping Rein on his couch making her squeak in shock before he walked away.

"Asshole!" Rein cried, but she didn't sound mad at all. In fact, she sounded amused. Sitting up, Rein shook her head as Akusenmi flew in her sight.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked. Rein nodded with a smile. "Still a bit shaky, but a lot better now." Rein already knew why. She knew she wasn't stupid, it was because Salem helped her take her mind off her lack of energy. Looking away from Akusenmi, Rein glanced around his apartment. She didn't notice it before, but his apartment seemed almost... Artistic as well as slightly eccentric. It was nothing like her apartment. It was complete with a working fridge, couches, a tv and other things. He even had working lights.

"Guess not everyone's as poor as me..." Rein muttered before she heard the sound of pots and pans clanging briefly. She glanced off in the direction of the sound and slowly stood up. Her legs still shook slightly, but she could definitely walk now. Careful not to waste too much energy, Rein slowly walked in the direction of the sound, only to find herself in a kitchen.

Peering around the corner of the wall, Rein watched as Salem placed necessary things onto his stove and watched him turn the dial, turning the stove on.

"What are you doing?" Rein asked, walking further into the kitchen and eyeing the area. Salem barely glanced at her as he reached into his cabinets and took out all kinds of things Rein didn't recognize. It wasn't a shock to her. She barely knew the first thing about cooking. Everything she made before her electricity was shut off looked burnt and just plain flat-out weird.

"Cooking. What's it look like?" He asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Rein narrowed her eyes slightly, "yeah, I know that, but why? Are you hungry or something?"

Salem shook his head. "I'm not, but you obviously are. I'm cooking for you, idiot."

Rein's eyes widened, "you don't have to go through the trouble. Just give me some crackers or something and i'll go."

Salem shook his head again. "No, it's fine. If you think i'm letting you walk out of here with just crackers, you really are stupid. You made it clear enough that you haven't had enough nutrition anyway. Just go sit in the living room and wait. Besides... I like cooking." He said, stopping for a minute to glance at her.

Rein's eyes remained wide until she frowned slightly and ran her fingers through her hair. "Fine, but don't expect me to cook for you in return. I think i've made it clear to Ven and my neighborhood that I can't cook for shit." She said, smiling slightly.

Salem nodded and turned away. "Seeing you can walk, how about you go back to the living room and watch some tv or other things you can't afford. Leave me to cook." He said with a tiny smirk as he glanced back at her.

Rein's eyes widened before she smiled playfully but was missed by Salem. "Oh, I see how it is." She said before turning around. "Fine. I'll go back to the living room." The tone of her voice sounded depressed though she was really desperately trying to hide a laugh.

"You do know I was joking, right?" Salem asked as Rein took a step forward. Finally, Rein busted out into laughter.

"Of course, stupid!" She laughed, wiping small tears from her eyes and turning around. "Congratulations, you've just been had by the great Reinforce!" She gave one last laugh before running away from the kitchen with a giddy smile. Salem shook his head when she was out of sight and sighed.

"Weird girl..." He muttered before going back to cooking.

Sighing, Salem placed the plate with the contents of the food on his table. Figuring he should make something egg related for nutrients, he made her an omelet with ham, cheese and the top drizzled with ketchup. He would have made more, but he figured Rein shouldn't wait much longer for food.

"Rein?" He called lowly and waited for a moments. He received no answer, he half expected Rein to come running at the smell of food. Finally, Akusenmi came flying into his view. Salem narrowed his eyes, "where's Rein?"

"She fell asleep on your couch. I can't seem to wake her up." His deep voice seemed almost drowned with worry, yet the tone itself was calm. Salem's eyes widened slightly and he walked over to his couch, seeing Rein fast asleep on it's cushions. Furrowing his eyebrows, he took hold of Rein's shoulder and shook her. Nothing. He shook her again, this time calling her name.

"Rein!" He called. After shaking her once more, with a groan, Rein's eyes slowly opened.

"Sorry..." The tone of her voice was tired and strained. "Kinda hard to wake up for a minute..." She said, slowly glancing up at Salem. Snickering lowly, he reached down, placing one of his hands under Rein's back and legs, and lifted her up. She didn't say a word as he brought her over to his table and seated her down in one of the four chairs.

With her eyes barely open, Rein smiled slightly at the omelet. "Awwww... You actually did cook. How sweet..." Her voice was so quiet, Salem barely heard it. Sighing, Salem sat down in the chair beside her. He took the fork and cut a piece of the omelet off before digging the fork into it's center. Carefully, he placed the piece of omelet to her lips.

"Eat." He said. For a minute, Rein seemed confused until she noticed he was going to feed her. Without putting up a fuss, Rein took the piece of omelet in her mouth. Removing the fork, Salem prepared another piece of omelet and repeated the process. The minute the entire omelet was gone, Rein's eyes were closed and she was asleep again, but he had a better feeling about this sleep. Somehow, he knew she would be fine and he sighed. Picking up Rein once more, he carried her over to his bed this time and gently laid her down, bringing the blankets over her. Instantly Akusenmi was at her side.

"Thank you. I'll watch her from here." He said. Salem nodded and left the room, just as the door to his apartment opened and Lilly came inside.

"I heard what happened from Calen. Is she still here?" Lilly asked, sounding somewhat irritated towards the end.

Salem nodded, "she just fell asleep. What did Calen say?"

"Nothing much." She said, shrugging. "You sure this girl is fit to be a Miarenel? I mean she passed out in the middle of a battle." She said, narrowing her eyes off in a random direction.

"She didn't pass out because of that." Lilly's eyes widened slightly, surprised he was actually defending her. "She hasn't eaten proper food in awhile. It's the only reason her body reacted like it did." He continued. It was silent for a moment before Salem went to turn off the lights.

"I'm going to sleep. Goodnight." He said before laying on his couch and closing his eyes. Sighing, Lilly nodded. "Yeah... Goodnight."

With her eyes fluttering open, Rein yawned and stretched her arms above her. Smiling, she sat up, feeling almost better than ever. Looking around and half remembering Salem took her to his room, she spotted Akusenmi beside her and her smile grew bigger. Gently, she shook him.

"Akusenmi!" She called mentally. In time, Akusenmi's many eyes opened. When he finally spotted Rein, he seemed almost relieved.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked. Giggling slightly, Rein nodded.

"I feel better than ever!" She said before swinging her legs off the side of the bed and standing up. No signs of any shakiness. Smiling, she turned back to Akusenmi, then turned to look over to the window. It was dim outside, like the sun had just started coming up. Good. That meant she could make it to school for once.

"Common, Akusenmi." She said, taking his furry form in her arms. "Let's get home! Nothing better than flying to school!" She said with a toothy grin.

"But what about Salem? Shouldn't you get him to drive you?" Rein shook her head at his question.

"Nah, leave him sleeping. He cooked and helped me get better, I don't wanna wake him up after he did such a nice thing for me." She said, scratching the back of her head, unable to recall when anyone did anything nice for her. Except for Ven anyway. Placing Akusenmi on her shoulder, she smiled again.

"Let's get to school. We can probably even fly all the way there! It's early as hell. No one'll be awake." She said, her smile turning into a toothy grin as she quietly laughed.

"Off we go!" She cried in a hushed tone and ran out of the room, watching her feet so she didn't make a sound. Stopping, she almost smiled, seeing Salem asleep on his couch. Figuring she should at least say goodbye, she tiptoed over to him and leaned down to whisper in his ear, brushing back some of her hair that got in her way.

"Thanks, Silver. See you later!" She whispered with a smile before running out the door and out of his apartment. Running down the hallway, Rein made it to the main lobby in no time, where she saw Calen fast asleep in his chair.

Smothering her laugh with her hand, she smirked widely as she tip toed closer. Plucking out a few pieces of her hair, she rolled it together, making one thick piece of hair and wiggled it in front of his forehead. With his face scrunching up slightly, he smacked his own forehead making him jolt awake and making Rein laugh loudly.

"What the - ?" He muttered quickly, rapidly turning only to see Rein running away and waving back to him.

"See ya later, Calen! We'll be sure to interrogate the hell out of that guy for ya!" She laughed before she disappeared in the darkness of the exit of the Miaro Intel. Calen sighed and shook his head, but smiled nonetheless. "Well at least she's back to normal."

Flying off her shoulder, Akusenmi flew next to her. Rein smiled, instantly knowing what to do.

"Akusenmi!" She called and didn't stop her running. Akusenmi instantly glew with a bright light and transformed into her Summon form. Flying beside her, Rein quickly latched onto his cream-colored fur and climbed onto his back. Pulling a remote out of her pocket, which she stole from Calen's car, she pressed the red button as they came close to the exit. The rocks lifted up just in time for Akusenmi to fly out safely, letting out a whale-like cry as he did so with Rein on his back. Laughing as they flew high into the sky, Rein climbed further up his back, careful not to slip on the red plates going down his back. She slid down his side and jumped. Immediately, she was caught by Akusenmi's hand, landing safely on his furry palm.

Laughing, Rein leaned her hands back, feeling the velvety texture of his fur. She sat there for a minute before standing up and walking over to his fingers, absent-mindedly placing her hand on the finger to her left as she looked out ahead of them. The view was almost breath-taking. The sky was a light blue, almost purple color with a tinge of yellow where the sun was beginning to come up. The slightly dark clouds in the sky made it all the more beautiful to her. Brushing back some of her black hair, she smiled.

"I have a feeling today's gonna be one hell of a fun day!"

Sighing, Ven exited Rein's apartment with a frown and Gaius in her school bag. She couldn't help but wonder if she was okay. Especially after what Calen told her...

"Something happened with Rein. She randomly sort of passed out when she was fighting Senboku with Salem." Calen said nervously, scratching the back of his head as they stood in front of Rein's apartment.

Ven's eyes widened as she gasped, unconsciously covering her mouth. "W-What? Is she okay?" She nearly cried.

Calen nodded, "she's in good hands. It might just be from hunger. I know she hasn't had much nutrition in awhile, right?" He asked. Frowning deeply, Ven nodded.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Salem will take good care of her. He's actually really good at cooking. In any case, i'm not sure if Rein will end up going to school with you tomorrow. There's one more thing you should know that we recently found out. One of your teachers has been murdered."

Ven's eyes widened at this. "He learned he was a Senboku and it appears he was killed by an unidentified Summon. Which could only mean..."

"There's another Miarenel in our school?" Ven asked, finishing his sentence. Calen nodded, "if Rein isn't there, it'll be up to you and Sora to find him. Maybe Arron will even help, if the cause seems interesting enough to him."

The brunette frowned again. "Okay..." Please, Rein... Be okay.

Sighing, Ven took a step further away from the house. Only for her to stop again. How could she go to school knowing Rein was ill?

"Don't worry, Ven. I'm sure she's alright. I haven't known her long, but, Rein seems like the sort of person to get right back up. I know she'll be fine." Gaius said, peeping his head out of Ven's bag. Smiling weakly, Ven nodded. "Yeah..."

"Hey, sexy! Forgetting someone?" Blinking rapidly, Ven looked up just as Akusenmi landed on the side-walk, his long body sprawling out along the street and side-walk. Lowering his hand, Rein jumped off with a giddy grin.

"I have returned!" Blinking slowly, she looked back to Akusenmi then smiled again as she turned back to Ven. "With a sexy dragon!" She added quickly, placing her hands on her hips proudly. As if on cue, Akusenmi let out a low hiss and slightly lowered his head. Ven's eyes were wide, but slowly they filled with tears as she smiled widely. Running over to Rein, she wrapped her arms around her so quickly Rein barely had time to open her arms up and ready herself for the embrace.

"You're okay...!" Ven nearly whispered, nuzzling into Rein's shoulder just next to her tank top strap. Smiling, Rein wrapped her arms around her and Gaius flew out of her bag.

"Sorry for worrying you." Rein said gently, slightly stroking her back. As a single tear fell, Ven pulled back with a smile.

"Are you okay? You're feeling better, right?" Rein nodded at her questions. Winking, she practically gave a giggle. "Of course I am! How can I not? I was taken care of, and might I add, fed by, a drop dead gorgeous white-haired guy! How can I not be anything but perfect?" She asked, laughing loudly.

Ven couldn't help but smile. It was so like her to say something like that. At that moment, after disappearing for a moment without being noticed, Gaius came flying into view, Rein's bag hanging from his mouth.

After giving a smile to Gaius, Ven turned back to Rein. "You are going to school today, aren't you?" She asked. With a toothy grin, Rein nodded. "'Course! We have some actual important shit to do there today! I wouldn't miss it for the world!" She said, taking her bag from Gaius' mouth.

Ven nodded, "we can take our time. If we go now, we'll be really early." She said. Rein waved her wrist in her usual carefree manner.

"Good! Maybe i'll give the teachers a good old heart attack!" She laughed loudly. Ven smiled nervously.

"Seriously though." Rein said, her laughter dying down. "Let's head there now. The sooner, the better. Something tells me that quiet guy likes to go to school early, so we should go while we can! We can even ride on Akusenmi there!" She said, grinning toothily.

Ven smiled nervously again. "You just wanna ride Akusenmi to school, don't you?" Rein couldn't fool her.

Rein laughed loudly again, "you know me so well."


"Huh...?" Sora muttered sleepily, slightly sitting up in her bed.

"Who could be at my door at this hour...?" She muttered again before getting out of bed and walking over to her door before opening it. Instantly, her eyes widened.

"WE'RE ALL TOGETHER! LET'S GO TO SCHOOL~!" Rein sang loudly, her hands high in the air and a wide smile on her face. Ven smiled and waved shyly.


"W-What the...? Ven? Rein?" Her eyes were still wide and they widened even more seeing Akusenmi in his Summon form, sitting in the apartment lawn, seemingly waiting for them.

"Let me tell you now... This girl knows how to ride to school in style!" Zuro said, jumping into the scene and in front of Sora's door. Rein laughed loudly at his mental words.

"Damn right I do!"

Ven smiled slightly again. "Sorry for coming so early, but apparently we're going to school a bit early..."

Rein nodded, "common! Get dressed and let's go!" She grinned widely, noticing Sora was still in her pajamas. Sora's eyes widened again, but only slightly this time. Her sleepiness completely disappearing, she bowed to Rein.

"R-Right! Of course! I'll be right back!" With that, she closed her door and ran off to get changed. With a raised eyebrow and slightly wide eyes, Rein glanced to Ven. Glancing back at her, Ven shrugged.

With Rein laughing loudly and the three girls, along with their Summons in Akusenmi's palm, Akusenmi took off into the sky after flapping his powerful wings twice.

"We should do this everyday!" Rein laughed as they flew over the city to their high school.

Ven smiled, "and wake up this early?" Suddenly Rein's eyes widened.

"Pffft! Fuck that! Nevermind!" Ven couldn't help but laugh at her words.

"Here we are!" Rein smiled as Akusenmi landed on the school yard. Rein, Ven and Sora quickly stepped off his palm as soon as he let his hand touch the ground.

"Common! Before we're seen!" Rein said, ushering the girls quickly off. As soon as they were off his hand, Akusenmi transformed back into his smaller form. Lifting up her bag latch, Akusenmi flew in before Rein lowered the latch over her bag again. Gaius as well flew into Ven's bag and Zuro remained sitting by Sora's feet.

"We should go check the library before any kids come." Ven said.

Rein nodded, "let's go!" With that, the three girls, plus Zuro who followed after them, ran off into the school and to the library, not knowing that someone saw them. Snickering from behind one of the trees in the school yard, Arron walked away and into the school with his hands in his pockets.

"That him?" Rein asked, ducking behind one of the closed doors of the library and peeking inside from the open one to the side of them. Inside sat a boy that matched the picture's description. He sat at one of the tables, seemingly reading a large book in front of him.

"Yeah, that's him alright." Sora said, who currently peaked inside from under Rein.

Rein grinned, "good. Now we can interrogate him. He might be reading about us as we speak."

"What do we do if he does know?" Ven asked quietly. Rein's eyes widened and then they narrowed.

"I'm not sure... Calen only told us to interrogate him." She said then gave a sigh. "Damnit, Calen...!"

"Should we wait to interrogate him until we know what to do afterwards?" Sora asked in a hushed tone.

Rein shook her head. "But what if he does know? We can't just let him go with knowledge about us!" Ven frowned at this. Rein did have a point...

Sora then sighed. "Maybe we should hold this off until after school. If we wait, maybe we'll come up with an idea." She said. Rein nodded, "yeah. For now, we can find that new Miarenel."

Sora blinked with wide eyes. "You mean Arron?"

Rein shook her head. "No, not that one. Apparently there's a new one that killed Naka-Teach yesterday." Sora's eyes widened, "you mean Mr. Nakamoto?"

Nodding, Rein grinned. "Never liked that guy. Anyway, turns out he was a Senboku. An unknown Summon killed him according to Calen. Now we gotta find him! He was killed by ice shards, so all we gotta do is look for a Summon having to do with ice and we can find the Miarenel. Easy!"

Ven sighed, "if only there weren't so many kids in our school..."

Rein laughed. "At least it'll keep me busy."

Sora nodded, "let's meet up on the roof at lunch and discuss what we found or heard."

Rein and Ven both nodded, "sounds good!"

"Made it...!" Kamiya breathed, sitting down in his desk and laying his arms on the cold surface, just as the first bell rang.

"Hey, Kamiya!" A slap to his shoulder instantly told Kamiya who it was. Turning around, Kamiya smiled widely.

"Hey, Nobo - I mean, Atsume." Kamiya said, quickly correcting himself and scratching the back of his head. Smiling, his Summon took a seat in the empty desk beside him.

"Just call me Nobori here. Anyway, how are you holding up?" He asked, his smile growing more cheerful.

Kamiya returned the smile. "Good. Yesterday still feels like a dream though... I mean..." He muttered, trailing off at the end. Nobori nodded, his smile remaining. "Don't worry, once we find the other Miarenel's, it'll get easier." Kamiya nodded at his words.

Walking into her classroom, Sora sighed. After awhile of looking around, she, Rein and Ven found nothing. Walking over to her desk, Sora placed her bag down.

"Don't worry, once we find the other Miarenel's, it'll get easier..." Sora's eyes instantly widened at the familiar word. She whirled around, seeing two boys talking. One with dark brown hair and honey-gold eyes and the other, dark silver hair and indigo eyes. The dark brown-haired boy nodded, "if you're sure."

"Are they...?" She muttered, but as soon as she said that, the new homeroom teacher came in.

"Homeroom is starting!" Instantly, all of the kids talking around the room, all of the incidents with Mr. Nakamoto, scrambled to their seats, and the dark silver-haired boy patted the dark brown-haired boy's head, muttering one last thing and left the room. Frowning, Sora watched the brown haired boy a bit more before she looked back to the teacher as he began calling attendance.

"I have to tell Rein and Ven..." She muttered in her mind, before she looked out to the window. "Maybe..." Getting an idea, Sora closed her eyes.

"Zuro? Can you hear me?" Zuro's ears perked up. His eyes opened as he sat up from the branch from the tree he was laying on and he looked up to the school.

"What?" His voice wasn't cold, but more curious if anything. "Find out something?" Sora was secretly relieved he could hear her voice from this distance.

"Yeah. I found out who the Miarenel and Summon are." She paused as the teacher called the brown-haired boy's name and the boy responded.

"Do you know their names?" Zuro asked.

"I know the Miarenel's name. His name is Kamiya Takahe. The teacher just announced it. He's doing attendance." Zuro nodded to himself from his branch. "Have you approached him?" Sora almost shook her head to herself. "No, I haven't gotten the chance too. Class is about to start. I need you to find Rein and inform her. Somehow I doubt she went to class. She's probably off wandering around the school. Tell her the Miarenel's name, and tell her that his Summon has dark silver hair and indigo eyes." Sora said mentally, keeping her eyes on the teacher.

Zuro nodded. "Leave it to me." He said to her mentally before jumping off his branch. Running around the perimeter of the school, Zuro found an open window to an empty classroom and climbed in. Maneuvering around the desks, he ran over to the classroom doors and jumped up on the counter beside the door. Pawing the doorknob with both paws, he managed to open the door and with a forceful pull, he opened it. Swiftly, he ran out the classroom and into the empty halls.

Running aimlessly down the sides of the halls, he stopped at a corner, hearing footsteps. Ducking close to the wall, he watched as a teacher passed by and as soon as he knew he was gone, Zuro took off down the hall again in search of Rein. Growling to himself after awhile more of running, Zuro stopped. This was getting him nowhere. In this form, he was too small and the school was too big. Trying a different tactic, Zuro closed his eyes.

"Rein? Akusenmi? Can you hear me?"

Rein stopped walking in the middle of the empty hallway, hearing Zuro's familiar voice in her head and Akusenmi's head poked out of her bag. "It's Zuro." Akusenmi said and Rein nodded.

"Zuro? That you?" Zuro was relieved to hear Rein's voice answer him back.

"Yeah. Where are you?" He asked.

"Avoiding class. Why? Wanna skip with me?"

Zuro ignored her last question. "Meet me up on the roof; now. Sora found out the name of the Miarenel and she saw his Summon."

Rein's eyes widened. "Alright. We'll meet you there." She said mentally back to Zuro before taking off down the hallway and to the roof. Zuro quickly ran across the hallway and jumped through an open window, landing safely on his feet from the second floor. Finding a pipe going up the long wall, Zuro used his claws and climbed up it until he reached the roof, he then jumped from the pipe to the fence and latched his claws onto it's metal. As he climbed up the fence to the stop, the door leading to the roof opened and Rein appeared along with Akusenmi.

"Zuro!" Rein called, running up to him as he jumped down from the fence.

"So she really saw them?" She asked, kneeling down in front of them as Akusenmi flew on Rein's shoulder.

Zuro nodded. "She knows the Miarenel's name and the appearance of the Summon. The Miarenel's name is Kamiya Takahe and the Summon has dark silver hair and indigo eyes."

Rein whistled and grinned. "He sounds attractive!"

Zuro sighed mentally. "Humans... Anyway, Sora told me to tell you, so now it's up to you to the Summon while Sora approaches this 'Kamiya' boy. My guess is Kamiya is in her homeroom class. She said her teacher called his name during attendance." Rein nodded and flattened her palm against her forehead, saluting to the cat.

"Leave it to me! I'll find him for sure!"

Sora turned back to look at Kamiya just as the homeroom bell rang. Sighing, she stood up and grabbed her bag just as he grabbed his and stood up.

"Um..." Sora muttered, walking up to him. Blinking, Kamiya looked to Sora and smiled.

"Yes, can I help you? Ummm... Was it Sora?" He asked a bit nervously, wondering if he got her name right as he scratched the back of his head.

Sora smiled and nodded. "Yes. I couldn't help but hear you and your friend earlier and umm..." She muttered and Kamiya looked at her with a curious expression.

"You... You're a Miarenel, aren't you?" She asked. Kamiya's eyes widened, "w-what?"

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