Author's Note:

GaaaAAAAAAH. Holy freaking shit I am so sorry for not updating this in so long edhdejhnednjed. Sadly this isn't an update. ;; Just a notice.

This story is going to be continued. I repeat, it WILL continue.

I am just busy lately. Like it's kinda bad. I'm in college now, and on top of that, I got a job. And anytime I have free time has been spent to drawing projects. Lately it seems like all I do is draw and roleplay. Sigh.

Some of you may not be keeping up to date with my status, but numerous pictures of Rein can now be found on DeviantART, and Ven even has a brand new look. You can even talk to Rein and roleplay with her on her own facebook, which I am constantly active on.

As for the story, I plan on updating within a few days or weeks. It will take some time to plan and get up a decent lengthed chapter like my old length chapters used to be. (5000-8000 words)

I will do my best to get up another chapter if you allow me some more time. :)

As for the old chapters, I now see all of my grammar mistakes. I will go back and edit all of the old chapters, and edit some of the dialogue as some of it seems kinda... eh, off to me. So it will be fixed.

Along with that, Rein and Ven's appearance will be edited within the story. Ven now has pink hair and purple eyes if you haven't seen her pictures on DeviantART.

Rein's hair is longer and her hairstyle is different, but her hair color and eye color are still the same. Her clothes have also recently been changed, so that will be edited within the story.

At the moment, I can't give an approximate estimate of when the chapter will be out. I have some time between classes, so I can start writing then. My guess, maybe two or three weeks from now on a Sunday? Definitely not Saturday since that is the day I work the most out of the week. Sunday I get home from class at 2 pm so i'll have more time to sit down and write once I finished with all of my drawing projects.

I have a lot of drawing projects I need to start/finish, so the finished product of the chapter will be released when I am done with my projects. At the moment, I am working on a large Halloween picture including both Rein and Ven.

For now, that's really all I have to say update-wise. I hope to see you all again soon in a few weeks time, and again, I'm terribly sorry about how long it's been. ;; I hope you all forgive me and that you are all still interested in this story.