I can't like him, he's Sarah's ex-boyfriend. Not to mention my Stepbrother's best friend. I sigh as I walk up to my room. I shut the door and lean against the oak door painted white and plastered with posters. I groan as I walk towards my side table, I pull out one of the drawers and take out my journal, I hadn't written in it for about 6 months. I flip through it until I found the page I'm looking for. May 2,2010. I sigh as I read it. Two years ago today Jacob Vane told me he loved me. I look at the page and tears drip down my face and onto the old page. It smeared a few lines and I close the book. I sit on the large canopied bed in my room and sobbed until I drained my body of most of its fluid. A knock comes from my door and I hear a deep voice ask, "Are you okay Makayla?"

"Fine," I manage to croak and I hear a huff.

"Kayla, can you let me in?"

"No!" I exclaim and he chuckles.

"Kay, it's just me. Jake left."

I reluctantly get up and walk across the room and open the door. I look up at my stepbrother, Anthony. "What?"

"Why were you crying?" He asks, arms folded squarely across his chest.

"It's nothing," I murmur and he frowns.

"Makayla Janelle Sutton, do not give that me BS. Tell me or I will get Jake back over here." He threatens and I jump.

"NO!" I screech and he looks amused.

"Hey Jake!" He yells down the hall and Jake appears out of Anthony's room, a smug look on his face. I bite my bottom lip and look at him. Jake chuckles and I cross my arms over my chest and glare at Anthony.

"You lied to me!" I exclaim, "I'd sleep with one eye open if I were you."

Jake looks amused, "Babe, calm down."

"Do NOT call me 'babe' ever again Jacob." I say and stomp my foot. They both have that did you just stomp your foot look marred across their faces.

"Did you just-" Anthony starts before I cut him off.

"Yes, yes I did. Cause you wanna know something Anthony James Cooper? I am tired of being lied to!" I yell as tears begin to pour again and my head spins before I grip the door frame for support. They both look at me concerned as I grow pale. My head throbs before my knees go weak.

"Go get her mom!" Jake yells to Tony as I feel the ground disappear under my feet. I'm carried to a car and I hear three doors slam before I'm out cold. I wake up in a hospital bed with my mom, Anthony, and Ethan asleep in the recliners. I hear a whining and glance to my side. Jake had his head resting on the edge of my bed. Was Jacob whining? My head throbs and I move a hand to touch it. I'm scary pale and squeak. "Makaykay?" I glance over at him and my heart skips a beat. The heart rate monitor's pace quickens as I look into his striking blue eyes. It's strange, he has naturally brown eyes, maybe I'm being delusional.


"Why didn't you tell us?" He asks quietly and I gasp. Jake and Tony know now. Oh, joy.

"That I'm sick? Cause I'm not." I state, my head throbs and I bring my hands up massage my temples but Jake beats me to it.

He sighs contently and I look at him puzzled. "It's something I need to know," He murmurs, a slight protective edge in his voice. Anthony stirs and Jake pulls his hands away from my head, frowning. Tony opens his eyes to look at me.

"Kayla, why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what? That I'm anorexic?" I ask slightly annoyed.

"Yes, that! Why would you do that to yourself?" He asks and they both look at me.

"Its generic, I didn't do it to myself okay? I just gotta live with it." I mumble.

"It'd still be something we need to know Makaykay." Jake says and I nod.

"Sorry," I murmur as a nurse comes in.

"Visiting hours are over." She states and I frown slightly.

"Okay, we'll be right out." Tony says and wakes my mom and his dad. They leave but before I can close my eyes again Jake comes in.

"I forgot something," he murmurs and I look confused. He walks over and kisses my forehead. "Good night mi vita, Sweet dreams." Then he's gone again. I frown as I watch him disappear down the corridor. I know mi vita is italian I just don't know what it means. I sigh, now would be a really nice time to have my phone. I groan and I hear his voice again. This time it's in my head though. "Mi manchi anima Mia (I miss you my soul)."

Okay, now I'm just losing it, I think to myself. "No, you're not amore." I hear and groan. I hear his deep laugh and shot a mind message back ay him.

"What are you saying? I don't speak Italian! And how the heck are you doing this mind meld thingy!"

"I'll explain when I see you again. Until then mi manchi come l'aria che respiro( ."

"What in the world does that mean?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow when I come visit."

"But I don't want to wait till then! Dammit Jacob!" I exclaim out loud and turn red as a few nurses passing by give me weird looks. I hear him chuckle. "How do I shut you out?"

"You put up a wall. Block me from your thoughts."

"Okay, goodnight Jake."

"Goodnight mio Tesoro."

I sigh and lean my head back and a nurse walks in, "Dinner hun." She sets down a tray of food and I frown slightly. I hate hospital food but it was chicken tenders so that made it just a tad bit better. She sits there and watches me eat.

"Is something wrong?" I ask and hear Jake's deep chuckle.

"Hey! I thought I told you to stay out!" I mentally whine.

"Fine, but you do a very bad job of not broadcasting your thoughts."

"No, but I need to make sure you eat all of your meals."

I frown and eat my supper before going to brush my teeth. I scramble back into bed and try my best to sleep. It's hard due to the cool air constantly on. I sigh and glance at the clock. It was early and I want to be in something other than this paper gown. I decide to go for a walk. I walk around and a few nurses smile at me. One joins me as I walk. I find it calming as we talk. Her name was Sophia. She was kind and offered if I wanted we could go for a walk anytime. It was a nice stress reliever. "Do you know when I might be released?" I ask.

"Uh, come with me and I'll check." She smiles and we walk to the nurses desk. I frown as she shrugs. "It doesn't say. Just until your stable I guess," She murmurs and I turn to walk back to my room. "What's that on your neck?"

I look at her a little confused and she holds up two mirrors so I can see. My eyes go wide, "What is that?" I ponder and I hear her growl slightly.

"Makayla, get away from her!"

I back up as her eyes grow red. "Why? Jake, I'm scared."

"Just go back to your room. I'll be there in a few minutes. Open your window." I don't object and hurry back to my room. I wonder why he wanted me to open my window, I was on the fourth floor. I open the window and go back to my bed. A few minutes later Jake slips through the window and shuts it.

"Jake, what is going on?" I whisper and he shushes me. He pulls me into a hug and doesn't let me go.

"I'll explain that later. Right now, you have to get some rest." He murmurs and places me on the bed effortlessly.

"Are you crazy? I can't sleep right now! There's a nurse out there with red eyes and she growled at me!"

"Go to bed mi vita, I'll be here all night." He murmurs and I reluctantly shut my eyes. Soon enough I wake up and see red eyes in my face. I scream and Jake comes out of the bathroom. The nurse takes a step back as he growls. He takes me into his arms, "Stay away from her."

"Why? She has no claim on her and she has no pack." The nurse snarls.

"She's my mate. She's apart of my pack. Now, leave." He says in a commanding voice. Even I was about to obey if he didn't have his arms wrapped around me. It felt strangely comforting. "Are you okay?"

I glance up at him, his eyes are a glowing blue. "Your eyes," I mutter looking into them.

He sighs and closes them. When he opens them again they're a calming brown again, "Are you okay?"

"No, I want answers Jacob."

He sighs and sets me on the bed. "We should get the Coopers and your mom out here first."

I frown, obviously frustrated. "Tell them to bring me clothes, real food, and my phone please."

He nods and kisses me on the forehead before leaving. I curl up under the sheets as I smile to myself. Maybe Jake did like me I can't. I wouldn't do that to Sarah. "I'll be back during visiting. Stay safe and if you need me I'm just a thought away mi vita."

"What does that mean?"

I hear him chuckle, "It means my life, anything else?"

"Yeah, care to explain why that nurse wants me dead?"

"She didn't. She wants me dead." I hear him in my head and begin to panic. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"How did you know I was panicking?"

"Your panic was coming off of you in waves, oh and Sarah would understand. She broke up with me for a reason Makaykay."

"Jake, come back."

"Why?" He sounded amused.


"Anything for you, give me a minute. I'm going to go get your things."

I sigh and hear him chuckle before I lean back into the pillows and shut my eyes. I nod off until a while later I wake up and everyone is staring at me, I gasp and put a hand over my heart. "That's exactly how I want to be woken up, thanks guys."

I scan the room for Jake and frown when I don't see him. "He's talking to that nurse, Sophie."

My eyes go wide and I practically jump out of bed and run into the hallway. Tony follows behind me, trying to get me back to bed. I run square into Jake's wide chest. He catches me and smiles, "Back to bed mi vita."

I nod and Tony looks puzzled, "What's going on? Are you dating now?"

I bite my bottom lip and shiver as Jake places a hand on the small on my back and guides me back to the room. "Makayla, I am so sorry honey." My mom says and I look confused as I sit on the bed. Jake sits in the chair beside me.

"Someone tells me what's up before I lose it." I say calmly and Ethan gulps along with Tony. I grow impatient,"Anyone? Really, I just want to know!"

Jake frowns and takes my hand, rubbing soothing circles into the back of my hand. "Kayla, you're half werewolf." My mom says and I get light headed. Jake steadies me and I lay back. "I'm a werewolf, your dad was human."

I shut my eyes not wanting to hear this and cover my ears. "Makaykay, listen. Please." Jake pleads with me and holds my wrists gently to pull my hands way from my ears. I slowly uncover them and open my eyes. I've lived with a wolf my whole life.

"Werewolf actually mi vita," Jake corrects causing everyone to look at him.

"Did he just read her mind?" Tony asks shocked.

"He did, Kayla. May I see the back of your neck?" Ethan asks and Jake growls.

Then Ethan does the unimaginable, he whines and bares his neck. "That mark was made for my eyes only." Jacob snarls and they all whimper. I gulp and Jacob looks back at me. "I'm sorry if I scared you." His voice sounded slightly sad. He sighs as I gently squeeze his hand.

"This isn't the place to discuss this. Can we take her home?" Tony speaks up and I nod. Jake hands me my clothes in a bag and I go change. I feel a lot better in my running shorts and T-shirt. I pull on my running shoes. My mom signs me out as Jacob hugs me from behind. I smile and instinctively lean back into him. He was hot though, you couldn't blame me. He was easily 6'5 with wide shoulders and a narrow waist, giving him a deep v-cut I'd seen time and time again from him showering at our house and walking around shirtless. A girl walks by and checks him out, I frown and he dips his head to whisper in my ear.

"Non preoccuparti ho occhi solo per te la mi vita." He whispers before translating, "Don't worry, I only have eyes for you my life."

I shudder as his hot breath tickles my neck. I smile a this words and he offers to drive me back himself. My mom frowns but nods knowing this was a losing fight. I sigh as he walks me to his BMW, he opens the door for me before climbing in the other side. I smile as he takes my hand and gently kisses it, I smile and lean across the seat and lay my head against his shoulder. He smiles and takes a deep breath. "Did you just smell me?" I ask slightly amused.

He chuckles, "You smell intoxicating, I can't tell you how annoying it was to smell hospital and that one doctors scent on you."

I smile and turn to look at him, "Does it annoy you knowing I live with two other men?" I ask seductively in his ear. He whines and I smirk.

"Yes, it does actually." He frowns and I shake my head laughing. He gently squeezes my hand as we turn the corner.

"So, why did Sophie want to kill you?"

He sighs, "It's rare but she's a bisexual werewolf. And interestingly enough took a liking to you."

I frown at the thought of her holding me. Jacob growls and I scowl at him, "Stay out of my head!". I smack his arm and he chuckles.


"Yeah?" I say as I lean back and shut my eyes.

"I love you."

I squeak as we pull into the driveway. I stare at him dumbstruck. He chuckles and leans across the seat and places a slow, soft kiss on my lips. "You have no clue how long I've waited for you to do that."

He chuckles and gets out of the car before walking over to my side and opening the door. "You have no clue how bad I've always wanted to do that" We walk towards the house and near the door he tenses. "She's been here."

I frown and grip his arms. We walk inside and he shuts the door. I take a seat on the loves eat and Jake sits beside me. I stare at my mom waiting for her to continue, "Well?"

"Jacob, do you mind if I talk to her alone?" My mother says and he reluctantly nods. As I get up to follow her upstairs to my room I hear him whine.

"Dang, you're whipped." Tony chuckles and Jacob turns to look at him.

"She's something," he murmurs as I glance back at him.

I pad up to my room and my mom motions for me to shut my door, "Makayla, I left your dad before you were born because it wasn't right. Then you were born and a few years later I bonded with Ethan, I didn't think you'd be affected by my werewolf genes since you're only half a werewolf. I didn't expect you to find a mate." My mom cries and I hear a knocking on my door.

"Veronica, are you okay?" I hear Ethan asks worried.

She swallows, "I'm fine, just a little shaken."

We hear his reluctant footsteps. "You mean you knew this whole time and didn't tell me?"

She nods, "Ethan and Tony are werewolves too." I stare at her. I live with werewolves and never knew it. I gasp and Jacob's voice pops into my head.

"Are you okay mi vita?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just shocked."

"Do you want me to come up there?"

"No, I'm good. Just taking it all in, that's all."

"Makayla, I'm so sorry. I wanted you to live a normal life honey."

"With a werewolf mom I don't think that's possible."

"I understand, I'm sorry Sweetie."

"Stop saying sorry!" I exclaim. "I don't want an apology! I want an explanation."

We hear running up the stairs and look up seconds before the door flies open. I look into Jake's eyes and they look panicked. "We gotta get you out of here." He says before throwing my clothes in one of my bags. He grabs my hand and pulls me down the stairs. He pushes me into the back seat behind my mom. He climbs in and I frown.

"What's going on?" I ask as he buckles me in and Tony pulls out of the driveway.

"Sophie had her alpha send out wolves to watch you." Ethan says and I frown. Jake wraps an arm around me and I rest my head against his chest and my mom stares out the window.

"Bitch crazy," I mutter and they laugh. "Where are we going?"

"The mansion," Jacob says, I'd known he was rich but I didn't expect the magnitude of the house that poked through the trees. I stare in awe as he chuckles. We stop and he gets out before helping me out. My bag still in his hands. We walk inside I gulp, I'd only meet Elliot and Marisole Vane once when we were picking Tony up. He leads me up the steps and a stern looking man steps out. I back away as his eyes rest on me. "Are you okay?"

"He scares me."

"Dad, stop. You're scaring her." Jacob says wrapping his arms protectively around me. I press against Jacob's chest as his stare intensifies. "Dad!"

His expressions softens as Jacob puts himself in between me and his dad. "You truly care for her."

"I do, she's my true mate." He says as I cling to his arm. "It's fine Makayla."

"So, this is Veronica's daughter. Spitting image of her." A woman smiles as she walks out. Jacob moves to wrap one arm around my waist again.

"Ciao belle," His dad smiles offering me his hand and Jake bares his teeth.

"Jake, thats uncalled for," I murmur and he relaxes as I shake his mom and dad's hands.

"Hi Marisole, hello Elliot," My mom chirps as she walks in, followed by Tony and Ethan. "Giving Makayla a hard time?"

Elliot chuckles and shakes his head, Jake gives him and he full out laughs. "Just a tad bit Veronica."

"A tad?" Jacob says raising his eyebrow. I giggle as his mom laughs.

"Go show her around. We set up a room for them in the East wing." His dad says and he frowns.

"The East wing?" He asks in a strained voice.

"Yes, why?" His dad asks and Marisole swats at Elliot's arm.

"He's joking. Aren't you Elliot?" She says before turning to my mom.

"If its fine with you I gave her the room connected to Jacob's."

"It's perfectly. They've fallen asleep on the couch together before." My mom says and I blush. Jacob quickly pulls me away and leads me away. We're half down the hallway when he stops.

"I'm sorry about that." He says and I smile.

"Its fine Jake." I say as we walk to a room and he opens the door. He puts my bag down on the bed and I lay down on the bed, "I've missed a real bed so much." He chuckles and pulls me up.

"More than me?" He asks pressing his forehead to mine. I smile as his arms wind around my waist.

"Almost," I say and he chuckles before he leans in. I shut my eyes as his warm lips mold with mine. The door opens with a bang and I pull away quickly.