Jacob's P.O.V

I sit on the plane and glance down at McKayla's sleeping form as the plane dings, announcing our descent. Gently, I nudge McKayla she stirs slightly before mumbling incoherently in her sleep. "Mi vita, wake up," I murmur in her ear and she cracks her eyes open. Her eyes groaned with exhaustion as they peered up at me from beneath her eyelashes.

"What time is it?" My wife mutters still slightly sleep induced.

"Around 8 in the morning US time and 5 in the afternoon in Romania." Ethan answers his step-daughter as we being to sink to the ground.

"Its early." She mumbles curling into my side and I smile lovingly at her.

"Sleep then." I mumble into her hair as we sink lower and lower out of the sky. "I'll carry you to the car." I yawn as she takes my hand and presses her lips to it.

"Goodnight." She murmurs and dozes off. I smile as the wheels touch the ground and the plane jumps before touching down. We taxi down the runway as Tony and Dani begin to gather their game of cards, James and Jamie stop talking about their wedding and our parents make sure everyone is fine.

They give us an all clear and I unbuckle McKayla's seatbelt before lifting her out of the seat and out of the plane. Her stomach size had gone down considerably already, and she murmured quietly in my arms. I set her down in the back passenger seat between Jamie and Dani before getting in the drivers side. Tony was with my parents, Veronica and Ethan, while James sat in the front passenger seat. It's a fairly long drive to the location of the Castle but an interesting one.

We arrive after a while and I carry McKayla up to one of the guest bedrooms we'd be residing in. I nudge open the door and flick on the lights before making my way to the bed. I set my wife down and tuck her in, nice and warm. I gently place a kiss on her forehead before unpacking our things. "Jake?" I hear McKayla's sleepy voice and leave the closet to see what was wrong.

"Right here sweetheart," I smile and she reaches for me. "Did you sleep well?"

"Slept great, I don't have a baby kicking me in the ribs or my spine," She murmurs tilting her head to the side, still slightly sad.

"I know baby, I'm sorry." I murmur hugging her close to me. "We just need one normal cycle out of you before we can try again. Or two weeks."

"I want my little Jacob Junior." She pouted and I chuckle. "No, like I really wanted a mini you running around causing mischief."

"Well, he's going to be one heck of a ladies man if he's like me." I chuckle and McKayla pulls back to smack my arm.

"Jake!" She says mortified as she gets up and hustles about grooming herself. I smile innocently before leaving her to get ready. I walk about the castle exploring. I stumble upon a few old friends and catch up before going to look for my wife. I was away from her to long and there are other men in this structure.

"Kayla?" I call as I enter our room to find the bathroom light on and the door closed. Gently I knock and I hear McKayla's silent humming along with the running of water. "McKayla?"


"Hurry, sweetheart. Dinner is about to be served!"

"Give me a minute! I'm showering!" She says and I growl.

"Don't tempt me to come in there!" I call through the door and she squeaks.

"No! I'm coming," She says and the water goes off.

"McKayla," I warn, "I'm coming in there if you don't open this door right this moment."

"Jeez, I'm done." She says walking out in a sweater dress and leggings and boots.

I chuckle, "Let's go." Quickly she wraps her arms around me, stretching up for a quick kiss.

Smiling, I kiss her back and at that moment the world stopped and smiled for me. "I love you," She smiles.

"I love you too." I grin and we begin walking to the door until it flies open and there stood the girl from the woods so long ago. Looking as deranged as ever.

"You!" She screeches and advances towards McKayla and I, an accusing finger directed towards my wife. Instinctively I intercept her, placing my self between the two. "You stole him from me!"

Hi guys! Long time no see huh? Well, I can't move forward with this story or any of my stories because of school and school has destroyed my creative mind. So, I will be rewriting my stories and giving them more detail and altering them to get my creativity flowing again. Wish me luck, I'll need it. Oh, and like my new pen name? Safe Haven, sounds nice huh. Lol, well yeah, I've been gone for forever! But I'm back for the next 2 and a half weeks.