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Qi Pao

"No Tristan! There is no way I'm putting that on!" Tristan whined, scooting closer to his boyfriend on the bed.

"Why not? You'll look sexy in it."

"It's a dress Tristan! And in case you haven't noticed in our previous sexual encounters, I don't have a vagina!" Zander was nearly yelling, his face flushed a deep red.

"Trust me, I know. But…" Tristan dragged out the syllables in the word. "You love me, so you'll put it on for me."

"B-but…" Zander sputtered at the idea of putting on the traditional Chinese dress called a Qi Pao(pronounced Chi-Pow).

"Ah, you're stuttering." Tristan ran his finger along his boyfriend's jawline. "I'm breaking you down."

"W-why do you have such weird kinks?"

"Because I'm Tristan. Please Zan? You know I'll make it worth your while."

"I-I know that but I…"

"So what's the problem? I mean, if you really don't want to, I'm not going to force you to do it. But this is something I think we'd both enjoy, so I ask that you at least think about it." Zander sighed, hiding his face in his hands.

"Where'd you get that thing anyway?"

"Found it at the store."

"And you felt the need to buy it why?"

"Because I knew that you would look great in it." Zander slowly uncovered his face.

"Are you sure that…that you'll make it worth my while?" A twinkle appeared in Tristan's eyes.

"Trust me babe, of course I will." Zander met Tristan's eyes for a moment before shaking his head, muttering something to himself.

"Fine, give it here." Tristan grinned, handing the dress to Zander, who snatched it from his hands.

"Have I ever mentioned that I love you?"

"Oh can it." Zander disappeared into the bathroom and Tristan laid back on Zander's bed, waiting not-so-patiently for his boyfriend to come out. He was a little surprised that he had managed to convince Zander to put on the dress, but he knew that if he played his cards right, he would be able to do it.

The bathroom door cracked open and Zander poked his head out, his dark hair completely covering one eye, his cheeks pink. "Alright," he said quietly. "I have it on."

"Well are you going to come out here and let me see your sexy body?" Tristan smirked, his lip ring shining in the sunlight that was splashing into the room and Zander sighed, opening the door and stepping out.

Tristan's mouth dropped. The dress looked even better on his boyfriend than he had imagined. It was a sleek black with gold trim around the edges. There was a cherry blossom pattern on the dress in gold as well. The Qi Pao fit around Zander's hips very nicely and oh damn, that slit up the right side…

"How does it look?" Zander asked him shyly, glancing down at the dress. Tristan said nothing, instead standing up and reaching his boyfriend in two quick strides. He kissed Zander deeply, wrapping his arms around Zander's waist and pulling him close. Zander couldn't help but moan, especially when Tristan pushed his knee between Zander's legs and grinded against his thigh.

"Bed," Zander choked out and he wrapped his legs around Tristan, who grabbed his ass and hiked him higher up his body. He stumbled back towards the bed and dumped Zander on it, climbing on top of him. He kissed Zander again, pushing his hips forward and grinning when he felt his boyfriend's growing arousal.

"You're so sexy," Tristan muttered, his hands trailing up the dress and grabbing his boyfriend's perfect ass. Zander let out a surprised gasp, his hands fisting into Tristan's shirt.

"Can I take this dress off yet?" Zander asked, his eyes fluttering shut when Tristan pushed his hips forward again.

"No," Tristan said, suddenly serious. Zander opened his eyes to look into his boyfriend's lust-darkened ones. "You're keeping it on the whole time."

"Why am I dating you?" Zander asked, somehow able to formulate a sentence that actually made sense, humor in his voice.

"Because you love me," Tristan whispered back, grinding against Zander and making both of them moan. "And you love the way I fuck you." Zander flushed red and closed his eyes again, his hands gripping Tristan's forearms.

"You know I do," Zander breathed. "And you're wearing too many clothes." Zander opened his eyes and pulled Tristan down so he could run his tongue along Tristan's lower lip. "Strip."

"Yes sir." Zander started stroking himself leisurely and Tristan leaned back to pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor. Tristan kept his eyes locked on Zander's as he took his clothes off, shimmying out of his tight jeans and tossing those aside.

"I love your body," Zander said quietly, running his hands down Tristan's sides before one hand pressed against the bulge in his dark boxers. Tristan groaned and leaned forward, his hands gripping the pillow as Zander palmed his erection slowly.

Tristan managed a weak "don't I know it," and moaned softly, pushing his hips forward against Zander's hand. Zander was still stroking himself as well, groaning softly but enjoying the feeling of his boyfriend rocking against his hand.

"Wait, stop." Tristan suddenly breathed, grabbing Zander's wrist. "Don't make me come in my boxers. I want to come inside you." Zander bit his lip and slowly took his hand back.

"Can I ride you?" Tristan's eyes widened a bit. Had those words come from Zander's mouth?


"I want to ride you." He kissed Zander, who pushed his boxers off of his body, and flipped their positions.

"You know I can't say no to you." Zander's penis was leaking pre-come and staining the dress, but neither was concerned about that. Zander grabbed his boyfriend's arousal and lined it up with his tight entrance.

"Wait." Tristan's breathless voice interrupted him and Zander looked down at the aroused boy beneath him.


"Do you need lube?"

"Um, yeah."

"Top drawer." Zander leaned over to the bedside table and felt around for a bottle of lube, which he found quickly. He pulled it out and popped the cap open.

"Hold on a second." Zander laughed a little.

"Tristan, if you don't want me to ride you, just say so." Tristan gripped his boyfriend's hips, rubbing up against the cleft of his ass, making him groan.

"Fuck, of course I want to. I was just wondering if I could…" He trailed off and drizzled some lube onto two of his fingers. Zander leaned down against his boyfriend's body, his breath hot against Tristan's ear. Tristan pulled the dress up to Zander's stomach and moved his fingers down to his boyfriend's ass. His fingers circled around Zander's hole before pushing slowly inside.

Zander shook against him as Tristan thrust his fingers into Zander slowly, trying to stretch him out a little. "Tristan…" Zander moaned into his ear, nibbling on his earlobe and nuzzling against his neck.

"Ready?" Tristan rubbed his fingers against Zander's prostate, making his boyfriend moan again.

"Yes," he breathed. Tristan pulled his fingers out of Zander, who whined with the loss, but he positioned himself over Tristan's erection and guided it into himself. He slowly sunk down, shivering when he was in all the way. His hands were splayed across his boyfriend's firm chest.

"Fuck Zander," Tristan groaned, stroking Zander steadily. Zander whimpered and started rocking his hips forward, the tip of Tristan's penis brushing against Zander's prostate.

"Fuck me Tristan," Zander gasped. Tristan happily obliged, thrusting into Zander at a steady pace, jacking him off in time with his thrusts. Tristan grunted with each thrust and his boyfriend was shaking above him, pleasure shooting through every inch of his body. Tristan loved this—he loved reducing Zander to a whimpering and moaning mess. He loved laying with him in the afterglow, kissing him and whispering to him reassurances of his love.

"Not hard enough," Zander hissed, leaning down and biting the tip of Tristan's ear. "Fuck me harder." Tristan moved his hands to Zander's waist, holding him above him as he drilled into him. Zander was nearly screaming at this point, come drizzling from his tip and sliding down his length.

"Zander, I'm going to fill you up," Tristan grunted, pushing his head back into the pillows, feeling his balls tightening. "Fuck…I'm going to come…"

"Do it, please." Zander whimpered, jacking himself off now. Tristan slammed into Zander a few more times and came, spilling his seed inside his boyfriend. Zander let out a long moan when he felt Tristan pulsing inside of him and filling him up. Tristan groaned as he came, gripping Zander's hips so hard that he found out later he had left bruises.

"Zander, I love the way you feel around me." Tristan breathed, grinning in his afterglow.

"I'm so close," Zander whined, still stroking himself quickly. His eyes were closed and his breathing labored as he tried to reach that euphoria. Tristan wanted to help his boyfriend reach the high that he had so he reached behind Zander's balls and pressed against the spot that drove him crazy.

Zander let out a strangled cry and emptied himself over his own hand and on Tristan's stomach. He breathed out a sigh and collapsed on top of Tristan, pressing a kiss to his jaw and enjoying the sticky feeling between them.

"You should ride me more often," Tristan whispered into Zander's ear, making him giggle.

"Maybe I should," Zander replied. He threaded his fingers into Tristan's hair and gave him the most passionate kiss he could manage. "I love you. In case you didn't already know." Tristan smiled and kissed Zander's forehead.

"I love you too. Now kiss me again Zan."

So he did.