Sweet Abigale

I cast my thoughts of her aside,

As I hear my beloveds wail,

I run to the window as fast as I can to see,

My Sweet Abigale.

Oh but no, it cannot be,

That my love has gone but stale,

For long ago, it has come today, the death of

Sweet Abigale.

Her hair be gray and wispy,

Or as white and stiff as a sail,

It cannot hide the beauty of,

My Sweet Abigale.

Dance we did, but argue not,

For truth beholds this tragic tale,

For out the window, down she fell was my,

Lifeless love Sweet Abigale

Her skin still soft but purple now,

Her hair still black as shale.

And that is the last I got to see of my,

Sweet Abigale.

When she fell, there was a great screaming,

Beneath her a bloody trail,

I say I truely do miss my,

Sweet Abigale

Its like the past is haunting me,

Making me remember without fail.

And having to relive the death and lost of,

Sweet Abigale.

To forget I drown myself in,

Vodka, scotch and Yale,

But they cannot take the form of,

Sweet Abigale.

There she is waiting for me,

Outside on the rail,

I stand up and go to her, I miss my,

Sweet Abigale.

The cup that was beside me crash and shatters,

But sounding like a nail,

I continue to follow to the railing to,

My Sweet Sweet Abigale.

I get closer, she steps away,

My anger bubbles from the ale.

"Why did you step away from me?"

I ask dear Sweet Abigale.

From her lips a smile,

Says she "Have you gotten my mail?

It tells of how I feel for you."

Says my Sweet Abigale.

With that she says nothing further,

I step closer as if to hail,

"Why?" I ask the question again.

To My Sweet Abigale.

I try to grab her hand to catch me,

As I flip off the rail,

And to my horror she let me fall.

What has happened to Sweet Abigale?

And as I fall I realize,

It was a joke caused by the ale,

And so I meet my doom below,

Just like my precious Sweet Abigale.