Olde Glory

Children please gather,

A story I have,

It tells of my coming
Here as a lad,

When the plague was upon us,

And the battles drew near.

My father told me,

"Son have no fear.

When I die in this bed,

Take with you my gold,

Take what you want,

As much as your sack can hold.

Take with you the bible,

And the chest beside me,

Then burn this old home,

And take dear Olde Glory.

Olde Glory will take you,

Where you should go,

Let it be rain,

Or let it be snow.

But do not stop,

For son please beware,

The things that you pass,

Is not really there.

And if you shall rest,

Sleep in the trees not the ground,

Olde Glory will protect you.

Do not make a sound.

And on will you go,

Til Olde Glory is done,

And this my dear son,

Is where your journey has begun.

And Truly at sunrise,

My father lay dead,

Killed in his sleep,

By the sickness I dread.

His chest, I did smuggle,

His gold and his steel.

The documents taken,

And some gauze for my heel.

Before I left forward,

I give my father a kiss,

And lock up my sorrow,

Him surely I'll miss.

And there stood Olde Glory,

Mane gold in the sun,

And here I knew,

My journey has begun.

I leave my old childhood,

The house now ablaze,

It threw me off focus,

And into a daze.

But Olde Glory kept running,

His hooves beat the ground,

And for a moment it seemed,

To be the only heard sound.

For two moons he kept going,

Two sun's passed us by,

And two winds later,

I heard a child cry.

"Slow now Olde Glory,

With your silver horseshoe,

Stop for a moment,

Theres something I must do."

But stop did he not,

Olde Glory ran on.

The child we did pass,

Til the sight of her gone.

And to dear Olde Glory,

A question I asked,

"Why did you keep going?

Why that child did you pass?"

And to my astonishment,

The horse did reply,

"That child had the plague,

If you get near you will die."

This I accepted,

I had no doubt to hide,

And we continued on,

With our long ride.

Tired I grew,

Olde Glory seemed to be,

So stop we did,

And I up a tree.

The night soon then followed,

The moon hung aloft.

And I have drifted

Into a dream so soft.

Awoken by a terrible noise,

"Olde Glory, what wakes me?"

And answered the horse camly,

"Wolves come to eat thee."

"Stay up in the tree,

Ignore the sound,

For I can ward off,

Any Human, beast, or hound."

And sleep I did go,

Til the sun burned my face.

And there stood Olde Glory,

If attacked, there was no trace.

As soon as I climbed on,

Again we did ride,

Across burning deserts,

And in the trees we did hide.

Soon during the journey,

A sob I did hear.

A man wrapped in rags,

In a poor state I did fear.

"Slow now Olde Glory,

With your gold horseshoe,

Stop for a moment,

Theres something I must do."

But stop he did not,

Pass the man, we did go.

Why leave the man?

I wanted to know.

And to dear Olde Glory,

A question I asked,

"Why did you keep going?

Why that poor man did you pass?"

And again, he answered,

"When you go to heal,

That man was not poor,

But me he would steal."

I go into thought,

Then accept this too,

Without Olde Glory,

What would I do?

I asked upon Olde Glory,

"How much longer do we have to go?"

And answered he,

"In three moons or so."

Two moons soon pass,

As it did before,

Then caught sight of a woman,

Who I've come to adore.

Her hair nice and golden,

Her skin, deathly white,

Seemed to wonder alone,

In the night.

And beg to Olde Glory;

"Slow now Olde Glory,

With your bronze horseshoe,

Stop for a moment,

Theres something I must do."

Yet again he did not stop.

My love has come and go.

Why didn't he stop?

Did Olde Glory know?

And to dear Olde Glory,

The question I did ask,

"Why did you keep going?

Why that lovely maiden did you pass?"

And aswered he my noble steed,

"Dear sir, I'm sorry to tell,

But that was the wife of the devil,
And she wishes to drag you to hell."

I threw myself into a fit of rage.

"But how can that be?

How can the devils wife,

Try to seduce me?"

But Olde Glory spoke,

In a voice of calm,

"We won't be at our,

Destination long."

And that he was right,

For up ahead,

We raced to the village,

And Olde Glory dropped dead.

I soon heard a traveler,

Helped a child,

Then died of sickness,

After awhile.

I then heard a traveler,

Helped a poor man,

Who then stole his values,

And let them die in the sand.

Last I heard a traveler,

Fell in love with the maiden as well,

She was the devils wife,

And dragged him to hell.

Now I believe,

What Olde Glory has said,

And now sadly,

My dear horse was dead.

So they built him a statue,

In the village square,

And I bet if you need him,

Again he'll be there.