Down and further,

Water bend.

I dream the same feeling.

I feel the dream again.

Bubbles leaving,

Yet I still have air.

Further down,

What's down there?

Hair everywhere,

Light going away,

I have no memory,

If its night or day?

Is that the sun?

Is that the moon?

Is it midnight?

Is it noon?

All I know is,

I'm falling in blue.

Weightless but pulls,

But I'm falling too.

It feels no bottom,

Will meet me below,

And Yet I stil see,

No matter how further down I go.

I blink my eyes,

And feel the need to breathe,

But I know to keep my mouth shut,

Despite the painful need.

I make no attempt to save myself,

No attempt to move my arms.

Just keep falling falling, in the blue,

Can it be self harm?

Did I mean to be so stiff?

Do I want to swim back up?

Why is my brain so empty,

When it comes to this kind of stuff?

Bubbles long gone from,

Nose and hair.

Surrounded by water,


But why no fish?

No dolphin squeal?

Or if in the artic,

Why no seal?

Why no rock forms,

Or mountain rift?

Just endless water,

Forever I drift?

No movement either.

No swishing current,

Is this water,

Or something if aren't?

So down I go,

I have no fear,

But is that the bottom,

I'm getting near?

That's all I wish,

To reach the seafloor,

So that I may fall,

Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore.'

But dark and open,

Like an open mouth,

It's dark seems to swollow me,

The light has gone out.

Now a sense of fear.

Now I want to move.

What was so important of the light,

That I did not wish to lose?

And now I really beg for air,

My body twisting around.

And that is what behelds me,

When I dream that I have drowned.