Run, run, run, run, run away,

The past has come kncokin,

It's come today.

It wants to upset you and make you remember,

All those sad days; that belong in september.

So please just run,

Run run away.

The past;

You've outrunned it; But that cannot be,

For it's always there;

Can't run away,

From the past

You see.

Run, run, run, run, run away.

If the past is one of your happier,

And better days.

When life was still traffic,

Movin fast but slow.

It must've went crazy

If its not here for show.

So just run.

Run run away.

What you have then can be out done by the


No questions asked,

Not a why,

Or how.

You should know how,

And you do,

Get help,

When you need it,

Don't refuse.

So til then just

Run, run, run, run, run away.

Run, run, run, run, run away

Don't look back,

Don't think back,

Just run away.

Keep on going.

Keep on why?

Cause you know when you think to much,

You want to die.

Heart is now pounding.

Blood flowing fast.

Feelings with no meaning,

You can't run forever.


Not from the past,

But how long will it last,

Til your muscles start failing; can't run for long.

Til your brain starts suffocating; Just like the song.

Til your eyes become blurry; you've cried many tears.

Til your ears stop listening; Because of your past fears.

How long will it be?

Til your heart gives out; from all of the doubt.

Til you give in to the voice; it's deep within.

But just for now.

Just run, run, run.

Run, run, run,

Until life is done.