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Tracey shuddered as the cold winter wind blew at his face, whispering sweet nothings and only bringing more cold with it. He didn't plan on doing anything this coming winter. Just planned on sitting at home and sleeping sinse the snow wiped out the power. No school, no work, no tv, nothing to do. He waved at a few friends, pet a few dogs and stray cats then headed to the park.

Tracey loved going to the park, especially in the winter. When the landscape was covered in a blanket of snow, it was truly a walk in a winter wonderland. He loved how everything was so white, so endless and silent. He especially loved going alone or with his little brother Dylan. Tracey decided to leave the young boy home to sleep and if he woke up, Mia was there to give him his bottle. 'So peaceful.' he thought. The sound being made was the light crunch of snow beneath Tracey's feet. When he felt that he was far away enough from the normal walking paths of the public (or atleast in the middle of the park), he layed down and stared at the gray sky. He then began to cry silently. Life was to much. He was in the 8 grade when his parents died leaving him and newborn Dylan alone to fend for themselves.

Tracey didn't know how to take care of a baby. Yeah he's babysat before but not for a whole day, so he didn't have all the facts. Plus he was 14 going on 15, an 8 grader entering high school. He wasn't old enough to have a job. He wasn't old enough to drive, and he sure didn't have the money to support the both of them or to pay bills or rent. Tracey's parents were disowned so He had no help from relatives. But thanks to their elderly neighbor Mia, Tracey was relieved of some of his troubles. Now he's in the 11 grade, working, and caring for his three year old brother who has to see a doctor once a week. He understood that Mia couldn't ake care of them forever since she was getting old,but he just needed her for just a few more years or until he has everything under balance. The money their parents left is not to be touched until Tracey enters college. He closed his eyes and took another breath of the cool winter air. Tracey loved winter, but the air he breathed wasn't calming him down, the tears still flowed and he still felt overwhelmed. He soon drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


Tracey sighed but stayed asleep.

"Hey, are you ok?"

He mumbled in his sleep.

"You shouldn't sleep out here you know."

Tracey finally opened his eyes only to be met by brown ones. He sat up and yawned. The sky seemed alittle darker. Tracey jumped up. "Oh my god, what time it is?" he shouted. The guy next to him looked up at him. "You wake up from sleeping outside in the winter on the snow, and you're worried about the time." Tracey looked at him. The guy had soft brown eyes, dirty-blonde hair, and almost pale skin, but it was probably because of the cold. "I have to get home." "Atleast let me buy you hot chocolate."

The guy, now known as Rix, was way taller than what Tracey expected. He stood about 6'1 while Rix was 6'6. He stared at his hot chocolate more than he drank. "Are you sure you're ok?" Rix asked. Tracey looked up at him from his cup. "I'm just wiorried. I should have been home an hour ago."


Tracey shook his head.

"My little brother."

Rix didn't ask anymore questions, letting Tracey go.

"Hello Mia, sorry I'm late." Tracey apologized as he placed some groceries on the kitchen counter. "Oh it's alright." the elderly woman said as she walked Dylan over to his older brother. "I should have called to let you know, it won't happen again." Tracey apologized again. "I don't mind, I love Dylan, reminds me of my grandson. But I haven't seen him in years." Mia looked Tracey up and down. "You seem alittle more calm than usual." she said. Tracey blushed as he moved some stray hairs from his face. "I just got some hot chocolate is all." Mia chuckled. "Well you two have a good night." she said as she walked into the hallway. "Goodbye and thanks again Mia." "Ba-bye grah-ma!" Dylan said as he waved goodbye to Mia. "Did you eat?" Tracey asked when he shut the door. "Yes. I make a plate for you and Grah-ma helped! She also made cookies!" Dylan said as he pointed to a plate of cookies.

After eating, Tracey put Dylan in the tub for his bath. "Do you want the squid or the starfish?" He asked as he held up two different bubble baths. "Starfish!" tracey smiled. "Starfish it is." he said, putting the one with a squid back in the basket. "Bubbles!" at that moment Tracey's cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey dude, whats up?"

"Hey Tito, nothin' just giving Dylan his bath."

"When we gonna be able to hang? It's like you're taking care of your son."

"It's my little brother, and I already told you that not for a while. I mean, I haven't heard from Elroy about the car, so I have to walk everywhere, I have to work, go to school, go shopping, then home- school Dylan until he's six, so maybe in three years I'll be free."

"I am not having kids.""The way you and Harmony are going, I wouldn't count on it."

"What can I say? she my black beauty."

"Someones on the other end, I'll talk to you later."


Tracey switched the call then brought his attention back to Dylan. "I made you a bubble pie Tray- Tray." "I'll try it later." "Ok!"


"Hello Tracey."

"Oh hello Mia, what can I do for you?"

"I'm calling to let you know that I won't be able to watch your brother tomorrow. Finally got a doctor to see what's going on with my arthuritis."

"That's good. I know you've been saying it's been acting up. But it's ok, I was just gonna take Dylan to his doctor's appointment."

"You are such a good lad and brother. Well, don't want to run Dylan's water cold, good night."

"Say goodnight to Mia," "Ni- ni grah- ma!"

Tracey tucked Dylan into bed then read him a story. "Tray Tray, my ear hurts. Can I sleep with you?" "Sure, and don't worry, Dr. Lin will look at you tomorrow."

The next day

"So how is he? Is he getting better?" Tracey asked, looking hopefully into the Doctor's eyes. "I'm afraid he's getting worse. The disese has spread to his ear which is causing the pain he's been complaining about. He'll lose hearing in his right ear in 2 months, most likely it'll spread to the other one but with the medicine I'll prescribe, he'll lose his hearing around the age of 5." Tracey sat down and tried to stop himself from crying. "You are doing a good job with him, a baby born with the disese would usually die a few hours after birth. Your brother is a miracle." the Doctor said. She went back into the room then came back out with Dylan. "Don't cry Tray Tray, I'm ok. The Doctor gave me medicine for my head and ear and now I feel better." Tracey hugged him. "L-lets go home."

Tracey rolled some snow into a ball and placed it on the ground. "The snowman is gonna look like you Tray Tray!" Dylan declared as he tried to roll another ball. "Hey." Dylan looked up at the man that called out to his big brother. Tracey stared at Rix. "Hi." he said. Why was he so nervous? He just met the guy yesterday, maybe the cold was getting to hime? Yup, that's it, the cold. "So I take it that you like to come to the park?" Rix asked as he looked into Tracey's ice blue-gray eyes. "Yeah, I usually bring my brother here to play." Tracey began to leave but was held back when Rix grabbed his arm. "Wait. Do you want to hang out some time?" Dylan looked up at his brother. Why was this strange man touching him like that? "Um, sure." Tracey began to feel hot but just waved it off as nothing. "Well let's get going, it's lunch time." he said as he picked up Dylan. "Are you ok Tray Tray?" the young male asked. "Y-yeah, just feeling alittle hot. Nothing to worry about."

It's been a week since Tracey has seen Mia and he was getting worried. She wasn't answering her phone or door, and Tracey desparately needed her before school and his job re-open the next day. "Exuse me, do you know what's going on with Mia?" He asked when a woman came out of the elderly womans home. "She was admitted to the hospital a week ago. She just wanted me to grab some stuff for her." Tracey nodded then went back into his apartment. "Is Grah-ma coming?" Dylan asked. Tracey got down on his knees to be eye level with his brother. "Mia is at the doctor. She is very sick. Do you want to visit her?" Dylan nodded. "Ok go get your coat and boots and we'll go."

"Grah-ma, Grah-ma, we're gonna see Grah-ma!" Dylan chanted as they waited for the bus to take them to take them to the hospital.

"I've been wondering when the two of you would show up." Mia said when she spotted Tracey and Dylan. "Grah-ma!" Dylan ran to the elderly woman's bed side and grinned at her. "Hello dear." she said. Tracey put his bag down and walked over to the bed. Mia looked so frail and pale yet she was still her hearty self. "How you feeling?" Tracey asked her, never taking his eyes off of the different machines Mia was hooked up to. "I'm fine I guess. Doc says I'm gonna be here for awhile, and I've been wanting company sinse. My grandson visits me. He seems to be the only one that actually remembers me. Ever sinse I decided to live on my own, my family stopped talking to me and he was the only one that bothered to remember. But enough of that, what did they say about Dylan?" she asked. Traceys eyes watered but no tears fell. He gave Dylan his crayons and coloring books and had a nurse escort him to the kids room. Tracey sat in a chair that was seated next to the bed. "They said that he's going deaf. First the left ear, then the right. Before they told me he wasn't gonna make it past 8. I don't know what to do Mia," tears were now flowing freely as Tracey thought about what the Doctors had said. "I mean, I love him so much, I don't want my brother to die. He needs to live a full life, but Seeing how bad it's getting, it deems impossible. I pray Mia. I pray and pray and pray. I can't tell him what the doctor said, but when I cry, he reasures me that it's gonna be ok. It's not gonna be ok, I say to him in my mind, You're not gonna live long." Tracey was now sobbing, leaving a small wet spot on the bed where he lay his head. "If he's out lived the other children, you're doing everything right. I know it may be hard without parents but (using a quote thats used alot but I hate it, not a full atheis i still believe) God took them away because he knew that you would be a better parent than all the others. If he takes Dylan away, it will be for good reasons." "But why so young? He hasn't lived a full life yet." Tracey's voice was rising in volume which he never did to Mia, but he was angry. "If you haven't told Dylan, he knows already, and to him, he's already living life to the fullest with the one he cares for the most." Mia said, she looked Tracey in his eyes. "I'm just not ready to let him go, he's my brother for god sakes."

Meanwhile, Dylan happily colored in his book, not really taking part in what the other kids were doing. "Exuse me." a voice said. Dylan looked up at the little girl who was seated across from him, also with a coloring book. "Yes?" he answered. "Can I use your crayons, I left mine at my house, and my sister is at work." she asked him shyly. Dylan, without a word, pushed the crayon box to the middle of the table and smile at her. "Hi I'm Dylan." he said. "I'm Staphanie... Who are you here with?" Dylan grabbed a blue crayon and colored the background of a picture. "With my brother Tray Tray. We're visiting Grah-ma. She's not feeling well." he said still concentrating on the picture. "I came with my sister to visit our Dad but she had to leave." The two just spent a few hours in silence just coloring but enjoying the others company. "What's it like being dead?" dylan asked out of the blue. "How did you know?" Stephanie asked, surprised. "Well, Tray Tray told me that when you're close to dying, you can see those who did die, and no one noticed you sit here." a sad smile came on Stephanie's face. "It's lonely. I died while my sister went to work. I left daddys room because I was bored and he needed rest. I met someone here named Tracey. He was sad but still smiled. He said his parents died that day and that he just needed someone to talk to. After he left, I had a heart attack and died. I would be turning 9 tomorrow. Sometimes, on my birthday, I would wish that Tracey would come and visit." Dylan smiled at her. "Dylan, we're leaving. You're coming back tomorrow." Stephanie stared wide eyed at Tracey then began to cry. "Give my coloring book to him please." she asked Dylan. Then she was gone.

"Tracey, table three is still waiting for their order, hurry up!" Tracey quickly placed the hot plates of food on the tray and walked out to deliver them to the tables. "Heres your order of two double cheeseburgers with fries, one sprite, one lemonade, a cup of black coffe, a plate of steak medium rare, and a side dish of mashed potatoes, is that all?" he memorized as he placed them in front of the people. "No I'm good." "Same here." "Can I have a straw?" Tracey handed the woman a straw, then went back for more orders. "Damn it's packed today." he said as he finally sat down to take a break out back. A girl smoking a cigarette, sighed. "You're telling me. Danny had me waiting tables all day, then I have to come back in 4 hours to cook. You're lucky you only have one shift." she said flicking her cigarette. "Yeah I guess. But I'm still busy even after I leave." "Tracey! Blaire! Hurry up and get your asses back in here!" Tracey looked at Blaire. "Here we go again." "Danny must not have gotten any if he's upset already." Blaire said. "Says the girlfriend." Tracey replied. Blaire stretched. "What can I say? He's so cute when he's angry."

The bell to the door rang as someone entered. Tracey groaned as he grabbed his note pad sinse he lost again to rock-paper-scissors. "Hello, I'm Tracey and I'll be your waiter for today." he said, not really paying attention to the customer but to the clock. "Hello Tracey. Fancy meeting you here." This time, the voice caught Tracey's attention making him blush when he realized who it was. "Well hello there hot stuff." "Blaire, go away." Rix grinned at the two as they had a mini arguement. The brunette looked so cute in his uniform. "W-what would you like to order?" Tracey asked, his pale face turning red. "I'll have a coffe for now. It doesn't matter what kind." Blaire pasted by them again. "Mmhm, friend my ass. More like he got your ass instead of mine-" "Goodbye Blaire." She mouthed 'call me' to Rix before leaving. "Please exuse my friend, and I'll be back with the coffe." Tracey took three more orders then returned to the kitchen. The girls were eyeing him. "What did Blaire tell you?" he demanded. "Whooh boy, I heard bout you're story but this is just surprising." Gina said. "Now I understand why you be rushin' to get home. You got alittle boo waiting for you." a blue haired girl said. "We're just friends. Plus, how do you know if I'm gay or not?" Tracey groaned as he poured a cup of coffe for some orders. "Hey, it's ok if you want to get your freak on, just let that guy know that Blaire and the girls say-" "Hiiiiiiiiii." they all said in unison before returning to their jobs. "Here's your coffe. Let me know if you want anything else." Tracey said as he placed the cup of coffe on the table. His blush darkened as he tried to avoid Rix's eyes. "What time does your shift end?" Rix asked. Tracey remembered that he had to keep an eye on the clock. When he did, he groaned again. "20 minutes ago." Rix smiled. "Well, grab your coat and meet me outside."

A few minutes later, Tracey walked out of the builing zipping up his coat. "Where are we going?" he asked. Rix opened a car door for Tracey. "You'll see. Get in." he said. When Tracey got in, Rix closed the door for him then went around the other side. His heart pounded in his chest at the excitement he was feeling. "Don't forget to buckle up." he said to Tracey. The smaller male buckled his seatbelt silently. Riding in a car was new and nerve racking to Tracey sinse all his life, he's had to walk or take a bus. It was so strange but comforting. No food wrappers or other junk on the floor, he didn't have to pay, it was clean, and it smelled like Rix. It was also silent. It was so quiet Tracey began to doze off in the new and now comfortable car. "You must be tired. You can go to sleep, it'll be about an hour before we get to our destination." Without a second thought or having to be told twice, tracey dozed of into a first ever calm and beautiful sleep.

"We should just pull the plug. The kid's not gonna make it." "And the baby?" there was a pause. "If he survives the night then send him off to the orphanage." "The kids waking up." Tracey opened his eyes. He was lying in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors. "Do you remember your name?" "Yeah, Tracey Evans." he said placing a hand on his forehead. "What day was it when you crashed?" asked another Doctor. "June 14, 2014. Where are my parents?" All of a sudden, it's hard for Tracey to breathe, his body starts shaking, then he blacks out. When he opened his eyes again, he was standing in front of two graves holding newborn Dylan. A hand then rest on his shoulder, his father smiles at him. "Ready son?" Tracey looked at his mom who smiled back then at her swollen belly. His eyes widened as the sound of screeching tires and crunching metal filled his ears. "No dad, we can't leave. Not today, we can't go today!"

Tracey's body jerked forward as he awoke from his sleep. "Are you ok?" he turned to face Rix, remembering that he was in the car with him. He shut his eyes then faced forward. "Just a bad dream." Tracey said as he pulled his knees to his chest. "Just a horrible horrible memory." he mumbled to low for Rix to hear. Before he knew it, he was asleep again. "Tracey wake up. We're here." Tracey yawned then looked outside the car window. "Where are we?" he asked. "At a skating rink two hours away." Again Rix opened the door for Tracey again. when they got inside, there was blast of warm air. Rix flashed a card to the person at the door then moved ahead with Tracey close behind. "What was that?" Tracey asked. "VIP. My cousin owns the rink." Rix answered. "Whats your shoe size?" "8." Tracey was handed a pair of skates. "Do you know how to skate?" "Yeah. They sometimes have us do it when the restaurant gets to crowded." Rix smiled at Tracey causing the teen to blush. "Ready?" he asked as he reached for Tracey to grab his hand. The brunettes blush darkened as he took the taller males hand and was pulled to his feet. As they skated, Rix slipped a few times, it being his first time skating. He was pretty good at it though. "See, you got the hang of it." Tracey praised. A few hours later, Tracey went to go check his cell phone. "I'll be right back." he said to Rix and the kids that called to him.

voicemail: You have 3 new messages, first message;

Hey Tray, it's Elroy. Just callin' to let you know that I finally got in touch with Manny and he said you have to wait a few more years. Call me when you get the chance. Bye

Message deleted. Next message;

It's Blaire, how are you and your booty boo doin? I just wanted to give you some pointers, and guessing that you didn't answer your phone, that you guys are ENJOYING yourselves if you know what I mean, so here they are. When you get to his pants (or he gets to yours) you have to-

Message deleted. Next message;

Hello, Mr. Evans, this is Luna calling from the hospital about your brother. He needs to get picked up because Mia White has under gone surgery and it's not looking good. Please contact me at this number when you're on your way, thank you.

Message saved. End of new messages.

"What's wrong?" Tracey turned to Rix. "I have to get Dylan from the hospital." "I'll take you." The heat Tracey had been feeling for a week and a half seemed to grow hotter but as always, he ignored it. He quickly changed his shoes, grabbed his stuff from the locker and headed for the door. "Wait by the car I'll be there in a minute." When Tracey got outside, he was getting even hotter and his breaths were coming out in pants. He knew it was cold because he could see his breath in the air but couldn't understand why he was so hot. He began to feel dizzy, his world world was spinning, his vision was blurring, then everything went black.



"... tracey..."

Rix cupped the boys face in his hands. "Tracey!" "... Rix..." an ambulence soon arrived. "You're gonna be ok Tracey." After the ambulence left, Rix drove to the other hospital to get Dylan. "Wheres Tray- Tray?" the little one asked. "He went to another doctor."

When they arrived at the other hospital, there was a constant call of doctors to room 8b. Rix picked up Dylan and ran to the room where his thoughts were correct. There were a bunch of doctors in Traceys room shouting directions and his status.

"His temperature is still rising."

"119.7 degrees."

"Heart beat is slowing down to much."


Rix had to look away, it was to much for him to see. "Is he gonna be alright?" Dylan asked.


"I don't know."

3 months later

Rix once again visited Tracey, in hopes that the teen has finally woken up. He touched the others hand and sighed. "Hey Tracey, I came to visit again. I know we've only met 4 times and went on one date, but I already feel that I can't live without you. Everyday I hope that you've finally woke up but when you don't, I still smile because there's still a possibility that you'll wake up and that you being alive is also good for me. Dylan started pre-school so you won't have to worry about him. Your Christmas presents and valentines are still wrapped up waiting for you. One last thing, if you feel the same as I do for you, please wake up. If you don't, please wake up two days from now, and I'll be out of your life until you get things settled with Dylan. I love you." if Rix had been paying attention, he would have noticed that Tracey's heart had skipped a beat. "I love you," beep "I love you," beeep "I love you." beeeep. "I'll be back later with Dylan."

Dylan finally excepted Rix but not enough to read to him or give him bubble baths, nope only Tracey could. He sat on the steps of the day care waiting patiently for the older male to pick him up. "Bye Dylan." "Bye Dylan." "Bye Eric, bye Lory!" he said. Finally a blue car pulled up. "Hey Dylan, hope I'm not late." Rix said as he put the little boy's seat belt on. "I made a picture for Tray Tray. Did he wake up?" "No not yet, but hopefully he will." Dylan smiled at his sleeping brother. "Hey Tray Tray. I had a good day at school. I made alot of friends. I really do wish that you would wake up. This guy won't be quiet about you." "Don't tell him that!" While the two of them argued, Tracey began to wake up. "... Idiots..." he said. His eyes were still closed but he still heard them.

"No we're not."

"... You're argueing... With a three year old."

Rix jumped up. "Oh my God Tracey, you're awake!" he exclaimed as he hugged said male. "If you don't losen the hug I won't be for much longer." Tracey rasped. There was so much noise of joy coming from room 8B. Doctors ran to the door to see what was going on and was surprised to see Tracey awake. "One doctor picked up his phone and said "Blaire, you're not gonna believe this. That kid you were telling me about just woke up." There was loud screaming on the other end. Everyone cheered as they watched Rix hug Tracey again. "I love you too." Tracey whispered. Rix's eyes widened then closed as he tried to stop the tears from falling. "God damnit Tracey."

A few months later, Tracey was released from the hospital. He looked around for Rix and Dylan but couldn't find the blue chevy anywhere. He began to cry at the thought that Rix never loved him and just took Dylan with him whereever he went because they haven't visited him ever since he woke up. A car horn caught his attention as a red on pulled up. The car window rolled down in the back "Hi Tray Tray!" Dylan shouted. Rix got out of the car and stretched his arms out. "Like it?" Tracey's tears became tears of joy when he saw them. Rix ran over to him and hugged the boy. "I thought you didn't love me when I didn't see you." Tracey sobbed. "I do love you! If I didn't, I wouldn't have moved all your stuff to my apartment, or got the car for you from Elroy." "You mean it? I mean do you really love me?" Rix chuckled. "You got it baby." Tracey stood on his tippy toes and kissed Rix. It was a light kiss but it still sent sparks shooting through their bodies. "Hey, theres a kid over here and he wants to go home!" Dylan shouted from the car.

I'm skipping alot of stuff here cuz my laptop was being a jackass and decided to turn off while I was typing so nothing got saved, so I'm skipping to where they got into the new apartment and the girls that work with Tracey, took dylan to the park leaving Tracey and Rix alone. If you like boyxboy action, may the box of tissues be with you. (ps their on the bed right now.)

"Tracey, I love you, and I can wait forever if I have to. Do you want to do this?" Tracey sat up and whispered into Rix's ear, "I really want this, and I want you in me."

WAIT! Sorry if that made you get a nose bleed. I'm just trying to test something, plus that would be something to surprising and slutty for Tracey, I'm saving slutty talk for somethin else... Here's what really went down;

Tracey nodded at him. Rix began to slowly strip the boy down to his boxers. It brought tears to his eyes knowing that this beautiful body will be his and his alone. He let one hand travel up and down Tracey's body while the other one tied Tracey's hands to the headboard with a belt. "I don't want to be tied up." the brunette pouted. It took all of Rix's self control not to jump the cute young male beneath him. He grabbed a blindfold off of the floor and put it on Tracey, mentally thanking Blaire for the 'tips'. 'One way to get him down and completely under your control is to take away his sight and go crazy on his neck. The rest you gotta find out, also quick hint, he is VERY sensitive.' her voice reminded him. He seriously needs to ask her how she knows all of this. But Rix took her advise and began to ravish Tracey's neck. "AW! R- rix..." Said blonde smiled in the boys neck. 'Thank you Blaire.' Tracey tried to surpress his moans but failed miserably. 'Stupid sensitive body.' he cursed mentally. Rix left ghost touches as his hand danced down to the hem of the teen's boxers and stayed there hovering over the bulge. Tracey lifted his hips trying to get Rix to touch him where he needed to be touched, but soon gave up when he didn't get much. "You're a meanie, you keep teasing me." he whined as he began to cry out of frustration. He gasped sharply when his boxers was pulled down, slowly dragging over his erection. The thought of not seeing what Rix was doing frustrated Tracey, but aroused him and made him curious more. His hips thrusted up as slightly when warm breaths hit his manhood. "Riiiiiiiiiiix." he pleaded. Rix licked the pre-cum that was leaking from the shaft infront of him, getting a gasp from it's owner. He then took the head into his mouth and sucked lightly. His tongue circled it and dipped into the slit occasionally. Whispers were pouring out of Tracey as he got closer and closer to his limit. Rix took the head out of his mouth and began to lick along side the shaft then back up. "I'm... I'm gonna, Oh God." Tracey bit his lip as he came into Rix's mouth. Rix frowned at the blood on Tracey's lip. "What a nasty habit, we gotta fix that." he said as he licked the blood away then kissed those soft bruised lips. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked again. "Because once I start, I don't think I'll be able to stop." Tracey nodded again. Rix kissed him again then took off his clothes and threw them whereever he threw Tracey's. Then he grabbed the bottle of lube off of the night stand and squeezed some of it's contents onto his hand. "Open your legs." Rix instructed. Tracey was already embarrassed that Rix was seeing him naked, think of how embarrassed he's going to feel when he opens his legs. Rix kissed the younger males thighs. "It's ok, nothing to be embarrassed about." he said as he opened Tracey's legs (not with force of course, this is not rape). Tracey wanted to cover himself but the belt made it impossible. "I just need you to relax ok?" he heard Rix say. 'Ok relax, I can do that. Yup, relax.' Rix pushed two fingers into Tracey. 'Oh my fucking God. He is so so T-I-G-H-T.' When his fingers brushed something inside Tracey, his spent cock sprang to life. "RIX!" Tracey shouted. The pain he was previously feeling melted away as the pleasure surged through his body. Adding a third finger, Rix thrust his fingers into that spot until Tracey was dripping in sweat and moaning until his throat hurt (well not that far but you know what I mean... I hope). Tracey whimpered in protest. "Ok I need you to relax as much as possible. This is going to hurt. If I hurt you to much, let me know and I'll stop." "O-ok." Tracey relaxed all his muscles and waited for Rix. Something way bigger than three fingers entered him, but he did not yell. Instead he bit his lip but not hard enough to break skin as he had done before. "Are you ok?" Rix asked him. "Please until me I want to touch you, and please take off the blind fold, I want to see." Rix did what he was asked and removed the blindfold and belt. Tracey wrapped his arms around Rix. "I like seeing your face." he whispered. Those words almost made Rix cry out of sheer love for the boy, so he kissed him. "I love you so much." Soon (and very soon) their bodies began to move. Rix thrusting into Tracey, hitting that very spot that brought tears to Tracey's eyes due to the immence pleasure he was receiving. All the sounds being made were the two's moans mixed with eachother, the banging of the headboard, and the sound of skin hitting skin. They didn't have to say anything, for it was either already said or could wait until later. Their embrace became tighter as they neared their climax, their voices becoming louder, thrust becoming harder and faster until finally the two came. Rix pulled out of Tracey then switched their postions so that Tracey was lying on his chest.

End Of Lemon...



"I love you."

"Love you too."

"I'm glad that Dylan and I found you or atleast you found us, because life was getting hard and I have never loved anyone as much as I love you." tears began to build up in Tracey's eyes again.

"I am too. I've loved you even before I met you. My grandmother, the one you know as Mia, she would talk about you all the time and said that if she were able to become young again, she would so she could support you guys longer. She asked me, before she died at the hospital, to take care of you two and I couldn't be happier. Meeting you at the park, it was crazy because when I saw you, I knew who you were. You looked so peaceful, so calm. I sat and watched you the whole time and kept you safe. Finding you and Dylan was the best thing to ever happen to me, and now I'm finally holding you in my arms with you returning my feelings. When I say I love you, I mean it." Rix felt his own tears fall from his eyes. Tracey kissed him and sighed. "There's no other place I'd rather be than to be here with you in your arms." he said. "Same here."

Blaire closed the bedroom door gently as not to disturb Rix and Tracey. "Shit just got real in there." she said. Kate shook her head. "So cute aren't they?" she asked. Abigale giggled. "Should we tell them that the park was closed for the day?" Blaire smiled. "Naw, they'll figure it out, if not then we tell them on our death beds or theirs." "Deal." they all said. "Great, now help me set up for their tomorrow activities."

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