Hello, you've have reached part 2 of this wonderful story. It is a beautiful 11 years later. Our dear Tracey is now 28, Rix the sexy is now 30, and cutey Dylan is now 14, that's right, 14. The 'Disese' will last his whole life but he continues to live past the set age by the doctors. And those of you who were wondering, Dylan has black hair and blue eyes, he has slightly tanned skin because he loves being in the sun. It is the beautiful hot month of june, now I will stop talking so that you may enjoy the story. Ps, Tracey's car is a 2013 Honda. Pss, New characters and the reason why Tracey hesitated to open his legs wasn't all because of embarrassment. Also, there won't be a lemon for a very, very, long time due to the plot sooooooo yeah...

Dylan yawned as he made himself a bowl of cerial. Tracey stood at the sink washing last nights dishes, he also yawns. "When is your last day again?" he mumbles. "Next Friday." Tracey yawned again. "Good." Rix walks into the kitchen. He ruffles the hair on Dylan's head then kisses Tracey on his cheek. "Good morning everyone." he greets as he pours himself a cup of cofee. Everyone was tired, not only because it's 6 in the goddamn morning, also because everyone was busy. Tracey still works as a waiter at the same restaurant, while Rix works as a teacher at a high school then is a Psychiatris two hours later. He usually spends his two hours with Tracey while he's on break, but yesterday some of his students had detention so he couldn't visit Tracey. But thankfully, now that the school year is ending and the restaurant will be letting their employees go for the summer, everyone was anticipating that day (June 11). "Hurry Dylan, Blaire should be here any moment." Tracey said as he handed his brother a leash. "Shadow, come here boy." The big Labrador ran into the room and sat, waiting impatiently for Dylan to attach the leash to his collar. "Later Tracey, see ya Rix." he said as he opened the door for the hyperactive dog and left close behind. Rix wrapped his arms around Tracey and began to lick at his neck when the alarm on his phone went off. "See you on your break love." he sighed as he quickly grabbed his keys then left. Tracey loved and hated these lonely mornings. It's feels as if it were yesterday when he would spend his mornings sleeping with Rix or cooking with little Dylan waiting excitedly for Rix to take him to pre-school. He looked at the calender and smiled. "Just three more days." he said to himself. With a sigh, he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Tracey moaned as the warm water hit his skin and reminded him of Rix's touches. He began to fantasize that the water was was Rix's hands that caressed his arms, his chest, slowly moving down but avoiding the object that needed and wanted his attention. "You know I don't like to be teased." He complained. "You're to cute to not do so." Rix replied as he kissed the pouting male. Tracey trailed his hands along his body as he imagined Rix doing so. His hand finally reached his cock, closing his eyes, he gripped it and began to slowly move his hand along the shaft, he bit his lip as he did so, a moan escaping him. "R-rix..." he sighed. He let his thumb circle the head and then back at stoking. Tracey started to stroke himself even faster as he thought about Rix. With his other hand, stuck two fingers in himself and searched for that spot Rix seemed to find on the first try every time. "Rix..." he moaned. He quickly came at the thought of his lover doing all of this to him.

"Rock, paper, scissors!"


"Rock, paper, scissors."


"Rock, paper, scissors."


"Rock, paper, scissors."


"Rock, paper, scissors."


"Well, looks like I won again Tracey." Blaire smirked as she handed Tracey the pen and note pad.

"Only because you cheated." Tracey said as he stuck his tongue out at the girl. He then roller skated out of the kitchen to wait the next table. He glanced at the door and smiled when he saw Rix. "I'll be out in a moment, I lost another round of Rock, paper scissors." he told him. He couldn't contain the smile and happiness he was feeling and just decided to keep smiling. "Hello, my name is Tracey, and I'll be your waiter for the moment." he said, his happiness showing in his voice. "Nice to see to see you again, Tracey." Tracey's smile disappeared when he recognized the voice. Fear was then pulsing through him and tears were starting to build. "Hold on." he said. He then shot through the restaurant and went back into the kitchen. "What's wrong? You look sadder than a turkey on thanksgiving." a girl asked as she watched Tracey quickly change his shoes. "Tell Blaire to wait the table. I'm going on my break." he said. He got up and tried to leave but was stopped by the girl. "Now hold on there Tracey, what's wrong?" she saw tears rolling down his cheeks. "I gotta go. See you later Gretchan." this time she let him go. Tracey dashed out of the kitchen and quickly made his way over to the door. "Hey love how was work?" Rix asked as Tracey hugged him. When he didn't answer, Rix looked at his face. "What happened? Whatever it was, I'm here now. Ok?" he said, kissing him. Tracey was glad that he had Rix. He made it seem like what happened never did.

"Hey Blaire." "Hey Gretchan, what is it?" Blaire asked as she let her hair down. "Tracey seemed alittle upset and wanted you to wait the table for him. I don't know what happened, but he wanted you to do it." Gretchan said as she handed Blaire the pen and note pad. Blaire pulled on her skates and skated to the table. "Sorry about the wait- oh, it's you. What the hell are you doing here?" she asked glaring at the man in front of her. "That's a weird way of saying hello Blaire." Her glare deepened. "Why are you here Mark?" she growled. "I was just in the neighborhood and wanted something to eat and as it seems I got something more." Blaire followed his gaze to the door. "Leave him alone Mark. He doesn't want anything to do with you. I think he made it clear 13 years ago. What the fuck do you want." she snapped. "I guess I will take a coffee and you to go." Blaire scoffed. "I'm dating someone and so is Tracey, so I suggest that you give up and leave us alone. I'll get you your coffee, but after that, you better leave." She skated away and disappeared into the kitchen. "Now what's wrong with you? Is there somethin you and Tracey aren't telling me?" Gretchan asked. "Just stay in your cooking corner. I got it." Blaire said flatly. "On the farm when somethin was wrong, the person would say why and the friends would pound the offenders face in." "Well this is boston, not the farm so pound away, I said I got it." she said as she poured some coffee into a cup. She ended up spilling some of it and swore. "Tell Danny I'm going on my break." she said as she hurridly left he kitchen. "Here's your god damn coffee, now get the fuck out of here, before I do it for you." Blaire stormed out of the restaurant only to have Mark follow her. "What do you want Mark?" she demanded. At the same time, Danny stepped out and saw the anger on his Wife's face (they've been married for 5 years). "You ok Blaire?" he asked concerned. "Tell me what I want to know Blaire." mark said, all seriousness now in his voice. "The fuck do you want?" she yelled. Passers by began to stare. Mark took out a gun and pointed it at Blaire. "You know what I mean Blire. Tell me about Tracey." he growled. Danny ran to her then turned with his back facing Mark just as the gun went off. Blaire's eyes widened as Danny hugged her tightly. "I love you Blaire." he whispered. Blaire felt tears on her shoulder, then Danny fell. Blaire began to cry. She got on her knees and cried. "You asshole! You killed my husband!" she cried. Blood stained her hands as she took them off of Danny's body. "Tell me Blaire." She looked at him in disgust. "You kill my husband, then still want me to talk? I'd rather die." the gun went off again and Blaire fell.

"We're here to see Blaire Moon." Tracey said to the receptionists, she gave him and Rix the directions. The two ran to Blaire's room, when they got there, she was being held down by doctors but was still kicking and screaming. "Danny! Danny!" she kept shouting. More doctors came in and held her legs down allowing another one to give her a shot. Blaire soon began to calm down. She soon began to sob. "Danny..." Tracey walked into the room and tried not to cry. He looked back at Rix who nodded and left the two alone. "Are you ok?" he asked. Blaire looked at him sorrowfully. "That bastard killed my fucking husband. I wouldn't tell him about you. He took out a gun and aimed it for me. Danny got in the way and he still shot him. Tracey, that fucking asshole killed my god damn husband. I was about to tell Danny that I'm pregnant... He would've been happy and that fucking bastard took him away from me." she was now crying more than she was before. "I... I don't know what to say-" "There's nothing to say! My husbands dead, I was close to dying myself, and now my baby is going to grow up without it's wonderful father. Tracey, stay as far away from him as you can. I don't want you to die or have you lose Rix." Blaire closed her eyes. "Maybe if I go to sleep he'll come back." she whispered as she began to drift away from sanity.

That night, Danny's death was on the news making Tracey cry a 7 time since he left the hospital. Now that Danny was gone, Tracey and all of the other workers were sure of losing the job they've come to love due to the owner's death. Tracey cried for Blaire, he cried for Danny, he also cried because the past has returned, and if he was going down, many others will go down with him and Tracey was afraid he'd kill him or Rix (Mark thinks Dylan is dead). "I'm here Tracey, it's gonna be ok." Rix comforted. But the more he said it, the more Tracey cried. Mark was known to be crazy but this, this was a lunatic who won't stop at anything until he has Tracey. The crying brunette couldn't bring himself to tell Rix the truth. Tell him about the reason for all of this is, him. He just wanted everyone to be safe. Maybe if he gave in, Mark would leave everyone else alone. Tracey soon cried himself to sleep, but even then he was still crying.

Tracey struggled to get up. He looked around frantically for Rix and spotted him across the deck unmoving. "Rix!" he shouted as he ran over to him despite the pain in his thigh. Tears were falling from his eyes as he got closer and saw a small pool of blood around Rix. "No no no no no." he said as he dropped to his knees. The bullet had gotten Rix in his abdemon, and Tracey wasn't sure if he was alive or dead. "No not you Rix. Not you." "Tracey?" said males head turned to look at Dylan. "Run Dylan! Go!" he said. Dylan stood there frozen. "I-is he ok?" he asked. "Dylan go! Run and get help!" there was a loud poping then Dylan fell. Mark stood behind him in the hallway . Tracey's already shattered heart, shattered even more. He crawled over to Dylan and sobbed. "Why are you doing this?" he whispered. "Why are you ruining my life? What do you want from me?" he asked looking up at Mark. He put the gun against Tracey's chest. "I'm going to ask you again Tracey, will you come back with me?" Tracey shook his head slowly. Then the gun went off again.

3:45 am

Tracey shot up and cried. "Tracey it's ok. It was just a dream." Rix said as he hugged him. "It felt real, Rix. The pain, the blood, everything." Tracey sobbed. "You got killed and so did Dylan. Rix, I'm scared." Dylan then walked into the room yawning. "What's wrong Tracey?" he asked his sobbing brother. 'Nightmare.' Rix mouthed. Dylan nodded then left to go get the air mattress and a blanket. "It's ok Tracey, Dylan is gonna sleep with us tonight so you can keep an eye on him. We're not going anywhere. Alright?" Tracey watched as Dylan layed down on the air mattress with Shadow close behind. "Feeling better?" Rix asked him. Tracey nodded. He gave Rix a kiss goodnight then slowly but surely, he went back to sleep. But again, he was haunted by the dream and it was hard to wake up. It was like someone had pressed repeat and forced Tracey to go through the hurt and sadness over and over again. Rix watched as Tracey began to twitch and cry again in his sleep. It hurt him to see Tracey so afraid and helpless, he wanted him to tell him what was going on that he isn't telling, but Tracey will tell him when he wants to. Hopefully the 'threat', as Rix sees it to be, will go away before Saturday. They really need that Saturday. Rix kissed his lover on his cheek and held him in his arms, which seemed to calm Tracey down.

The next morning, Rix woke up an hour before his alarm went off, and it seemed Dylan had been up too. They looked at each other then Tracey. "I've been thinking." Dylan started as he directed his attention to the floor. "What if we know whoever or whatever it is that's doing this? You know, the one who killed Traceys boss and tried to kill Aunt Blaire. What if we knew or atleast one of us did, would it be helpful?" he asked, seemingly to himself more than to Rix. "I don't know but whoever it is, they need to stop. Tracey didn't do anything and wouldn't do anything to piss someone off." Rix replied. They sat for a moment in silence. "Well lets get ready." Rix said as he slowly moved his arm from underneath Tracey. He quickly took a shower and got dressed. While he pulled on his T-shirt, he watched Tracey sleep. He looked calm but wondered for how long. When he started to cry again, Rix kissed his forehead and smoothed down his hair which calmed him down. "Sucks that we have to leave him." he said to Dylan who peaked out from the bathroom while brushing his teeth. "You're telling me. I wish I could stay with my brother." he said. "He was talking about going back to the restaurant until Saturday. I called Gretchan and asked her to keep an eye on him. Well, have a good day at school today and don't forget to take out the hearing aids before you swim." Dylan nodded as he closed the door behind he and Shadow. Rix sat on the edge of the bed and sighed. He was trying to decide if he should leave for work or stay home with Tracey. Finally he decided to go to work. He kissed the sleeping male on his forehead again then left.

Tracey shuffled through the hallways until he finally rested in the kitchen. A small smile appeared and disappeared as he looked at the calendar. "Two more days to go." he said. He pulled on his skates then left for work. When he got there, everything was going as if nothing had happened, except the silence. The only time someone spoke was when they called out finished orders. The day went on slow and if you were to walk into the kitchen, the saddness in the room would feel so thick you'd get sad yourself. It would get worse as more workers arrived. "I didn't like the dude but I never wanted him dead." Tracey heard a girl tell another as they left the kitchen with orders. "Tracey sweety, heres table 6, 4, and 13's orders." Gretchan said as she handed him the tray. He sighed heavily trying not to cry. That's how the whole day went. Tracey would give and take orders with tears in his eyes but they never fell. His spirits brightened slightly when Rix came to pick him up for his break. "You can take the rest of the day off, I got it." Gina insisted. Tracey nodded and slowly skated to the door. He almost made it, he was this close to getting outside when someone firmly grabbed his arm. His heart hammered in his chest as he slowly turned his head to face whoever it was. His heart then dropped when he saw it was Mark. "Let me go." he whispered. Mark pulled him into a hug. Tracey's eye's widened in fear. "Tracey?" he heard Rix call. He looked at him silently crying, sending a quiet help and hoped that Rix got the message. It seemed that he did for he pulled Tracey from the other guys arms. "I wanna go home Rix. Please." Tracey quietly sobbed. Rix glared at the man infront of him. "Are you the one who's been giving him nightmares?" he asked. Mark smirked at him. "Nice to know that he's dreaming of me-" "Answer the fucking question. Are you the one giving him nightmares?" Rix asked again. "I wouldn't call them nightmares if he's dreaming of me." Mark said simply. "Please can we leave Rix? Just get me away from him." Tracey pleaded. He tensed when he felt Mark touch his arm. Rix picked up Tracey and walked out of the restaurant. "Did you bring your car today?" he asked the brunette. Tracey shook his head. He began to cry into Rix's shoulder.

Rix kissed Tracey's neck (they did the naughty, they did the dirty, they did the sexy, guess what?). "I thought you had sessions today?" Tracey asked. Rix chuckled as he held Tracey against his chest. "I'm free today, so I can spend the whole day with you." he replied. "About today... Who was that guy?" Tracey's eyes widened. He didn't expect Rix to ask. He took a deep breath. "H-he's nobody. Nobody important." he said, tears starting to build up. "Please tell me whats going on. Ever since he appeared you've been afraid to go to work. You've been having nightmares plus he made you cry. Soon you'll be afraid to go outside. Tracey, I love you, so please tell me what's going on. If you tell me I'll get rid of him or make him stop." Tracey shook his head as he cried. "You can't. He won't stop, he will never stop until he get's what he wants. All I can tell you is that his name is Mark. Rix please don't do anything, please." he pleaded. Rix sighed. "If thats what you want. Then I guess I'll leave it alone, for now." he said. He wiped away Tracey's tears and hugged him. "I'm sorry. You can tell whenever you feel like it ok? I love you."

Tracey was the first one to wake up. He glanced at the clock and sighed. '4:45 is alittle too early for me.' he thought to himself as he slung his legs over the side of the bed. He got up and checked on Dylan. "Shadow, come here boy, come on." the dog jumped off of Dylan's bed and ran over to Tracey, happy to see that someone was awake to play. "Tomorrow can't come any sooner can it?" Tracey said as he glanced at the calendar. He walked over to the door as Shadow tugged on his leash wanting to go already. "I'm coming, calm down. It was a cool morning for june. Tracey zipped up his sweater more to stay warm. He let Shadow off his leash s he could have more freedom. Shadow ran over to Tracey with a stick waiting for him to take it. "Fetch Shadow." the dog ran after it barking happily then came back with it. Tracey's spirits seemed to be lifted as he played fetch with Shadow at his favorite park. But he couldn't help but wish that it was winter. Thinking of winter brought the memory of when he and Rix first met. He was so nervous being around even though they just met. Tracey was so lost in his thoughts that Shadow decided to do something else by himself since Tracey wouldn't throw the stick. When Tracey returned to reality, he couldn't find Shadow anywhere. "Shadow! Shadow where are you?" He whistled but still couldn't find the black Lab. "Shadow!" finally he found him hiding under a delivery truck whimpering. "Hey Shadow come on, theres nothing to be afraid of, we're at the park." The dog's eyes grew wide then he moved back hiding himself completely. "Shadow come on, we have to get back to the house." but he still refused to come out. He wondered what had frightened him. Tracey felt something hard hit the back of his head then everything went dark.

Rix stretched his arm out to hug Tracey but found that the bed was empty. He hopped out of bed and checked on Dylan who just got out of the shower. "Have you seen your brother?" he asked. "No I thought he was in there with you, but now that you mention it, I can't find Shadow either." Rix checked in the kitchen only to find a note that said:

Woke up at 4:45, thought I'd take Shadow out for a walk,

should be home in an hour. Love you.

"Dylan what time is it?" Rix asked. Dylan leaned back to look at Rix. "I know I'm late you don't have to-" "It's not about that." Dylan glanced at the clock. "7:38. Why?" there was a knock at the door. Rix quickly opened it. It was Gretchan. "Can someone tell me why this lil puppy dog was under my delivery truck whimperin like a cow without her cud?" Shadow ran over to Dylan whimpering. "Hey boy how are you?" he said as he rubbed the dogs belly. "Did you see Tracey?" Rix asked. Gretchan looked confused. "I haven't seen him at all this morning. Heard he was late for work. I thought you wanted to keep him home so In't think to much about it." she said. Rix growled. "Gretchan stay here with Dylan, I'm gonna go look for Tracey. Shadow come on." "What? Take me with you!" Dylan protested. "Dylan, you can miss school, but I cannot take you with me." Rix said as he slipped on his sneakers. "He may be your boyfriend, but he is my brother and I had him first. Now I'm going with you whether you like it or not." Dylan shouted. Rix sighed. "Listen Dylan, I understand where you're coming from but you cannot come with me. For all we know, if someone took him, they might kill him or you. Just stay here. Please Dylan, I'll find Tracey ok?" When he got no reply he just left with Shadow.

Tracey opened his eyes and winced as he was slightly blinded by a bright light. 'I can't be dead yet can I?' he thought. He sat up and looked around. He was lying in a room that looked like it belonged to a college student. There was a desk on the other side of the room with a reading lamp and a book of it. His sweater was draped over the back of the chair. Across from him, stood a dresser with a tv on top of it. And next to him was the door. "Shadow? Rix? Dylan?" he called. He stood up but fell back down onto the bed. He felt dizzy all of a sudden. He tried again but got the same result. Tracey whimpered then he got an idea. He rolled off of the bed and landed on his hands and knees. He blinked his eyes rapidly trying to get used to the ground rushing up to him. He still felt dizzy like he was drunk but he knew he wasn't, (he drank once and never again) not in the morning. He felt sick to him stomach and waited for the feeling to go away before he crawled over to the door. He reached up and failed afew times until he got a good grip of the knob. When he opened the door, he found himself in a hallway. He sat on his knees to study the hallway so he could find a door out of here. Tracey got back on his hands and knees and crwaled down the hall when he passed another one. He thought he heard cars down that hall and crawled down it. "Holy-" he exclaimed as he almost fell down some stairs. A sign was taped to the wall. He tried to read what floor he was on but his vision was blurred. He stood up and tried to slowly walk down the stairs when he was picked up. "Oh no you don't" a voice said. Tracey was carried back to the room he was in before. He started to cry, he was so close to getting out and finding Rix and was dragged back to the same place he tried to escape. "Nice to have you back Tracey." the voice said. Tracey's head lolled from side to side. "Where am I?" "You're back with me." "Mark?" Mark bit down on Tracey's neck causing the boy to cry out in pain. "Stop... please..." Tracey whispered. But Mark continued to leave marks on Tracey's neck no matter how many times he begged him to stop.

Somewhere along this part right here Tracey gets uh... Hm'ed by Mark, hardest part to right sorta, I typed this kind of thing before. I just hate to do it to Tracey. So if you don't want to read it just skip ahead (i wanted to while typing it.)

Mark dragged his nails across Tracey's arm leaving bleeding scratch lines on his pale skin. He stripped Tracey of all his clothing and stared down at the crying male. "See? Just like old times." he said as he caressed Tracey's thighs. Tracey tried to move his hand away but it felt like his limbs were made of jelly, so when he tried to get the hand off of him, it was easily thrown back next to his head. "Stop..." Tracey begged. "If I do we won't have any fun like the good old days." Mark replied as he placed kisses on Tracey's cheek. "Th-those times were never good." "You're absolutely right, they were great, and we are going to relive those days. I have something new that will make those great days even greater." the black and white haired male put a what seems to be a 'ring' on Tracey's sleeping member. Then he took out a needle and jabbed it into Tracey's arm. Tracey screamed due to the jab of the needle, he began to sob. "It's ok, you won't feel it in a few seconds." A few seconds later, Tracey's vision began to blur even more then he fell asleep.

When Tracey regained consciousness, he was in the dark. He was tied up naked, and bent over slightly, there was a ball gag in his mouth and the 'ring' was vibrating. He began to sob wondering when Rix will come and save him. 'He doesn't know where I am.' he realized. A light soon switched on but was dim. Mark was sitting in a chair across from Tracey. He smirked at the helpless male, stood up, then walked over to a table Tracey didn't notice. "Before we start, you need to be punished for leaving me." there was a cracking sound against the floor as Mark took a whip off of the table. Tracey weakly fought agaist his bonds, knowing what Mark was going to do to him, but due to whatever it was that was forced into his veins, Tracey was weak and dizzy. He yelled as the whip hit his legs, then his arms, then back. With each crack of the whip, Tracey cried out in pain and sobbed. He tried to imagine he was somewhere else, imagine that he was home with Rix and Dylan but everytime he did, the Whip would hit harder. Mark took the ball gag out of Tracey's mouth and kissed him. The brunette was too weak to keep his mouth shut. "Please... I just wanna go home... Why can't you just leave me alone?" Tracey sobbed. Mark cracked the whip again getting screech from Tracey. "Do not speak unless spoken to." Mark seethed as he placed the whip back on the table. Tracey closed his eyes in hopes of falling asleep. He hoped someone would find him, if not then, he wished he would die. His eyes shot open as he felt a sharp pain in his rear. He felt blood trickle down his legs as Mark entered him dry. Tracey didn't hear the scream of pain he made for he had closed his ears, then numbed his mind so as to not feel the pain he was in. He locked himself in his mind where he felt safe and seemed to leave his body. Mark ignore the blood as he continued to pound into Tracey, He loved the beautiful yells he was getting from that wonderful mouth, not caring if they were pained screams. He was getting close and went faster and harder making Tracey bleed more. Just when he was about to come, he took off the 'ring' and they both came at the same time. Tracey went limp after. Mark pulled out and inspected his work. He began to untie Tracey. "That's enough for now." he said. Tracey fell to the floor and stared at the ground until he went to sleep.

Rix pulled into the hotel parking lot and sighed, then began to cry. It's been six hours since Tracey went missing and he's been awake the whole time, checking every building, lot, alley, and still couldn't find him. He ignored everyone when they said for him to take a break. He was determined to find his boyfriend, but if he wasn't here, Rix would be crushed. Wiping away his tears, he got out of the car and walked into the building. When Tracey opened his eyes, he found himself back in the room where he start. His body ached from Marks actions and could still feel the drug pulsinng through his veins. Regardless, he stood up but fell on the floor. He placed his hands on the bed and tried to pull himself up. He began to cry in frustration as it took him awhile to stand up and everytime he moved, pain surged through his body like electricity. He tried one last time and made it. He opened the door and staggered down the hallway until he found the one that led to the stairs. Tracey smiled when he saw Rix below at the desk."He found me..." but he fell, unable to walk anymore. He could still see through the rails and tried to call to Rix but his voice was quiet. "I'm sorry but theres no one here named Tracey or Mark." The man at the desk said. Tracey's heart dropped as Rix slowly made his way to the door. "No... Rix, I'm here, I'm right here. Rix!" he tried to yell. Just When Rix opened the door, a woman walking down the hall, ran over to Tracey and screamed. "Somebody help! Oh my God, are you ok?" she asked Tracey. Rix turned back and ran up the stairs. "Tracey? Oh my God, I found you!" Rix noticed marks on Tracey's face, neck, hand, and feet. "Who did this to you? Was it Marks?" he asked, tears of anger coming to his eyes. "You found me... Rix you found me..." Paramedics arrived and carefully layed Tracey down on a gurnie, then rushed him to the hospital. Rix sat there and watched them take Tracey away for the second time they've been together. He looked down on of the hallways and saw Mark turn down another one out of sight.

"Tracey Evans?" Rix, Dylan, and Gretchan stood up. "How is he?" Rix asked the Doctor. "He has marks that appear to be from a whip, all over his body. We found morphine, date-rape dugs, and rubbing alcohol in his system. There is a high possibility that he was raped due to the torn tissue of his rectum. He's lost a lot of blood. We're not sure he'll pull through but he's starting to walk again. You can take him home in a few hours after we run more test." The doctor left to give them some privacy. Rix punched the wall so hard some of the tile began to fall. Dylan began to silently cry and Gretchan hugged him. "I know this asshole did not just touch him!" Blaire's voice could be heard from down the hall. Someone held on to her but she dragged them all the way down the hall. "I told that fucker to stay away from him! First he kills my husband, then tries to kill me and now he touches Tracey?" She yelled. "You know Mark?" Rix asked. "Know him? We went to school with Tracey! He Tracey's Ex-Boyfriend. We thought he was gone for good 13 years ago. Everyday Tracey would go to the hospital for bruises and rape all because of that fucking bastard! He'd beat him til he was near death everyday or he'd try to kill him for being out of his sight for even a minute! One time, he near killed Dylan just because he tried to dump his ass. Finally the cops got involved and Mark left but not before Tracey made it clear to stay away from him. We haven't seen him until the day he shot me! I hope he has a body guard because I'm going to fuck his ass up for this!" "B-but aunt Blaire, you're not healed-" "I don't care! First he kills Danny, he's not getting Tracey.!" Blaire growled as she repeatidly punched the wall making a large hole.

Later that night, Rix got into bed next to Tracey. "Tracey, why didn't you tell me?" he asked softly. Tracey looked at him and sobbed. "I thought he'd go away and I didn't want you to get caught up in this." he cried. "I am now, now that we're together. Are there anymore people you haven't told me about?" Rix asked as he kissed Tracey's forehead. "No." "Good because tomorrow I want no interruptions." Tracey was more than happy to be home, back with Rix. He didn't care that he was yealled at, as long as it was out of worry, he was ok with it. "From now on, Blaire and Gretchan are going to watch you, but thats for when we come back." Rix said as he playfully glared at Tracey. "Goodnight." "Night love."

* Tracey woke up as happy as a clam. He looked at the calendar and cheered. "Well you look happy." Rix said as he sipped his coffee. "Why wouldn't I be? Today's our anniversary." Tracey said as he circled the date. "That was today? Oh darn." Rix said as he kissed Tracey. "You suck at lying." "Only because I hate doing so love." Dylan entered the kitchen and sighed. "Can you guys not be in love for a few hours? My friends are coming and I don't want them going home scarred." Tracey shrugged and began to take stuff out of the fridge. "I'll start on dinner early I guess." he said. Rix coughed. "I forgot I have some errands to run. I should be back in a few." Dylan's eye twitched. "Um ok. That was weird." He said. "Not really, I just decided to make dinnaer and Rix runs errands alot." 3 hours later, Dylan's friends arrived and they began to play Guitar Hero III. Tracey continued to cook dinner. He made lunch for the boys, gave them whatever they needed, then went back to cooking. Blaire stopped by a few times only to be dragged out because of her anger. "Im home. Where is Dylan and his friends?" "In his room playing Guitar Hero, done with your errands?" Tracey asked as he received a kiss on the cheek. "All but one." Rix said as he bit Tracey's neck. Tracey sucked in a breath. "Rix, I promised Dylan." "I didn't."

"Yo Dylan, what's going on In the kitchen?" Their game paused and everyone looked towards the kitchen. "Oh, come on. Just ignore them guys." Dylan growled. "I think it's hot." Lindsy said as she watched the two men have a make-out frenzy. "That's only because you like that 'yaoi' crap." Brandon said as he diverted his attention to the TV. "I don't even know what yaoi is and I still find this hot." Miranda purred as she began to form fantasys in her head. "That's only cause you're girls." Tuk mumbled. "Not nessissarily. I'm Bi and I still find that disturding." Leo said. Lindsy looked around. "Wheres Genadia?" everyone shrugged then continued the game.

Rix turned Tracey back towards the counter then kissed the back of his neck. "I-I promised." Tracey moaned. "Then I guess we'll have to promise next time. You don't believe that you can make dinner with this can you?" Rix rubbed Tracey through his shorts, getting another moan. He then took out the tiny bottle of lube that Blaire hid in the drawer the last time she visited. He undid the button and zipper, then released his erection from it's confinments. Then he pulled down Tracey's shorts alittle. "As long as they stay in his room, we're ok." Rix said as he nearly drowned his manhood in lube then pushed through the tight ring of muscles. Tracey bit his lip trying to stop the moan from coming out. He looked back at Dylan's room then sighed when he saw that they didn't seem to notice what was going on.

"They're not really thinking about doing that while we're here are they?" Tuk asked. "Especially with the door open?" Leo added. They all paused when they heard a light moan. "Oh hell no." Dylan turned the tv up even louder than it was before. "Why does this feel so familiar?" Miranda asked. "Maybe it came up when we talked about what if's last time." Lindsy answered. "Thanks alot Leo." Brandon groaned. "Hey, how was I pose to know that my what if would come true?"

Tracey held on to the counter and pushed his body back to meet Rix's thrust. He tried to quiet his moans but each time he did, they would comer out louder. He was so close and Rix knew it. He picked up Tracey then turned him around. The smaller males back was supported by the counter, his knuckles turned white because of how tightly he was holding on to it. Rix thrusted up into Tracey. At the moment, he didn't care if any of the kids walked in or watched them. This was the first time he's been able to spend time with Tracey when they weren't busy. He loved every moment of this and knew Tracey did too by the way he now clung to his shoulders getting closer to his climax. The two loved how their bodies fit together like a puzzle piece. Tracey mumbled Rix's name over and over then bit his lip as he came on the apron he was wearing. He shuddered at the feel of Rix's seed spilling into him and covering his insides. He tried to get his breathing under control when he found himself lying on the floor. Rix held up a can of whipped cream and smiled at the male. "Round two. We aren't done until its time to leave." Rix said to him.

Genadia held his sweater up to his nose as he tried to stop his nosebleed. He saw and heard everything without being noticed. He crawled over to Dylan's door, sleave still up to his nose. "Dude open the door." he whispered. "Just close the kitchen door." Dylan said as he opened the door. Genadia closed the Kitchen door giving the adults their privacy. Shadow ran over and barked at the front door. "Shadow shut up, theres no one there." Dylan scolded. He then looked down at Genadia and grinned. "So are you gonna sit there with a nosebleed or are you gonna ask for help?" Genadia blushed then look away. "Come on." Dylan grabbed his hand and pulled him up. He then led the way to the other bathroom near the dining room. Genadia sat down on the toilet seat and looked shyly up at Dylan. "Now how do you expect me to help you if you're still covering your nose?" Dylan asked the red head as he rummaged through the cabinet for some paper towel and a cup. "S-sorry." he whispered. "No need to be sorry. Let's put your sweater over here and see how far the blood went." Dylan took off Genadia's sweater and began to clean off his nose then the trail that led beneath his bloodstained T-shirt. "If you want to shower you can but I recommend you just clean off the blood and I'll give you a shirt."Genadia nodded then took off his shirt. Dylan began to wipe away the blood on the boys chest and neck. He felt the red head tense as the damp paper towel went over a nipple. Genadia stared at the bathroom door. He had a very dark blush and held his breath everytime he felt Dylan's skin touch his own. The red head has such a deep crush on Dylan, it'd be close to love. He kept reminding himself that just because Dylan's brother is gay, that doesn't mean he is. Genadia closed his eyes and tried to ignore the feeling. To Dylan, Genadia was making such a cute pout, that he couldn't help but chuckle. He knew the boy liked him, it was obvious. Well maybe not to the others but Dylan could tell by the way his personality changed around him. This was the real Genadia, not the loud mouthed smart ass everyone saw him as, but the shy, helpless and girlish little boy that only appeared infront of Dylan or when he's home. Dylan was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a cry of pain from Genadia. He glared at the dark circle that was over the spot where the boys ribs were. "Did your brother do this?" Dylan asked. Genadia shook his head. "It was my fault, I was in his room and misplaced something. My brother was just punishing me from going in his room." he quickly said. Dylan abruptly stood up. "You sound like you're in a abusive relationship with him. If you were in his room, he didn't have to do this!" he said, pointing to the bruise. "You're freakin 14! You don't need any bruises unless they were caused by you doing something stupid or by accident." there was a knock at the door. "Dylan, your friends went home. Dinner is ready, ask Genadia if he can stay." It was Rix. Dylan turned to Genadia. "I can't. Brother said we're going on a cruise tonight." the red head was surprised to feel lips on his. I took him a moment to realize that Dylan was kissing him. His eyes closed and he responded to the kiss but it was over as fast as it began. "If your brother hurts you again, let me know."

"I'll be back, I'm just gonna walk Genadia to the parking lot." Dylan said as he closed the door. He grinned at Genadia then began to walk down the hall to the elevators, he held the boys hand as he did. There was a sort of awkward silence between the two until they got onto the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Dylan began to kiss Genadia. They fought for dominence, Dylan won. He explored every nook and cranny of Genadia'a mouth, tasting him and loving the taste. The door opened. "I'll walk you to your car ok?" Dylan panted. Genadia nodded. A Blue Honda pulled up when they got outside. "Bye Dylan..." "Bye." Gendia climbed into the backseat then closed the door. "How was your day?" His brother asked. "I-it was fun. We just mostly played Guitar Hero but then his brother and his boyfriend began to have sex in the kitchen. Dylan gave me his shirt to borrow because I got blood on mine-" "I only asked you how your day was NOT what happened." his brother snapped. Genadia shrunk in his seat. "Sorry." he whispered. "When we get home, clean up the house and we'll go, and clean it the right way. And stop saying sorry." The rest of the ride home was quiet.

"Mark, I can't find the broom." Genadia said as he cautiously opened his brother's door. "And why is that? You had it all day before you left, it should be in the same place." Mark said without looking at his little brother. "And what did I say about coming in my room without knocking?" "Sorry-" "Shut up! Let me finish in here and you go wash the dishes." Genadia closed the door and slowly walked over to the sink and sighed, letting a tear fall into the water. "Well I did enter without knocking. He's probably to busy to do the dishes." he said as he began to wash the dishes. "Genadia, I'm leaving. The dishes better be clean by the time I get back." Mark said as he and the woman he was with left. Genadia soon finished the dishes and went into his room to pack for the cruise. His head snapped up when the door swung open. "Why didn't you clean the car?" Mark growled. "You didn't tell-" "I shouldn't have to tell you! You should do it automatically." He back handed Genadia so hard, he fell to the floor. "I guess I forgot." he whispered. This got him a back hand to the eye and when he fell again, he got a kick in the stomach. "Well next time don't." Genadia flinch when a hand began to caress his pained cheek. "Do you think I like hitting you?," Mark asked. He then got a fistfull of Red hair and pulled Genadia to his feet. "But when you disobey me or act like a bitch, I have no choice but to punish you." He forcefully kissed the teen and ended up bruising his lips causing them to bleed. "Finish packing then get your ass in the car."

Genadia sat in the car and waited. He's going to miss Dylan the whole cruise. Everyday, he has to put on the tough guy act so no one would know where he really got the bruises, the hickies, and why he couldn't walk some days. But Dylan saw through it all and that made Genadia like him even more. He was told that he had somewhere to go when he get's beaten or raped by his brother, he was told that he was cared for and that nothing's his fault. 'My fault for being born though.' He thought with a sad smile. Yet he still felt so happy whenever he was around Dylan. He wondered if Tracey ever felt like this. "Fix your Goddamn face." Mark snapped as he got into the car.

Why hello there. Thank you for reading this far. Sorry it's taking so long but I'm to lazy to add another chapter, and frankly, I've been lazy the whole time while typing this so that's while it's been awhile since I've updated ANYTHING. Then I changed my account name. What's up with that, you ask? It's due to personality and a Great Depression of my own. And those of you who are wondering why I haven't updated anything and just posted a bunch of new stories is because of Massive writters block. About Dylan and Genadia's relationship, Dylan almost ended up with a girl Genadia or Lindsy, but then I thought 'I need a better exuse for Mark to go on the cruise and someone who is related to Mark but can infultrate the apartment without them knowing what Marks hobbies are and without Tracey, Rix, or Dylan knowing who the person was related to. Genadia is a little girly for my taste but other taste want him so bad. Just to cover that poor body in icing and enjoy the whimpers of pleasure and slight fear, have him beg me to stop but at the same time he moans in need and immence pleasure wanting me so badly. Just to have his body writhing beneath me. Just to gaze down at that beautiful body like a predator sees it's prey and- so sorry, getting off track here. Um so yeah, plus I think they make a good couple. And yes, Genadia and Mark are blood brothers. Their father has dark hair and their mother has red. Genadia was dumped on Mark (more like forced to be left) when he was 6. When Mark wasn't screwing anyone or whenever he had a bad day (or was drunk), he'd rape Genadia and the teen would take it. Well not gonna hold ya any longer. Any questions not answered here, you can leave a review or PM me. You may continue.

Dylan yawned as the car pulled into the Cruise Parking lot. "That was 16 hours I'm never going to get back." he mumbled. "Shut up and help with the bags." Rix said as he gently shook Tracey awake. "It was worse having to stay awake to drive. So quit complaining." Tracey smiled at Rix with half lidded eye's. "We're here already?" he asked. Rix smiled back then helped Dylan with the bags. "Damnit Rix, what do you have in here?" Dylan shouted. "Just some stuff thats rated mature and not for you." Dylan stuck out his tongue and continued to drag the heavy bag to the docks. He could've sworn that he saw a tuft of Red hair on the ship but waved it off. 'No way he could be on this one.' he thought. "I want you to carry me."

"Tracey I have to carry the bags, you have to walk."

"But I don't wanna."

"Tracey get off we gotta board the ship."

"Carry meeeeeeeeeee."


"Come on Rix, I'm sleepy. Carry me."

"Tracey, we don't have time for this!"

"But I don't wanna walk!"

Dylan chuckled. "And they're calling me childish." he said.

"Dylan come get your brother!"

"I don't want him to carry me, I want you."



Genadia stared far out into the ocean. The sun was just rising and if looked like it was trying to drink the whole ocean as it sat on the horizon. It took Genadia's breath away (he wished it litterally did), the beauty of it all. He wished he could share this moment with Dylan. His grip tightened around the plush Panda he brought as he began to cry. He was stuck on this stupid cruise with a brother he feared and no one to comfort him. He thought about calling Dylan during the drive but Mark threw the cell phone out the window. "Why are you crying?" a voice asked. Genadia turned around with a blush on his face to see a boy with Green hair and blue eyes looking down at him. "I-I wasn't crying. The sea air just made my eyes water." he replied. His blush darkened as he looked down at his panda, trying to avoid the boy's gaze. "It's ok. If it makes you feel any better, I was the only one who saw you do it. Name's Michael." "G-Genadia." Genadia still tried to avoid Michael's eyes. It was to late to do the tough guy act now that he was blushing, crying, and holding his plush Panda, in his oversized sweater that revealed his shoulders. "Where did those bruises come from?" Michael asked. Refurring to the ones on Genadia's face, neck, and shoulders. "Mark just has his bad days, plus I wasn't listening." There was a bruise on Genadia's forehead where Mark had thrown a plate at him. Genadia couldn't help but muster a small smile when he thought about Dylan tending to it. Of course that was when he still tried to control the tough guy act infront of him. He told him he fell and Dylan chuckled. "Be more careful next time."

"Why are you smiling?" Michael asked alittle confused.

"Just a different memory about someone I know." Genadia replied with a sigh. He looked out over to the highway, just wishing and hoping that Dylan was on the cruise with him.

"Someone you like?" Michael asked.

Genadia nodded.

"Let's hang out sometime or now if you're not busy." Genadia thought about how alone he was gonna be then looked up at Michael. "I would like that." he said.

"You better go back to sleep now that I carried you, up the ramp and to our room with heavy bags." Rix said as he walked out of the shower in nothing but his boxers. "Love you too, and thank you." Tracey said with half lidded eyes. Rix climbed on top of him and kissed him. "Or we can make up for lost time." "Still in the room." Rix paused. "Yeah yeah I'm going." Dylan rolled his suit case into the room across from them. He opened his cell and took out the other phone he found on the highway when they made a pit stop. It looked like Genadia's phone. "I wonder." Dylan called Genadia's number and the red android began to ring. "Just as I thought." he said out loud to no one. After a quick shower, Dylan began to explore the ship. He stopped outside of Tracey and Rix's door to let them know, but when he heard moaning, he quickly left.

Dylan was lost in thought as he explored and found his way around. He helped out in the kitchen for alittle and volounteered to help out with the family games, not really paying attention but still performed wonderfully. He went up to the sky deck and gazed at the horizon. "The Precious moon is now departing." the captain's voice said through the speakers. 'Genadia's on a cruise too. I wonder if he's looking at the same horizon as I am.'

"Your brother is wrong for that."

Dylan heard someone say. The other voice was to soft for him to hear. His curiosity got the best of him and he followed the voices to the Arcade Room. Two people were walking out and Dylan was so lost in his thoughts that he bumped into one of the people and they both fell. "Watch where you're going." Dylan's eyes widened and so did the other person. "Dylan?" "Genadia?" Dylan braced himself as Genadia leaped forward with a hug. Genadia cried. "I missed you so much. The ride over here was horrible and I was so lonely. But I met this guy named Michael. He kept me company." When they stopped hugging, they were the only two in the hallway. "I wonder where he went?" Genadia said as he looked around. "I want to thank him for keeping you company." Dylan said as he helped Genadia off the floor. As soon as the two were standing, Dylan held Genadia's face in his hands and pulled him in for a kiss. He ran his tongue along his lips begging for entrance. Genadia was hesitant then he slowly parted his lips. That was enough for Dylan to explore the mouth. Genadia didn't taste like anything yet he tasted so good it was intoxicating. Dylan sucked on the red head's tongue making him moan. When the kiss was broken, the two of them stood there for a while in eachothers arms. "I found your phone." Dylan said, breaking the silence. "I-I thought it was broken. My brother threw it so hard... Thank you Dylan." Genadia replied as he looked from the undamaged phone to Dylan. He then remember something. "My panda. I think I left him in the Arcade."

They found the Panda on the pool table with a note attached to it:

Dear Genadia,

You left your Panda on the stairs, so I thought I'd leave it here for you incase you searched for it.

I see how much he cares for you and you for him. I'm guessing that was the Dylan you told me about?

I won't be around much so whatever Mark does to you, tell him. He may not be able to stop him but

He'll be there to comfort you the way he already has. I like you alot Genadia, probably not as much

as he does but I'm glad we met. I finally found a friend, two friends actually. I'm sure Dylan will be

there for you always. Don't ever do him wrong, and I know you won't, you love him to much. If you didn't

tell him that, tell him now.



Genadia began to cry then hugged Dylan. "Did he make you sad?" Dylan asked, ready to curse him out. "No, he made me happy, but not as much as you make me happy. I love you Dylan." "I love you too Genadia." Dylan led Genadia out of the arcade and the two walked around hand in hand. 'Best birthday ever.' Dylan thought as he gently squeezed Genadia's hand.

Tracey smiled at Rix as he struggled with his tie. "Seriously, you don't have to wear it, it's just dinner. Besides, you're sexy the way you are." he tied it for him anyway. "I should be saying that." Rix replied as he kissed Tracey's forehead. "I just want to look nice for you." "You already do." Rix glanced at his watch. "We better get going."

"What's next on your list? We celebrated my birthday during the pitstop, we celebrated our arrival, you took me out for dinner, now we're roaming the ship beneath the moon. This anniversary is to good to be true." Tracey said as he leaned against the railing looking at the moon. "It's for something important. You know I love you right? Ever since I layed eyes on you and heard about you. Then you and Dylan came to live with me and now we have a happy family, and I want to take that a step further." Rix said as he gazed at the moon then at Tracey. He looked curious as to where this conversation was going. "And so I've been meaning to ask you, Tracey Evans," Rix took out a violet box and opened it. "Will you marry me?" Tracey began to cry. He's never been so happy in his life. All he could do was nod for he was at a loss for words. He threw his arms around Rix and kissed him.

Michael watched from afar as the couple continued their embrace. He wished that he could be happy like that but knew that he never will be. A bright light only he could see began to shine as usual. "Not yet. Please not yet." he begged. The light soon faded after his plea and he began to wonder through the ship looking for a problem to fix. He thought about Genadia and how happy he was with Dylan. He couldn't stick around for that or it would break his unbeating heart. 'People think dead people don't hurt but we do.' "Someone help! My wife is in labor!" Michael sighed then made a small smile. These ocasions were rare but he to loved help bring in new life, for it reminded him that life was so precious and that it's hard survive it. After handing the mother the baby, he disappeared and reappeared at Genadia and Dylan's location. They were sitting on Dylan's bed watching TV. It must've been scary because Genadia began to beg Dylan to turn it off. Dylan chuckled and turned off the tv. "Sorry. Was it to scary?" "Alittle." They kissed then went under the blankets holding each other close. "Let's fall asleep before they get back. As you know, Tracey isn't the quietest fish in the sea."

Then back to the couple he went. Tracey and Rix gazing at the moon, occasionally kissing and saying I love you. The light came again. "Why? Why them?" He asked the light. "I know but still, they've been through alot. Just to end it there seems horrible, but you have your reasons, it's not my place to question the man in charge." the light went out and with one more sad glance, Michael disappeared.

The cruise went on peacefully. Michael would watch over the two couples while doing other things on the ship. He sometimes go body hopping just to be close to Genadia and watch him closely. Michael was told to be with them at all times, but one night, a week before the ship was to return to the docks, Michael had his guard down and watched Dylan and Genadia.

Genadia gripped the sheets even tighter as Dylan's fingers continued to hit his prostate. His body was drenched in sweat and he had a hard time keeping his vision under control so he could see Dylan but to no use. He sat up and pulled Dylan into a hug. "I- I'm ready." he whispered. "What was that?" Genadia pouted. "I said it once already, I'll pass out if I say it again." he said in his tough guy voice. Dylan kissed him to make him be quiet. "I'm kidding. If you want to say it twice you can." he said. "This might hurt little." Dylan warned as he positioned himself between Genadia's legs. Genadia smiled at Dylan. "I trust you to make me feel better." he said. Dylan swollowed then pushed into his boyfriend. Genadia's face twisted in pain but returned calm when Dylan smoothed out his hair and left kisses on his cheeks. "Are you ok? Do you want to stop?" Dylan asked. Gendia shook his head. "We've made it this far, and I want to do this with you." he said. Dylan nodded in understandment and agreement. He pulled out of Genadia then rammed back in. Genadia's eye's grew wide when he saw stars. "Again!" he moaned. Dylan hit that spot so hard, it' was almost hard for Genadia to moan due to the extreme pleasure he was receiving. His prostate continued to get abused causing Genadia to start crying in pure exstacy. Dylan pulsed inside him and seemed to get alittle bigger with each thrust. It was better than great. There were no words to describe how Genadia was feeling. All that he knew was that he was seeing stars and was getting close to his climax. "Genadia..." "Yeah...?" "I love you so much." the both of them came at that moment. As soon as they got over their high, Dylan switched the position with Genadia now on his lap and they continued from there.

Michael then remembered Tracey and Rix and went to check on them, but it was to late, then Dylan arrived...


"We're gonna go watch TV." Dylan told Tracey. Tracey said OK and let the two friends go. Rix soon returned with a can of soda and a cup of coffee. "The moon is so big tonight." Tracey nodded in agreement. "I never would have dreamed I'd be looking at it with the one I love." Tracey pouted. "I'm refurring to before Mia told me about you." "Sure." Rix hugged his fiance. "Well, we're here now aren't we? Nothing to worry about-" "Oh I think there is." a familiar voice said behind them. Tracey slowly turned his head to face Mark. Rix put Tracey behind him. "What are you doing here?" "On vacation just like you. When I heard that you were here I thought to myself 'oh joy!' but come to find that you're getting married. Now I can't have that can I?" Mark said. Rix growled. Tracey stared at him. "H-how do you know about that?" he asked. "I also know where you live. And I didn't have to lift a finger." "How do you know about that?" Rix repeated. Mark shrugged as if it were a simple thing. "I'm sure you know a little red head named Genadia right?" he said, a sadistic smile coming to his face. "What about him?"

"That's my little brother."

"What? How?"

"By a thing called mommy and daddy. I didn't tell him about Tracey or you. He just simply befriended Dylan and seemed to talk about him more and more. Of course I wasn't sure if it was your Dylan until I did alittle spying and who should I see but little Dilly all grown up. Still, I never told Genadia or spoken to Dylan, incase it would ruin my plans. But alas, this stupid cruise turned up because of my dear brother's non stop whines, and I mean both meanings. Thanks to him, we're all here and I'm about to take back what's rightfully mine."

With a maniacal laugh, Mark didn't hesitate to shoot Rix in his abdomen. Tracey brought his gaze from Rix's body to Mark. "Why?" he asked as tears began to fall from his eyes. "You're mine and no one else gets to have you. I guess I have to get used to your body being soiled by him but it doesn't matter. Don't forget that I was your first and I WILL be your last." Tracey darted to the the middle of the ship but didn't make it to the other side. He felt a sharp pain in his thigh and fell. "Can't have you telling anyboy now can I?" Mark said as he walked over to his reward. Tracey tried to crawl away but got shot on his leg again. He sobbed as he made no atempt to move. "Good boy." Mark forced Tracey to look at him and just when he was about to kiss him, another body ran into him, knocking the gun out of his hand. He growled as he got back up and glared at Rix who had his hand over the spot where he was hit. "Stay away from him." he said. "Why am I not surprised?" Mark landed a kick on Rix's chest, sending him flying into the rail. "I'm sick and tired of you ruining my fun." Mark said as he got closer. Rix searched his surroundings for a weapon then dove for a chair. He threw it at Mark making him fall. "You are really starting to piss me off." Mark cracked his neck.

Tracey looked around in the dim light for the gun or atleast something to stop Mark as he punched Rix in his jaw. He finally spotted it and grasped it in his shaking hands. Finally getting a good grip on it, he aimed for one of the dark figures. By now, Rix was fighting back, so it was hard for Tracey to know who was who. He just hoped, aimed, and fired. The bullet hit Mark in his arm. He directed his attention to Tracey, who tossed the gun to the ground and tried to crawl away. "No Tracey!" Rix grabbed another chair and tried to throw it at Mark but it was to late. The gun had went off again, and hit Rix in the middle of his stomach. "Rix!"

Tracey struggled to get up. He looked around frantically for Rix and spotted him across the deck unmoving. "Rix!" he shouted as he ran over to him despite the pain in his thigh. Tears were falling from his eyes as he got closer and saw a small pool of blood around Rix. "No no no no no." he said as he dropped to his knees. The bullet had gotten Rix in his abdemon, and Tracey wasn't sure if he was alive or dead. "No not you Rix. Not you." "Tracey?" said males head turned to look at Dylan. "Run Dylan! Go!" he said. Dylan stood there frozen. "I-is he ok?" he asked. "Dylan go! Run and get help!" there was a loud poping then Dylan fell. Mark stood behind him in the hallway . Tracey's already shattered heart, shattered even more. He crawled over to Dylan and sobbed. "Why are you doing this?" he whispered. "Why are you ruining my life? What do you want from me?" he asked looking up at Mark. He put the gun against Tracey's chest. "I'm going to ask you again Tracey, will you come back with me?" Tracey shook his head slowly. Then the gun went off again.

This reminded Tracey of his nightmare but it was now coming true. When he hit the ground, his eyes were blurring because of the tears, then he began to feel his life slip away.

Michael tried as best as he could to move Tracey out of the path of the gun or at least have it aim somewhere less vital, but it was to late. He glared at Mark who chuckled then left the deck and roamed the hallways searching for Genadia. "Where are you little brother?" Michael appeared in Dylan's room, where Genadia was dressed, waiting for Dylan to return. "Michael, how did you get in here?" he asked. "Theres no time to explain, you have to go now." Genadia tightened his embrace around his plush panda. "What about Dylan?" "It's to late, we have to go now!" Michael pulled Genadia's arm but the boy didn't budge. "You're not being a good friend. Where's Dylan?" Michael frantically looked at Genadia then the hallway then back. "If we don't go now, you're going to end up like Dylan! You're brother is looking for and is planning to kill you." Genadia looked at him in disbelief. "What?" "Just come on!" This time, he allowed himself to be pulled and ran along with Michael. Something flew past his ear then made a hole on the wall. "Found you." Michael looked back and forth. "This way!" he said as he pulled Genadia down another hall. They pushed through some doors and found themselves trapped in the engine room where all of the ships elecricity and control is. "There's a flight of stairs on the other side, come with follow me." as they ran on, they heard pings of the pipes as bullets hit them. Michael pushed Genadia into a mess of pipes and the only light to guide him was the blinking red light or the alarm. "Keep moving from here, but only in the dark or he'll catch you." "W-where are you going?" "To get help." Genadia's chest moved along with his panting as he moved through the pipes. There was a pinging sound next to him then he stopped. "Where are you Genadia? What did I tell you about hiding from me?" Genadia held his breath when he caught site of Mark. "Gotcha." He moved out of the way of the bullet and crawled as much as he could until he was sure he was out of Marks reach. He heard Michael's voice but didn't see him. "Stay where you are. Helps on the way." Genadia hugged his panda, then began to sob quietly. He heard a clicking sound then looked up in terror at the barrel of a gun. "Can't move now." Genadia bowed his head and waited for the gun to shoot but it didn't. A hand pulled him out and got him in a warm hug. "Are you ok?" It was Michael. Genadia fell to his knees, still locked in a warm embrace with Michael, and cried. "Dylan..." he sobbed.

"Breaking news: Ocean night nightmare!

Tonight the Precious Moon was forced to dock 4 days before it's scheduled return. A man named Mark Avery is charged with murder of three and attempted murder of five. One of the three has to do with the manager of Lucky Day restaurant, Danny Titan. He is now in police custody and will most likely get Life without perole or the death sentence. The five he attempted to murder are 29 year old Tracey Evans, his 15 year old brother Dylan Evans, 31 year old Rix Anderson, 30 year old Blaire Summers- Titan, and his own brother, 14 year old Genadia Avery. The other two who were murdered was an elderly couple, celebrating their 65 anniversary. The survivors are in critical condition.

6 months later

"Come on Tracey, get out there!"

"But I don't want everyone to see me in a dress!"

"Listen here honey, this is your wedding day. Now you get your butt out there and marry your man!"

"Fine, stop kicking me Gretchan!"

Tracey walked down the aisle. His cheeks burned as everyone had their eyes on him. He looked up at Rix and felt enough confidence to finish walking up there without throwing up the butterflies he had in his stomach. When he finally made it, he sighed heavily. "You look beautiful." Rix whispered. Tracey pouted. "But I'm in a dress. It was Blaire's stupid idea." he said. "I don't think it's a stupid,"

"I now pronounce you husband and husband, now lock lip before I have a nose bleed."

Rix kissed Tracey. They both felt happy that their kiss was meaning more than "I love you.", it felt now as "I want to spend the rest of my life with you.", perfect fairy tale ending. Tracey threw the flowers then wrapped his arms around Rix's neck. Everyone cheered. The flowers landed on Genadia's panda. When he looked up, Dylan had walked out and caught his eye. Sadly, not all fairy tales are happy. There was a loud crash. Mark was being held back by Rix's cousins. Death was in his eyes. "You Mother Fucker!" he shouted. Once his arms got free, he quickly took out a gun and shot Tracey. Again he was taken down by cousins, then brought up to the front waiting for the cops to take him back to prison.

Rix held a bleeding Tracey in his arms. Dylan, Blaire, and Genadia soon joined them. "Please don't die Tracey. You're my brother, I can't lose you." Dylan cried as he watched his brother begin to slip away. Blaire held her newborn son close to her and tried not to cry. "Tracey, stay with me. You're gonna make it, just don't close your eyes. Please don't close your eyes." Tracey tried to focus his eye's on Rix. Tears were slowly rolling down his cheeks. "I love you Rix. You too, Dylan... Blaire... This is it for me." he whispered. Rix shook his head. "Don't say that, you're gonna make it Tracey. You can't die, not now, not on your wedding day. I love you." he said. Dylan bit his bottom lip. He tried to speak. "You're all I have left of mom and dad. Please Tracey. You've been there for me since the beginning. I don't know any other person who could survive a fatal car crash, then take care of a baby who was constantly fated to die, with no help. You've survived a crash, being raped and beaten by a lunatic, a death fever, and a gun shot, you gotta survive this one. You told me you'd never leave me." he said. The gray had left Tracey's eye's leaving them an icy blue. He smiled at Rix then closed his eyes. "I won't have to die sad. I am the happiest person in the world right now. I got married to the love of my life. I have the best little brother anyone could ever ask for. A friend who protected me and was there for me when I needed help. I love you." Rix's tears were now falling on Tracey's pale cheeks. "I love you too. I love you so much." he lifted up Tracey to hug him. He then gave him one last kiss.

"I love you."

"Tracey." Dylan sobbed.

"I-I love you."

"You better not." Blaire warned.

"I love... you, Rix."

"Tracey no... No no no, Tracey don't leave." Tracey's eye's closed for good. "Tracey come back. Please come back... Tracey please... Don't leave me. I love you too. I love you too, please come back." Blaire got up and put her baby in his grandmothers arms, then she stomped to the front where the cops were just putting Mark in hand cuffs. "You mother fucking bastard." she growled through clenched teeth as she punched him. She punched him so hard, blood began to flow from her knuckles and his cheek. Before she could throw another she was held back by her neice and brother. "You killed him you bastard! First my husband now Tracey? What the fucking hell? What the hell?" She screeched as tears finally began to fall from her eyes. Meanwhile back with Rix, he rocked back and forth slowly, as he sobbed, begging Tracey to come back. "Why Tracey lord, why him? What was the freakin reason why he had to go? He didn't do anything wrong, nothing and you go and take him away, on our wedding day! Tracey, please come back. I'll do anything just please give him back." By now, Tracey's blood was soaking Rix's clothes and his hands. He sat there holding him until the paramedics took him away. He stared at his blood stained hands and just slowly shook his head then he hugged himeself and sobbed.

"Tracey was my brother, my friend, my parent. Ever since our parents died he, heraised me on his own. Most of his resourses were unreliable, he had no car, and had to work waiting tables. As busy as he was, he still had time to play and buy me stuff. We had Mia help us out but she couldn't on some days. I will never forget him. How he told me stories of our parents before they died so I'd have memories of them even though I wasn't there. I hope he's happy in heaven as he was down here. I'll miss you bro." Dylan returned to his seat, glancing at Tracey's open casket on his way. Up next was Rix. He slowly made his way to the mic and spoke. "Tracey and I met, while he slept in the snow, today's the day even. He looked so calm yet he spoke of his frustrations and struggles in life. But when he smiled, it lit up the whole room, and possibly the world. He loved winter. It was his favorite season. Mia was my grandmother. She talked about Tracey everytime I came over to visit. I fell in love with him then, but when I saw him with my own eyes, it took my breath away. We were together for eleven years before we decided to get married. We went throught alot during that time but he pulled through with a smile on his face and stayed strong on the outside when he didn't feel strong on the inside. I love him so much and it broke my heart to have him die in my arms right after he became my husband." Rix stopped then looked at Tracey's casket. "I will love you always." he said. He went over to Tracey and kissed his forehead, a tear rolled down Rix's cheek, then he walked out of the church and sat on the steps. He opened his eyes and stared into Blue gray ones. "I'll be waiting for you." Tracey said. Rix began to cry when he felt Tracey's spirit leave his side. "I love you." he whispered.

Oh gosh. Typing that whole last part made me cry. I didn't want to do it but I did. I'll make lot's of one shots for Tracey and Rix, also, look out for my new story for Dylan and Genadia. Mark got the death penalty and got the electric chair. Blaire almost broke the glass as she punched it trying to get to Mark so she could kill him herself. Gretchan was harldy in here but she takes care of Shadow now. Rix still works as a high school teacher but quit his other job. The Lucky Day restaurant has specials and are closed on Danny and Tracey's birthdays, wedding annivary days, and death anniversary. It's still up and running, getting customers from near and far. Michael was an angel who broke the rules but did his job. He finally went to heaven and only came back to get Tracey. And Plush Panda still belongs to Genadia, whos butt and heart belongs to Dylan. Love ya dear readers. I hope you liked it! Pm or review, it's your choice, bye!