Devil's Brand

By: Krissie

Epilogue: Never Forget

"Never forget." A voice speaks. The room is crumbled all around. Sitting on her bed, the girl looks up. Eyes wide and scared. "You are your own being. You are-"

The ground rumbles as the ceiling topples over her. Tears leak from her eyes. "Please." Her voice whimpers. "Don't leave me."

The ground is leveled. Rubble all around. The girl buried beneath it.

Chapter 1: Awaken

At a construction site, a team is excavating a barren land. The trees thick to the side, a single flower in the center. Pale and alone.

"Okay!" A worker calls to another driving a huge machine. "Let's start from here!" The work states.

"Got cha!" He responds as the claw of the machine digs into the dirt. Pulling up roots and clay, they up root the flower. Its petals scatter. The steam droops as it lands on the ground. One petal is still attached.

A few hours later, giant piles of dirt and rubble lie around the hole. Remnants of an old house lie scattered within.

"Yo boss!" the worker driving the crane. "There's a body under here!" Other workers form around the hole. Sure enough, down in the ditch. There was a young woman lying there on the bed. She looked as though she was sleeping, but they knew she was dead.

"Someone call the MEDs! They'll pay us big for finding a perfectly preserved body that's several hundred years old!"

Moments later, the Medical Squad with the foreman stood inside the ditch next to the bed. The body untouched on it.

"This is a major find!" The doctor exclaimed. "I've never seen a body this well preserved before."

"Neither have I." The foreman agreed.

"Carefully pick her up boys!" The doctor orders.

"Yes sir!" They saluted as they carefully picked her up.

"Amazing!" One doctor awed. "She's not turning to dust! It's almost as if she's alive."

"Of course not idiot!" Another doctor snapped. "How can someone hundreds of years be alive and still look this young?"

"You're right." The man laughed.

"No." The voice called. "Don't let them take you!" the girl heard this voice. Her hand twitched, but the doctors didn't notice. "You have to wake now. You must!" The hand twitched again. "Don't let them take you!" The girl's hand twitched again as her eyes slowly opened. They were blurry. Their voices new.

"Who?" Her voice broke through her throat. It had been too long since her body moved. The images of them became clearer. The slowly pushed herself upward. The men stared on in disbelief. "Who?" She said again. "Who are you?"