Memory of the Pear

By: Krissie

© May 22nd, 2012

Rolling over with the terrible taste of dirt in his mouth, he held his head. He slowly opened his eyes to the blinding light. Everything ached and felt so different. He didn't like it. He looked around. This place was very different from where he was before.

"Where was I before?" He pondered. Searching his brain for an answer, he curled up like a hurt animal. He couldn't remember. What was his name? Where was he before? How did he get here? What was he doing? Who was he?

The image of a young girl with wavy hair like a raven's wing kept appearing before him. The face was always smiling sweetly and had a hand extended to him. "Who was she?" He wondered. He remembered the faint smell of pears.

Sadly, he couldn't remember much else. He got up gloomy and observed his new surroundings. It was very bright in the place. It looked like his was in a very large room. The bed he was laying on had silk blankets and a canopy above it. Pillows were thrown around in a chaotic fashion. There was matching sofa up against the wall. A T.V. stood on top of a long desk across from it. There were books stacked beside it and a small chair sat in front of it. He slowly crawled out of the bed. He felt as if he was jumping off the last 5 stairs on the stair rail.

"Stair rail?" he muttered. "Why do I remember that?" He soon found himself clutching his wrist in pain. It felt like it was burning. He closed his eyes and began to hear screams. He then saw her again.

"You're going to be okay." She told him kindly. "I'm going to take you to the infirmary."

He opened his eyes and stared at his wrist. He had broken a bone in his wrist when he fell on the stair rail. He really needed to be careful, he noted. He walked around the room. It was huge. It was like a room for a king. He walked up to the slender door on the other side of the colossal room. He pondered if he should open it as he examined every detail on the mahogany door. It was beautiful. He took a deep breath as he stretched his hand towards the golden door knob.

It soon opened on its own. The door impacted with his face as he fell back. The wooden floor didn't ease the pain of his back as he hit it.

"Oh my!" A voice gasped. "Are you okay?" He slowly opened his eyes to see a blurry image of a man lifting him up. "I didn't mean to whack you with the door, young man. I had thought you would still be asleep. I called the doctor for you a while ago. Has your fever gone done any?" He touched his head and sighed with relief.

"Who?" He asked as he shook the shock of the door away. "Who are you?

"Me? Don't you remember me? Oh my! I must've whacked you harder than I thought. I'm Jerry." He introduced himself as he laid the boy back on the bed. "We meet a month ago."

"Who am I?" He pointed towards himself.

"Oh my! Seems I caused some amnesia for you." He sighed. "You're Josh. Josh Yakovielic. You go to school with my niece. That's how we know each other." He stated. "I also began teaching mythology at your school a month ago."

He nodded a little understanding this a little. "I remember the smell of pears." He muttered.

"That's probably because you're a member of the gardening club. You were picking pears while you had the flu and you fell off of a branch when you sneezed." Jerry stated as he sat beside him. "You really shouldn't do crazy things when you're sick, Josh." He chided him. "Now, why don't you sit here and try to relax. I'm sure your memories will come back soon. The doctor will be here shortly."

Josh sat there a little while. He now had a name. "Thank goodness, my name isn't Bob." He thought to himself as he stared up at the canopy. The room was still very bright. He looked around. "Where's the light switch?" He asked as he looked around the room in search for one. Strange thing was, there wasn't a single light switch anywhere on the walls in this giant room. He crossed his arms. How was he supposed to rest in a room that was as bright as a sunny afternoon in June? He again hopped out of the bed. "Note to self, put a stepping stool in front of the humongous bed." He stated as he walked to the door. He stood on the side opposite of the door's opening swing and grabbed the knob and twisted it and opened it slightly. He pushed the mahogany door open enough to let himself out with his foot.

He looked around in the hallway. He could see at staircase going down at the end of the hall. "Where exactly am I?" He wondered as he walked towards it. He slowly and carefully walked down the stairs. He gripped the stair rail tightly. He counted each step as he went down it. There were 26 steps on the stair case. He found himself in a giant living room area. There was a T.V. and a couch and a loveseat in the room. There was also a mahogany coo-coo clock and a fire place. He heard a noise come from another place. He turned towards it and found himself in a dining area. It was a fairly big size, but compare to the living room and bed room he was just housed in, it seemed rather small.

He noticed someone with raven hair in the kitchen. He heard his stomach grumble. He wondered when the last time he ate was. He walked into the kitchen and softly knocked on the mahogany door frame. Whoever had built the house was very fond of mahogany, he noted.

The brown eyed girl turned to stare at him. She smiled ear to ear when she saw him. "I'm so happy to see that you're up!" She greeted. "How are you feeling Josh?" She asked sweetly as she put down the pear she was pealing. She washed her hands in the sink and wiped them off on her apron. She walked up to him and hugged him.

He stood silent and motionless for a moment. He soon smiled at his old friend. "I'm feeling okay, I guess." He told her. "To be honest, I can't remember things very clearly. Your name is Mashukie, right?"

She nodded happily. "Yep! That's me!" Her ponytail hopped up and down with joy. "And you're Josh! My best friend in the whole wide world!" She told him. "I'm making pear sauce. Why don't you sit down and I'll serve you some." She told him. "You love it! You might remember a little more after you eat some!" She told him happily as she skipped back to the counter. She washed her hands again and shook the excess water off her hands in the sink. She began pealing the pear again.

A little while later, she presented him with a bowl of pear sauce. She gave him a spoon and sat next to him. She began to eat out of her own bowl. He stared at it a while in thought. He picked up his spoon. He didn't recall pear sauce at all. He put a little bit on his spoon and examined it like a child does a piece of broccoli. He shrugged and then stuck the food in his mouth. His eyes widened as the taste brought back waves of memories.

He remembered how his father was allergic to apples and how he gave him pear sauce as apple sauce's replacement. When he first tasted apple sauce was when Mashukie's aunt had given him some when he came over to her house to play. He remembered pouting a little and saying how he wished it was pear sauce. He recalled the look of Mashukie's face when she first tasted it. It was so cute! She actually preferred it over apple sauce. He recalled planting a pear tree in a small pot with her when they were seven. He recalled how Mashukie taught him how to properly water a plant. How he helped her with her math homework. How he fell on the stairs for trying to jump to the bottom case. How she carried him to the nurse's office and chided him like a mother for being so silly. He remember going with the gardening club with his flu. He remember climbing up the tree to get the pears on taller branches of the tree. He remembered sneezing and falling down to the ground. He remembered it all.

"I'm sorry I landed on you." He apologized as he took another bite. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Well next time you're sick, maybe you'll think twice before you do something silly." She told him with a grin as she wagged her spoon at him.

"I might actually think twice!" He laughed as he tapped her spoon with his. The two then got into a spoon sword fight. Jerry came in and left the room laughing at the pair.