Free Soul

She was born into this crazy thing called life,

No other than she was gifted by God a fighter.

She believed in who she was and all her life she

Fought to be a part of the world.

She was different, but in many unique ways

Not letting others judge her by what she had, but who she was.

Having been through so much, she knew what faith was and what

It really meant to her. And she didn't let anyone else's words tell

Her otherwise. She was and is strong, brave, confident, but in ways

Like no other person could ever truly see. She was the one who had

That power in her hands to control her own life, and break away from

The chains that others tried to hold her down with. She didn't let them break

Her, she didn't let them get to her, for she knew what the Lord truly saw in her

And He knew she had been born an angel who was meant to fly…and that one day

She would…that day has come, and today I stand ready to prove to the world that

My heart is filled with hope and the Lord's strength who has taught me so much.

Don't be afraid, for the Lord is with you always…and never, ever give up no matter

How hard life gets, if you fall, the Lord will be there to catch you, if you break, He will

Be there to put the pieces back together, and most of all, be patient…for one day you'll

Be free…just like me…