In the middle of a suburb, at the end of the cul-de-sac, there lived two cousins. One was a mild- mannered boy of about eighteen years of age who had spent his high-school years partying, and enjoying the elixir of youth and was now working as the head janitor in a high scale office building with absolutely no chance for a better future (unless he took the initiative to get a college degree, of course). It was not that the boy wasn't intelligent, oh no, that boy just did not apply himself and missed his prime window of opportunity. He preferred spending his time hanging around with his friends instead of studying for exams or playing the fool in class when he should have been taking notes, you get the basic idea. In case you are wondering, yes he did get his highschool diploma, and the only reason he got it is because he would pull all-nighters before every single exam.

Now the other cousin was about fourteen, fifteen and noticed her cousin's downward spiral early in life; therefore she resolved to succeed in her educational endeavors. Upon realizing this she ran straight to her mother for guidance in avoiding this discouraging lifestyle her cousin had chosen. Her mother, being the wise mother she should be, promptly prepared her young, ten-year-old daughter for success. The mother gave the daughter choices of course, like if she would mind having a shorter summer vacation in order to get ahead in school and if the daughter would mind having late night study sessions every other Friday night instead of movies every Friday night. Eventually, she got to where she is now, graduating from the top of her freshman class at the tender age of fourteen (she had two more weeks before her next birthday) and this was the summer before she would head off to college.

Now her cousin, Alex, realized that he had wasted enough of his time fooling around and getting nowhere in life, and resolved that he would go back to college and no longer spend his days cleaning the offices of the rich and successful. No, he would be the one sitting in that plush, leather, office chair throwing garbage to that poor sap of a janitor to pick up and put in the wastebasket. (In case you can't tell he had a bad day at work. The guys decided to have a little fun with him.) He immediately applied to the local college and by some strange miracle; he was accepted, as a charity case. His cousin, Chris her brother (who had taken the same path as his esteemed sister and was registered for classes as a dual enrollment student) Edgar, named after the famous Edgar Allen Poe, also applied to the local college and as no surprise were accepted as highly esteemed students.

Now Alexander had a three–bedroom house right in the suburbs and close to and the college and the highschool Edgar was attending. He was closer their parents' house, so it was decided that Chris and Edgar would live at Alex's house, because they were so well behaved and so mature and there were so many other little siblings' futures to be taken care of. So basically they were left to their own devices. I mean the younger cousins should have a positive influence on the older one right? Well, usually they would, but they haven't seen each other for about five years!

P.S. Great-Aunt Sophia will be checking in from time to time.

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