I remember when those things were said to me. "Don't be afraid, no. Be afraid if you wish, but make sure, that you do not give in to pain. To what you think is the impossible, is possible. Try all the possibilities. Only then, will you ever find an answer.", is what they said. It felt like such a long time ago, and ever since then, I listened to the words and found out many things about myself. Thank you for the advice, mom, dad. I hope you're proud of me, but because of that advice, I got caught up in something...unusual, you might have said.

"Hey! Hey, Ki!" someone behind was calling. I lazily lift my head from my desk, and my friend, Toka Miri, pops up beside me. "Aren't you going to eat lunch?"

"Ugh...my head is kind of spinning..." I said, rubbing my eyes. After it settled down, I decided to eat with her and Gudo Hira, our friend and classmate. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's something I'm forgetting...Right. There's supposed to be a transfer coming in today.

My name is Kito Koh, a second year at Mita Academy. My friends would call me "Ki" every so often, to get my attention. My hair is shoulder-length shades of grey and my eyes are leaf green. My parents died when I was 10, so I sometimes got part-time jobs here and there and my relatives would give us money as well, so we get by.

Every day is unexpectedly easy-going, except for those weeks with tests and projects, but those are normal for high-schoolers. It's always rare to see a transfer at this school. Maybe one in every three years, in the forty years that this school was established. Anyways, the student is going to be in our class, and will start in the afternoon after they've done their paper work, or so I've heard. Many students are excited, but particularly, I'm too tired from working last night to care properly.

"So you finish the projects yet?" I ask the two. Incidentally, I would always eat much quicker than them.

"Well...I am done with the essay." Miri answers. "My other projects have some progress. Not much though."

"I finished the presentation for the science." Hira said. "It took a while, so I haven't had time to work on the others. How about you, Kito?"

"It's due next week, right?" I tried to confirm, finishing up the last bites of my lunch.


"Then I'll start today. Being alone for projects is kind of easier, in a sense." I drank my water as I left them in utter shock. "Anyways, why do you guys get so shocked? You know how I am."

"Well...it's not a good habit..." Miri commented.

"Even though you're one of the top three students, you shouldn't need to procrastinate." Hira added.

The bell rings and we get back to our seats. It was true that I was one of the good students, good work material, and almost acing every test. My twin sister and I switch rankings every so often, but it wasn't unusual. The last of the top three was Kinoya Issei. Although we are the top student in our year, nobody would usually know us, nor, can they differentiate my sister and I apart from clothing.

The teacher, Mr. Niku Reita, came in with the new transfer. A girl, sea blue hair and dark purple eyes. I'm not sure if it was intensity, nervousness, or anxiety that emanated from her.

"You may introduce yourself now." Mr. Niku signaled the student for an introduction.

"I'm Moki Rimi, a transfer student from England." she said. It seemed her gaze was at me when she said that. Wonder why. "I'll be with you for the next two years, please to be with you."

"Isn't she cute?" the guys behind me were whispering to each other.

"Hmmm...I still think those twin girls that are top of the class are cuter."

"One of them is in our class you know."

"I know."

I'm NOT a girl..., I thought to myself, since I couldn't scream at them.

"So, you can sit over there next to Koh." Mr. Niku said, and I was blasted back to reality. "The second seat on the third row."

Rimi walked over, sat next to me and class started. Like usual, it didn't matter to anyone if I was paying attention or not, even if sometimes I don't get it. They've all caught on and find that I listen, even though I don't seem to be. During math, Rimi seemed to be having trouble.

"Koh!" Mr. Niku called. "Stop high-speed twirling your pen!"

"Huh..? Okay." I put my pen down quietly.

"Now...does anyone not get this?" I notice on the board the question in question. A basic patterning question, find the expression for the nth term and use it to get the 40th term.

"Ummmm...I don't completely understand." Rimi said. I think I heard some sighs there. "The expression and the nth term."

"Hmmmm...Have Kito help you. She is one of the top students." Mr. Niku said, smiling.

AGAIN...I'm NOT a girl..., I once again thought. I sigh, well, I think that was supposed to be sarcastic.

"Okay then." I say. "Just let me inform you, I am NOT a girl."

Apparently, that shocked some of the student in the class, which kind of annoyed me. I turn over to Rimi as the lesson continued to teach her. "Now, you've put these in a table of values, correct?"

"Yeah. Term one is 14, term two is 20, and term three is 26."

"The "nth term" is a generic statement, meaning at any point of the pattern."

"I see."

"Now, the expression is really just the relationship between the term number and the value. So we start with the variable n, then multiply that by the number it's increasing or decreasing, positive and negative respectively."

"Positive and negative respectively?"

"Positive for increasing and negative for decreasing. Anyways, 6n, wouldn't get us fourteen for the first term, so what you do is add the remaining amount. Now our expression is 6n+8."

"I get it."

"That's good. Now try it for the 40th term."

"Hmmm...6 multiplied by 40...is 240...then add 8, which is 248."

"Great job, Rimi, Kito." the teacher commented. "Koh, you should tutor some of your classmates."

"Thanks." Rimi said to me. Maybe not an intense girl, but still a bit tense around us. I guess she's just getting used to it here in Japan. Or maybe there's just a lot happening in her life, similar to mine.

"I guess..." I respond to Mr. Niku recommendation. People aren't really my forte. My forte is more like silence and independent work. The class wrapped up without me needing to "tutor" another classmate, but I just realized that that whole time I was "tutoring", Rimi had her eyes more focused on me than the work. And because she got it so easily, I'm starting to doubt she didn't understand it.

School ended as smooth as usual. Well, better than usual, actually. I wasn't ignored for once as the basketball team's small guard today. That was a good thing. Usually they'd mark me absent until they figure out that I showed up on time. Other than that, it was relatively normal. Walking home, not so much, but at least the same group of friends and family are here.

"Wait for me here. I'll get Fen." Rita called out. She's my twin sister. We have around the same marks, hair, eyes, and mostly everything. Just the fact we're boy and girl is different. We also have around more of a girl build, so people mistake us for twin sisters until they find out I'm a guy.

"Sure." I turn back to our usual group of friends, Miri, Hira and Kuro Ren. Ren is a friend of ours from junior high. She's up-beat and cheerful, and adds to our wonderful blend of personalities. Hira is like the funny and comical one. Miri is the caring, logical one. My twin is the helpful, smart one. Lastly, I am the silent, emotion-filled, or emotionless, one.

"So, how are things with the transfer?" Hira asked. He probably wanted to know if she was cute or something. I guess that IS how Hira is. Anyways, I was about to answer, but I felt a sudden tapping and tugging on my back, and I find Rimi there.

"What...?" I say in surprise, but regain my ground quickly. "Rimi, what do you need?"

"That's the transfer?" Miri asks. She gets her answer as I get taken away by Rimi off to one side. "Interesting student, I guess you would say."

"So, what do you need exactly that needs them to be separate from me?" I ask. I look over my shoulder to see them observing our movements and actions as we talk. "About school or something?"

Rimi examines me head to toe once more, and finally starts speaking. "You're the one I've been looking for. You will need to come with me."

"Now?" I say, surprised. Unless I spark a conversation, no one usually bothers me, other than my good friends. "But, I have to get home, don't you?"

"Yes, right now. I don't think it will take more than ten minutes."

"Um...fine." I agreed reluctantly. I went to my friends and made up an excuse that Rimi needed help with directions, not that they'd believe it. I saw out of the corner of my eye that my sister came back as I left with Rimi. Keep walking forward, but of course, in three, two, one.

"Ki. I'll come with you." Rita insisted. She faced Rimi, "Hi. I'm Kito's sister, Rita Koh.", then turns to me, "Fen has our friends, and his friends are also walking with them."

"Hmm..." Rimi was examining Rita now as well. "I think I might need you as well."

We stood silently until she started walking again. "Needed"? Why would she need us, tutoring? Even so, why us twins? These questions...would stay unanswered if I don't focus on the current situation. Where does she need to take us anyways?

Soon enough, the three of us come to a dead end. A dead end? Why did she take us here? Moki Rimi...who is this girl? Everything now is piquing my interest. Questions are coming from everywhere and soon, I can't keep track of my thoughts.

"Here." Rimi pointed at the wall. "Come. Twins, know your true power."

When she finished, she melted into the wall, bewildering both of us. This can't be happening. It can't be. I try to keep the fact I'm scared blunt, but it trails a bit. Think, Kito, think. What should I do now...?

"W-What just happened here...?" my sister says. I'm afraid, but there's a possibility... "What are you doing Kito?"

I put my hand against the wall cautiously and tried to push it through. My hand fell right through. A different dimension? No, just a hidden space, I suspect. I take my hand out and turn to Rita. "I think we need to follow her." I suggested. There was no other way. If we just left, Rimi may come and get us again, with force next time.

"N-No..." Rita backed away. "I am not going in there."

"I'm scared too, but I want to know why she needed us." I tell her. "Even the possibilities of what may be beyond here scare me. But I want to know."

Curiously enough, Rita fixed her cowered posture and took a step forward. "Okay. Let's go then, since I would have liked to know what she needed."

"You're relieved that you know I'm scared too, aren't you?" I teased.

"S-Shut up!"

She looked to me for help. For the things she couldn't do, things she was afraid of. But now, we are both afraid. To move forward, we would need to be courageous and have a bond that wouldn't break, as well as our own intertwining individual skills. To find a truth, we need to reach out for it. In body and mind, through yourself and others.