Sasha Wilkins


6th Hour


Another Place, Another Time

In a small town on the West Coast, there lived very few people, but none quite as extraordinary as the Tuckers. Archibald Tucker was the head of the household and he very closely studied mythology. Eileen Tucker was Archibald's plump, beautiful wife and stay at home mother to their two children. Tunny Tucker was the eldest child, and he had a passion for inventing. James Tucker was the youngest, and he was always looking for adventure. Together, the Tuckers were the best mythbusters in history.

One morning, the family went to the street market. Normal families would go there to buy food, but the Tuckers went to eavesdrop. All they wanted was to hear a 'good' rumor. By good, I mean that they were looking for something to investigate. That particular morning, the family heard a story more improbable than they had ever heard before.

A group of kids were sitting in a circle around the man that owned the fruit stand. That man was where the Tuckers got most of their cases from. The local children were always eager to hear the tales as well.

"They say that down past the docks and over the rock beds, there's a cave. In that cave, there is a secret message written on the walls. If that message is uttered aloud, a railroad track is said to rise from the depths of the ocean. If you follow the track, you will end up at a cove where you will find more riches than you could possibly imagine." The man told.

Tunny rolled his eyes at the children. They were all so gullible. He often wondered if they had ever really used their brains. Of course, Tunny was the smartest kid at school so he always looked down on his peers.

"That is preposterous! A railroad track would never rise at the utterance of a phrase!" Archibald exclaimed.

"Oh Father, use your imagination, just like these children here." James said.

"No, the children are stupid. I'm not saying that such a thing could or couldn't happen necessarily, but these kids will believe anything they hear." Tunny explained.

"Now, now, calling them stupid is not a very nice thing to do, Tunny." Eileen chimed in.

"I say we look into this! It sounds like it could be an adventure!" James declared.

The family headed back home to prepare for said adventure. Tunny packed his backpack full of his inventing tools, James made sure he had his favorite spyglass, Eileen packed a picnic and Archibald quickly read up on facts about railroads.

Once they were ready, they went down to the docks and continued over the rock beds. They found the cave the fruit stand owner had mentioned and walked in.

"I found the message!" James exclaimed after a few moments of searching. James was looking at the wall. The others crowded around, trying to help him decipher it.

Now, not many people knew this, but Eileen Tucker was a very educated woman. She certainly wasn't the simple housewife the townspeople thought she was.

"Oh, that's an easy one! 'Si responsum esset, operam non invenient' is Latin for 'If there was an answer, he'd find it there.'" Eileen stated.

At that moment, the Tuckers felt the ground beneath their feet move ever so slightly. They all froze in fear until the rumbling stopped. They exchanged looks of worry and curiosity before they stepped out of the cave. Before them stood a railroad track that extended across the water for miles.

"Great Greece!" Archibald exclaimed.

"Do we walk across it?" James wondered.

Tunny smiled. "No, I have a better idea."

The inventive boy began gathering debris that had washed up on the shore. Using his tools, he turned the worthless garbage into a train cart.

"Now, we just need a sail so the wind can move us." Tunny mentioned.

Eileen reached into her picnic basket. "Here, use this blanket."

"Thank you, Mother." Tunny replied.

Tunny attached the blanket to the train cart, and with the help of his father and James, they managed to get the vehicle onto the track.

The family piled onto the cart and waited briefly until the wind propelled them forward. James took out his spyglass to try to see how far the track went. It seemed endless.

It took about an hour and a half for the Tuckers to reach their destination. Just like in the story, there was a cove awaiting them. They were careful to go in, just in case it was booby trapped. In the cove were the riches the fruit man had raved about.

After that adventure, the Tuckers moved far away from that coastal town. With the riches they received, they could live in a place where there would be a lot more opportunities. Tunny got to go to a school for aspiring inventors, James got a chance to ride on a submarine Archibald became a mythology professor, and Eileen became a translator. I suppose the Tuckers weren't a 'normal' family, but because of that, they lived their wildest dreams.