It started out fun, but it went downhill fast. I began working in the corrupt government of Germany in 1939, years after Adolf Hitler gained control. I was young, too young to really know what Hitler's government was gunning towards, I just wanted to be involved.

It started on a cloudy day in February of 1939. I was on my way to an interview for the position of Reich Youth Office manager for the German government, as hopeful as any young person. I was interviewed by an older man whose name I cannot remember, all I remember is the feeling of him. Powerful and scary, he absolutely terrified me. Every single thing about him was terrifying! But it seems that is just how you have to be to be accepted in this man-eat-man world.

At long last, the interview was over and I had been given the job, a good position, not really too valuable in any sense but still required, and it had a paycheck which was all I needed. Every time I go over it in my head, I realize that interviewer should have been a major turn off. He wasn't the only one like that, every person I met that day was the exact same. I should have said I didn't want the job. But I couldn't, and so I didn't. I needed a source of income, and some monotonous job would not do. The paycheck would be substantial, and I had a sense of dignity. I know now that my dignity would have suffered much less if I had gone for an easy job, but I had to go for government.