When you are divergent
You move the plates
In your constructive way
Spreading the sea floor
And building oceanic ridges

Your tension heats the magma
As it escapes through fractures
Only to emerge as volcanic islands
Yet your stresses vibrate the crust
And register themselves on the Richter scale

You are equally phenomenal
When you are convergent
The lighter but thicker continental override
The thinner but denser oceanic subduct
Yet they are winners in their own ways

Triggering volcanic activities while
Displacing others with recurring earthquakes
You further carve trenches in the oceans
Simultaneously folding the mountains and
Contorting and uplifting the meeting continents

Occasionally you slip and tear
Still you are able to transform
The crust already "fragile" by human endeavors
Widening the faults as you relentlessly
Display yourself as a force to be reckoned