Author's note: If anyone actually reads this , I'm sorry for taking so long for updating. Well, here in this chapter we introduce Kelly and mention Idle.

Jester was sitting down, his feet hanging off the edge of Ira's medical room's bed. He was rubbing his swollen cheek waiting for Ira to come back. In addition to his swollen cheek, he had a black eye a busted lip and bruised ribs, not to mention tear stains from crying during his assault.

Ira came in with personal first aid kit and an ice pack. "So how did this happen?" Ira asked as she handed Jester the ice pack and instructed him to hold on his cheek. "Well." He started.

"It all started about a week ago when mean green tripped me."

Ira let out a sigh. "Why don't you just say her name, it's kinda of confusing."

Normally she would have hit him, but he was injured enough so she'll let it slide today.

"Fine fine, but anyway I got back at mean-" He stopped as Ira gave him a glare. "I mean, I got back at Kelly by dumping her book report in the shredder," Jester claimed a smile forming on his bruised face.

"Then?" Ira questioned.

"She got back at me by spreading a rumor that I and Idle were gay." He hesitated as Ira's face became a beat red.

Well, it wasn't the first time she thought of it. She actually enjoyed the thought more than she should.

She shook her head as Jester kept calling her name, poking her.

"Ira? Ira? Ira? Hey, snap out of it. What were you thinking about it wasn't me and Idle, right?"

She answered him by giving a quick jab to his solar plexus. Jester fell off the bed bringing the sheet paper with him, from the sudden attack.


"Get off my f***ing floor."

Jester sat back on the bed rubbing his sore. "Continue," Ira demanded.

"I sought my revenge by rushing into Kelly's class when she was doing a presentation, a broke an egg on her head."

He finished with a laugh. "That doesn't explain how you got this way."

Jester's laugh ended abruptly. "When I was trying to run off , she grabbed me by the collar and throw me on the floor and started to beat me up." Ira burst into a fit of laughter.

"Hahaha, you got your a$$ kicked."

"It's not funny." Jester insisted.

"Yes , yes it is." A girl around their age said as she came in. Her hair was a dark green along with her eyes, including the turtle neck and skirt she was wearing.

"Aghhh! Kelly! What is she doing here Ira?"

"Well, she's our new client," Ira said with a shrug.

"W-what is she paying us for?"

Jester said not liking the way Kelly was smiling, she never smiled when he was around. Ira slowly made her way to the door.

"To leave you two alone for half an hour. Bye." She said as she headed out.

Kelly walked to the door and locked it. "See ya later Ira. So clown you shredded my report huh? I didn't know about that now. Well, looks you're just going to pay back in full."

Jester was sweating "Please! Ira, please! Comeback." He gulped as Kelly turned off the lights.

Ira was in a candy store. "Well, this was a quick buck." She thought with a smile. She walked up to the cashier.

"Two bags of chocolate." She said putting the money on the counter.

The cashier, a middle-aged man just gave her a look as he handed her the bags. "What no please?"

She gave him a look of hate.

"Go f*** yourself, jackass." She told him as she left the store carrying the bags.

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